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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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From the absolute micros to the TOP

Hey everybody, First time Heads Up Player (0 experience playing HU)

have some experience in other games but was mainly a tournament player, but feel motivated and believe that with "hard work and dedication" it can take you anywhere

Took the money I had made from tournaments and I am getting coaching by Gordon Gekko.

Going to start at the very bottom (10NL) and will rise my way to the top.

This may be boring to some people and is probably just another
"10NL thread micro player"

but it won't be like that Im going to study a ton play a ton
in order to get to where i want to be and want to show the
poker community that with hard work there will be great success

Things to be looking for:
I will be posting graphs twice a month Whether or NOT i do bad is irrelevant.
I will be putting in a TON of volume
I will be following STRICT bankroll rules

Wish me luck!

and Goodluck to everyone at the tables.
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Finally got my internet up and running and it feels great to finally get things started at a fresh new month. Starting Gordons "HU mastermind" course and its been phenomenal learning and applying these things, Im going to take it step by step and try to finish every assignment he does for me as soon as possible. Heres the first assignment that I had to do, As stated, this is my first time playing heads up, so im COMPLETELY new to the game so majority of these hands I wouldn't even think of raising because I never understood the game. Would Love to just write the hands down, and take the shortcut, but I plan on uploading hands all the time and would rather just get to my HEAD the mentality of "HARD WORK PAYING OFF" so even things like this I will be posting through links. Some hands I would raise but also I wouldnt raise because I would be in the mentality of "feeling it" which I no longer do. And have changed my mindset to whats profitable, and whats not.

hand 1:
hand 2:
hand 3:
hand 4:
hand 5:
hand 6:
hand 7:
hand 8:
hand 9:
hand 10:
hand 11:
hand 12:
hand 13:
hand 14:
hand 15:
hand 16:
hand 17:
hand 18:
hand 19:
hand 20:

Against a person like me who frequently raises so much, I would be three betting extremely wide, hands like suited gappers broadway cards etc.
I would defend wider any playable hand that i possibly can but then his aggression factor on each street is something I would take account for before deciding how wide I will be defending.
Since my hand range is extremely wide I would be c/r a lot of hands with some sort of equity on the flop, whether that's backdoor equities or not really depends on the dynamics.

Im not going to be posting graphs twice every 2 months.
Im only going to be one tabling so it would be useless.
Im still going to aim to play about 8-10 hours a day.

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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Hey everybody, this is my second update I am hoping to post about 5 more or so of these updates for today (if i don't then well it happens) Im basically trying to finish as much as I can everyday while soaking in every valuable information out there. And it takes about an hour or 2 per homework depending on how hard it is some may even take longer, Anyways long enough rant this specific homework is just simply talking about "MINraising the button" Now, theres two specific parts to this homework, the second one may take a while, so decided to just post this half and may post the second half later of folding my bottom 30% of my range to a three bet. So heres my first 20 hands of me Minraising and the reason why for the majority will be simple, its to take down the dead money out there, and its great because if you get away with the minraise more then 50% of the time its instantly profitable in the button. So again would love to take the shortcut but really trying to also train my mind into stop taking shortcuts and just say hands. So heres my list of 20 hands of me Minraising and WHY.
Heres hand 1, I pick up a standard hand 75s, either way whether I decide to 3x it or minraise it, I will play this hand regardless on the button just because of its playability and its in the top 70% of the range so it will play very great postflop, now I hit an interesting spot wehre the flop comes K4Ass with 2 spades so i flopped a flushdraw, I cbet and he minraises, right away his hand range is A10-A2 KQ-K2, I don't think hes ever bluffing and decide to just chase my draw the whole way, when the turn comes a 10 and the river Q, I put him on A7-A9 and I believed that I wouldn't ever get him to fold that so I decided to check behind my missed flushdraw and count it as a lost.

A3s, I think its standard to raise whether its 3x or 2x every single time, and the same reason is to get the opponent to fold and make them lose there equity.

