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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Becoming my own boss - road to 10K!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Fredrik, Iím 29 years old and I live in Sweden. I currently work within IT-support but havenít really ever been into this 9-to-5 working life. I never really wanted to work with anything in particular when I was younger, all I wanted was to have a lot of money and have a lot of free time to spend as I wish.

Rather recently I visited my friend in Macau who earns a living by playing poker.

The lifestyle I saw there really opened my eyes to do something different with my life, even though it is not certain I will ever make as much money as my friend.

He got me really inspired to actually take a shot and try it for myself instead of going to a really time consuming job which I donít even like.

I am now looking to becoming my own boss through poker!

My poker story

I dabbled into poker the first time around 2008 I think. I played on the internet but lost every time.

I had subscriptions on poker training websites and I would watch videos and try to learn but never really improved. So I would deposit, play some and then lose it. Did this a during a period and slowly poker got less interesting for me and I would play computer games and hang out with friends instead.

My poker interest has been lit again after the trip to Macau.

I feel more motivated now with poker than I ever have before, hopefully this can amount to something great.
Time will tell!

Why I want to join CFP?

I found out about BPC through 2p2 coaching forum and got interested!

It seems like a great solution for me as I can improve my game and get coaching over a longer period of time and progress rather than pay for a few hours with a coach. Hopefully Iíll find a few co-students whom I can interact with, and with them learn together.

Also all the inspiring success stories from BPC do their part!

So, I am now beginning my journey.

Letís see what lies aheadÖ.
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