97o, I also would raise this almost anytime, but it gets interesting when he three bets so small, my 2 BB to 5 BB. And I decide to defend, I actually dont know what I would fold to a 5 BB raise its probably like any thing with a "2 or a 3" if its not suited. excluding a2. If he were to raise to 4BB i think i would defend any two.

AKo, its pretty much the nuts preflop.

KQs, one of the top hands easy to play on the flop etc.

Q4, not so great of a hand and is borderline but I actually wouldnt minraise this everytime if the opponent is extremely aggressive, and is just so bad to play postflop would fold to almost any three bet.

Q2s, I will defend with 100% of my suited hands unless given a reason not to.

QJo, No reason to fold one of your better hands to almost anything

A9o, this one gets interesting because when I minraise he minreraises me, hes been doing this almost everytime so i decided to 4 bet for value because im in position and just because hes full of it almost every single time, and I think hes doing this just to rob initiative from me.

QJs,not folding anything suited

K3o, One of the worse side of the hands, but still definently minraising it it gets close when he minreraises me but don't think I can fold anything when he raises my 2 BB to 4BB. I think if he were to raise 5 BB I would fold it.

A7, one of the better aces and is a mandatory raise imo every time in the button.

K3o, this one is k3 again, but this time I flop trips with 2 clubs out there and he c/r's me I was thinking about reraising because I don't think hes ever bluffing in that spot, but decide to just call because I have no reason to believe not to. But even though I turned a full house on the turn the K I just thought it was such an action killer because it was a CLUB and its a High Card, and dont think he'd really call anything except the close to nutted range. Not entirely sure, but he happened to flip trips over and I think he played it really passively and should lead out OTT and the River. Now if he were to lead on the Turn I was wondering if I should Jam or should i Call and and see the River because I think the 4th club will be an action killer. Not entirely sure probably just thinking too much into it.

K8s, Im never folding a suited hand preflop

52o, Will pretty much fold this to any aggressive opponents preflop, and will play extremely straightforward on the flop just pretty much the worst hand

K5s, im never folding a suited hand preflop, but on the flop when it comes AK10 I cbet, with two hearts but when the turn is a 10 I decide to bet again to charge a flush draw? But deciding whether checking is better or betting is because its so close and I don't think he'd ever bluff the river. But i decided that betting with a pair> checking with a pair.

92s, one of the worst suited hands, but I would much rather have this hand instead of J2o or J3o etc. just because theres a chance I can flop a flush draw and playability is almost the same as those hands.

86o, this hand is the borderline hand when deciding to minraise or not and I think I would stop the fineline at around 65o to aggressive 3 bettors. Would have to work around with it and decide accordingly.

Q6o, not such a great hand in terms of playing postflop but its above the 70% of the range and you should be raising very wide in the button or else you will be losing money.

Q8s, a great hand can flop straights/flushes etc never folding it preflop unless the person is 3 betting so infrequently.

******My THOUGHTS to HOPEFULLY get people to soon start following!!******

I hope to get people in the 2+2 forums to eventually start responding and hopefully it will be much more interesting to follow for now it will probably be "OMG long wall of text, microstakes player BORING" never look at this thread again. But when I move up and will start doing much more interesting things I hope to change that until then it will just me doing the work I have to do, and sticking to one tabling and building the fundamentals.
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

I will be going through various hands where I have three bet whether it failed or not, and the other part is where I three bet a hand and they called my broadway type of hands, Was testing out me 3 betting every hand against a specific villian, who surprisingly adjusted very well for a 4NL player but was just a fish, he shoved almost every hand my plan was to call wider but had to fold everytime because I didn't pick up anything where I can stack off .

So heres going to be the first 10 hands where I threebet a hand and it they didnt fold

Now heres 20 Hands where I betted "suited trash"

Currently not enough hands in my database Will get back to this and finish the rest of the 17 hands.
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

So here im just going to explain why I defended these three bets.
Hand 1: Q10o, he 3bets 40% of the time so defending Q10o is a MUST

Hand 2: JKo, he 3 bets 63% of the time just in general defending KJo against a wide three bet is a must

Hand 3: 57s, not a hand to really defend all the time and its dependent on your opponent, but his 3 bet is so small that its just irrelevant either way.

Hand 4: J5o, a hand I would fold almost every single time except for this specific situation where he 3 bets so small where I have to call any 2

Hand 5: J10o, a hand I would defend wide to, but he also 3 bet extremely small so its a must call eitherway

Hand 6: Q6o, same thing would never defend but his 3 bet is so small that I must defend it

Hand 7: 810o, it gets close and is a hand I would consider folding, but not against this player who 3bets 40% of the time

Hand 8: Q5s, he three bets so small that its a call, I would defend if its about 25%-30% depending on the opponent, 3 bet either way though

Hand 9: 65o, The threebet is relatively small, but now that I look back at it even to a 24% 3 bet range this is probably a bad call

Hand 10: 67o, Same thing as the 65o hand, but it was when I was first starting to watch the videos and understand it I still think its kinda close cause of the sizing either way, but more leaned towards a fold.

Hand 11: Q9s, he three bets so wide and would defend this hand against a wide three bet either way.

Hand 13: Q10o, against a 24% 3 bet range this is a call, and his sizing is relatively small so its a must call.

Hand 14: Q10o, same thing but a bigger three bet size, Its still a call against a 24% 3 bet range

Hand 15: 5Ks, against a 63% 3 bet i am defending anything I am opening

Hand 16: 68o, small 3bet, but still probably a fold against a 24% 3 bet open definently a leak of mine that specific game against that opponent

Hand 17: 38s, defending any two against that small three bet.

Hand 18: A10o, standard defend against anything over 20% 3 bet range

Hand 19: K5s, this gets close but to a 24% three bet range I think this is a call and is like towards the bottom of my range

Hand 20: 87o, 24% three bet and he three bet small, definently the lower end of my range

Some hands I defended way too light, and now that im looking at it now I realize that it is HORRIBLE, but I don't want to delete any of these because I want to remember the good and the BAD that i've done when defending three bets.
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

This Video was quite interesting, and saying it outloud really got me to remember the process of what I have to look for and what I should do according to my opponent, so im going to post 20 Hands Where I called, based off of my opponents.

Hand 1: A9o, is a hand against this opponent where three betting might have been an option considering it was such a low sample size, but taking it for what it actually shows its too good to fold against his raising range so its a must call.

hand 2: Q10o, against a 63% Stealing range, Q10 does well against that range

hand 3: AJo, 44% stealing range Never folds to 3 bets, Looking back at this its a terrible call, and I should be threebetting this every SINGLE time.

hand 4: A8o, I would never defend this against a 44% stealing range so it must have been at around 63%+ around that time.

hand 5: 53s, low sample size he minraises can call but cant 3 bet.

Hand 6: J10s, 64% open folds to 3 bet 57% of the time, I think this hand can be played either way, but decided to call

Hand 7: J6o, 64% opening range not folding J6o though to a minraise because of the good pricing.

Hand 8: J9o, 64% opening range, not folding to a minraise and depending on his stats its debatable on whether I want to three bet or not against this player its close.

Hand 9: 55, its player dependent would fold to a 3x depending on how aggressive a player is but im never ever folding a pocket pair to a minraise.

Hand 10: 97o, would not defend this in the BB very wide at all but since he minraises and has a 64% opening range its a call.

Hand 11: Q9o, Would defend depending on how wide his opening his range/ but would prefer to turn this hand into a three bet "bluff", although since he minraises i also like calling

Hand 12: Q7o, Calling against a 64% open range but its definently towards the end of my calling range but its a minraise so my equity increases a lot

Hand 13: Q2s, Calling almost any 2 suited to a minraise

Hand 14: Q4s, Calling almost any 2 suited to a minraise.

Hand 15: Q10o, a great hand to defend a minraise/ a person who steals around 70%+ but would just prefer to three bet them for the most part, but it depends on the opponent

Hand 16: Q9s, Against a 64% opening range, its a must defend, and since he folds 56% I could also 3 bet in this spot, probably looking back at it I think this is a threebet.

Hand 17: J9o, hes minraising so defending this hand, usually would prefer to stick to a threebet/fold with these type of hands though. it depends on villian though.

Hand 18: A6s, Defending this against a minraise everytime no matter how less he opens unless its like 20% or something redic.

Hand 19: 98o, Defending this against a minraise also, but would prefer to keep this hand to a 3bet/fold level, but it depends how aggressive the opponents are POSTflop.

Hand 20: 96s, Hand is good enough to call a minraise because its suited would fold the offsuit hand but it gets close.

Again some of these hands I may have made errors but I decided to leave it on just to realize what I have done "wrong" while playing, although some of these I may think its correct and people can look over it and correct me, which would also be awesome! .
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

So in this video I was testing against two specific opponents where I folded every single big Blind, and its funny I laughed a lot because they did not adapt at all and If i recall correctly one folded like 50% of the time so I was breaking even without having to a damn thing! That was the most awesome thing ever, anyways here is Twenty Hands where I folded:

Hand 1: 65o against a 63% steal, and a 3x raise its a nobrainer fold

Hand 2: 104o, against a 63% steal, and a 3x raise its a nobrainer fold.

Hand 3: 108o, against a 75% steal plus I would probably defend, but again it depends on how much my opponent bets post flop, fold to 3 bet but since he steals so less its a fold

Hand 4: Q9o, he steals 63% of the time it actually gets close because he cbets half the time so maybe looking back at it this may be a call, I think either way its ok though.

Hand 5: Q7o, does not do good against his stealing range

Hand 6: K9o, this is against an opponent i folded every single hand to he opens 64% of the time, I think a three bet is ok, but no reads in general.

Hand 7: 105o, to a 33% steal 105o does awful, would defend really tight against this range although its a limited sample.

Hand 8: Q2s, he had a 32% 3 bet range, but over a limited sample I guess it coulda gone both ways but I decided to take the safe route and fold.

Hand 9: 94o is awful and He started defending too wide so I had to tighten up my range on the button so its a fold.

Hand 10: 73o, bad hand to raise with against a person who defends too wide.

Hand 11: 62o, bottom of my range would not raise against a frequent defender.

Hand 12: 64o, bad hand to raise against a person who defends too much

Hand 13: k5o, terrible hand to defend against a 9% 3 bet, would not defend anything except the top 5-6% of my range.

Hand 14: 72s, Looking back at it even against his frequent defend range, I think this may be a raise but its so borderline I would have to toy around with stove to decide my range against this specific player.

Hand 15: 43o, its one of the worse hands, would not raise against someone who defends way too much

Hand 16: Q2o, pretty much staying away from majority of the [x]2 to a frequent defender, unless its suited.

Hand 17: 74o, Would not raise this against a person who defends too wide. Wide is about 35% of the hands+

Hand 18: 32o, Frequent defender, 32o one of the worst hands cant raise this hand profitably

Hand 19: Q3o, cant raise against a frequent defender, if it was suited would still raise.

Hand 20: 75o, it gets close against a frequent defender, but i think i cut the borderline at 78o
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

I will be talking through various hands where I either decide to take the line to "check" behind or when i decide to "continuation bet" I think this is definitely one of the most important homeworks, because when you decide which times to bet it will put you in a better position in the later street although majority of the action happens on the flop anyways!

So heres 20 Hands where I decide to BET the flop:

Hand 1: QJs, I decided to bet the flop because a K88 board is an extremely dry board and im juts trying to bet him off of anything that he has, although we had very little history together and I was never planning to bet the turn unless I turned a 10, J, Q or a diamond because theres a good chance that he could have a AX 77-22 etc. that I would be able to get value from.

Hand 2: 106o, in a dry board of 622 I would be betting regardless, and whether I decide to bet on the turn would be dependent on the opponent, but since i have top pair I would bet on the turn anyways.

Hand 3: 76o, in a 35Jss board, I was planning to atleast double barrel because i have a gutshot it was near the beginning of the match against this opponent. Although I would never barrel on the turn if it was a 5 3 or a J, and I may decide to triple barrel depending on the next two cards to come.

Hand 4:J8o, In A7J board, I have middle pair and I am betting any pair no matter what to push him off something like K10 Q10 810 etc, lots of gutshots out there that I dont want drawing for free.

Hand 5: KQs, in an 2QA 2 heart board, I have mid pair top kicker, so im getting value from any QX, and any flush draw or J10 JK etc. that I want paying for there draws

Hand 6: QJo, 79Q top kicker must bet every single time to get value from worse.

Hand 7: A9o, a 4 bet pot, this player had been 3 betting me a lot and it was a small size so i think he was just doing it to steal iniative, this board is monotone so I decide to bet one time and give up afterwards.

Hand 8: K3o, I pretty much have the nuts. Although I am steal confused on what line to take, whether I should jam the turn or not etc.

Hand 9: AKo, In a 972 board i may check, it depends on the opponent but here I was planning to bet atleast two streets for value (he never folds) i expect him to call with 10J 106 8J etc for two streets easily. When the K turn it makes it easier, but trust me any turn I was betting for VALUE

Hand 10: Q8s, on a 1036 board its really dry, so I can contiuation bet, and i can turn lots of good turns where i can double barrel any J any 9 any Club any 8 any Q i will bet again.

Hand 11: 4Qo, In a 104A board with two clubs, I am just betting to get him to fold anything worse, and once he c/r me its a easy fold

Hand 12: J10o, I have mid pair so I was planning to double barrel to get draws to pay off but he raises me on the turn so I also fold

Hand 13: KQs, in a K55 board I am double barreling with top pair good kicker and planning to bet the river again for value because its pretty much the nuts.

Hand 14: 76s, this player limped in the button so I decided to raise, and when I flop an 85A board with two spades, well im planning to go broke at the flop, and just betting/ cold calling the turn raise/whatever action happens to outdraw him.

Hand 15: J9o, K63 board with two spades, its extremely dry I planned on double barreling on specific turns 10 Q J 9 and any spade and giving up to further action unless i backdoor the nuts or a 4th spade comes on the river.

Hand 16: AKo, 4 bet pot when the flop came AJ10, And I cont bet and he check shoved I was a bit annoyed because I was just hoping for AQ was not sure if he was peeling majority of my 4bets as this one aws my first one. But pretty much had to call anyways and was shocked to see K9s, he seemed like a solid player but i think i made him go on massive tilt by 3betting him too much

Hand 17: J9o, 3 Bet pot I flopped top pair, on the turn I was unsure of what to do whether to bet half, or Jam and maybe get a hero call, or c/c I had no specific reads on the villian so i decided to Jam to make it look more bluffy. but he folded anyways

Hand 18:Q4o, in an AK9 board, I Am cbetting every time because I can expect him to fold anything worse then KX and hwen he c/r's me i fold

Hand 19: 42s, in a 775 board i cbet evrytime, i plan on betting again on the turn if a 4 2 6 comes if not im giving up to further action

Hand 20: 103o, Really dry board and once I turn a open ender its a must bet every single time. I would probably give up on the flop as im playing extremely straight forawrd for now for the most part.

I think its getting a bit too long So i will continue with "PART TWO" where I FOLD everytime to a continuation BET!
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

PT2, heres where I check behind my Cbets.

Hand 1: 87o, in a 633 board, its an extremely dry board I think I should have Cbet that board but had some leveling reasoning behind it where he folds so infrequently and I should be only betting for value, although was planning to delay cbet. I dislike my play a lot and wish I would have just cbet the flop n proceed to barrel on good turns and rivers.

Hand 2: Q6o, I flopped bottom pair, he checkraises a lot I like my delay cbet a lot because I dont want to create too big of a pot and would definitely check behind again.

Hand3: Q107 board with 2 spade, its almost as drawy as it can get and im cbetting a very tight range for the most part.

Hand 4: 95, i flopped a gutshot, i really dont know why I didn't cbet, I played it really bad but delayed cbet it again, awful But I don't want to just post hands where I DO everything correctly so I can see what stupid mistakes im making.

Hand 5: 103s, I think against this specific player I played way too passive and he was just pushing me around a LOT, but im trying to understand how to play the game still, so I think against him this spot is a 3 barrel or fold. but hes too stationy, so would rather just 3 barrel for value

Hand 6: 94o, this person was extremely stationy, and I think I should have just cbet the flop and double barrel the turn, but i delayed cbet and get c/red he was giving me such a hard time because he was so stationy that i adjusted so bad. just ingeneral though I should have been tightening my PF range and folding this.

Hand 7: 95o, Shoudl also be double barreling this dry board, but delayed cbet it, but I happen to get away with it with my gutter draw.

Hand 8: 88, I was planning to c/f and when I rivered a boat I was so confused on whether I should jam or just call because he 3 bet my Reraise... And thought he may have been trapping me with KQ etc, Dont want to be results oriented but still dont know what was the best move here.

Hand 9: a6o, I 3bet and decided to check behind, and hwen he bet small on the turnwhen the K came i was planning on bluff catching, fortunately I actualy turned a 6 and he turned his hand into a bluff with A10, I was planning on calling regardless either way though and I still think its the right play.

Hand 10: A10s, it was an extremely drawy board 564 2 diamond, and planned to just check behind and if i turned a spade 10 or A i would cbet.

hand 11: 54o, super drawy board but was confused on what to do on the turn If i were to call turn bet I'd most likely have to call river bet with 3rd pair based off his frequency.

Hand 12: 103s, I flopped a gutshot i really hate my play I was playing way too passive against this player, And dont know why i froze all fundamentals because he gave me such a hard time every time.
Hand 13: A8, in a 10K3 board with 2 spade, its an extremely drawy board and i'd rather check behind and juts give up.

Hand 14: K6o, in a 109x board with no equity id much rather just check the hand behind

Hand 15: Q8, in such a drly board I really hate me checking behind, But was adjusting terrible against this player, and now that I look back at it and writing it down as my homework It will allow me to realize to stop playing so passive.

Hand 16: Q9o, in an A10x board I dont mind checking behind too much and I also dont mind Cbetting I think either way is fine and is dependent on player

Hand 17: 85o, I dont mind my check behind, but on the turn I think I should bet almost always and its just bad

Hand 18:A5o, I probably should have bet this drawy board too, but I think also waiting to get to showdown is fine but i think bet>check so also bad play by me.

Hand 19: 106o, I dont mind checking behind three streets and i was looking for hands where i could flop the nuts and just stack him off

Hand 20: A5s, the board is 97J with 2 clubs pretty much a suicidal board to bet on considering how drawy it is
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

I noticed a huge leak of mine, and thats just playing too straight forward and for the most part c/r the flop or c/folding the flop (ran through my stats and just realized i wasn't c/c'ing enough. Anyways I'm glad all the homework is helping me realize that im not applying every concept well enough and am probably over doing others such as this folding $$ away =D And i can only expect when i start doing the TURN homework/River Homework it may take a couple of days to do considering i usually avoid them because I didnt know better hopefully after rewatching those videos and applying it I will know better !

So heres me to Leaking away money at a cheap price!
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Im going to gladly post every single one whether its right or wrong (and if people decide to read this and help me that would be even BETTER . But I feel like commenting on myself/reworking what I DID wrong myself/right myself. I should post EVERY single situation and not just ones that make me look good. So i may talk about spots where I C/Rbut a C/C is better or can potentially be better but I haven't paid enough attention to frequencies on the turn because AGAIN im barely learning how to play so i staretd with the basics and am hoping now that i understand it much more to start expanding! ANYWAYS heres hands where I C/R'd the FLOP:

I had 107 in this hand, and I think a C/R is completely fine IMO, considering over the low sample he was potting everytime over a low sample size and I think even if i get caught I would atleast Have tons of outs and I actually thought i could have some fold equity with a gutshot and his stack size I think this is a jam or fold.

K3s, I flopped the nuts, I think C/R is fine because he folds A little less then half the time, and his frequency on the turn is pretty low, but i can only assume its because I check raise everytime. So now that I look back at it I think I should c/c and maybe donk bet turn or c/c three streets and c/r river depending on the board texture. Becauase he has a tendency of betting the river every time. So probably a misplay by me.

A4, I flopped a gutshot, and a backdoor flush looking back at it since he folds to my c/r so infrequently im building a pot and basically shooting in the dark this is a def misplay and i should be C/C and reevaluating on the turn.

Q7, Dont mind this at all flopping top pair and hes folding half the time im doing it STRICTLY for value.

A2, I like c/r here instead of c/c because the board is a bit more drawy and its harder for me to rep something.

Q2c, If i had lower clubs I would prob c/c but since i also have a gutshot to go with it I think i prefer to c/r then c/c.

Q4c, The board is really drawy, and i have a flush draw and can spike a Q, I think id much rather C/R here then C/c also.

J7s, I like C/r a 744 board for value and when the turn is an A I wasn't entirely sure what to do as it may be one of the worse turns/action killer etc. But I decided to bet and when the J came on the river it does almost nothing BUT i just couldnt really see a lot of As in his range as i put him on a busted draw as there were so many out there unfortunately not and this may be a bad play.

Q10, have top pair doing it for VALUE

44, i flopped a set, drawy board doing it for value, once the river makes the flush complete i think i still have to jam because im never folding to his shove and can only get on my knees and pray that he has whatever he has that can call. and he shows me 3rd pair

98o, I have a really hidden open ender, I dont mind c/c'ing but Id rather check raise in this spot because I think i can get paid off a lot more often.

Q9s, Im raising top pair for value/charging draws etc.

J9, Have top pair raising for value on an extremely draw heavy board.

96s, its a dry board i flopped a flush just trying to push him off whatever he has, and i have two overs to go along with it and would hate to c/c then have him check turn then me give up river

107s, I think this is a bad checkraise because its a BAD open ender b/c a J will kill action for the most part anyways. if the Q was a K i wouldnt mind the C/r so much.

76o, BAD BAD BAD check raise, i flopped bottom pair and he never folds to C/R's i was only inflating the pot, i def like call two streets n fold to river bet better.

a6s, I dont mind this checkraise as there was very little history, and I have tons of backdoors that i can bet out. if I had more history I think c/c could be better it works both ways though.
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Thoughts About HU mastermind:
Just finished with about everything from the HU mastermind course. I'd like to say that I learned a lot from this course, and of course will keep working with it over and over again until it gets perfected. Its been real great and would recommend it for HU newbies and people who play up to 4NL-400NL for the people in the higher stakes im sure it won't be as effective because you already know majority of the fundamentals but if you learn just one or two new things that would make the purchase +EV even if everything else in the video was irrelevant for you, and IMO i think its worth trying to purchase it because its 1 or 2 buy ins for the higher stakes people. Eitherway i believe he offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if its not what you were looking then return it! It runs through tons of the scenarios in a basic approach, and applying the homework reminds you about every single tool available, now obviously after this point its where you start fine tuning the tools you've learned is when the money will start being made. Anyways HU mastermind GREAT video by Gordon Gekko, and soon I know the investment I've made in it will pay off .

Poker Related:
Its been real fun working through the course, and im just about done and will just rewatch it from time to time and now its time to start making the $$ going to be grinding a lot and If I run through tough spots I will post it here I hope it starts getting real interesting and get people following .
I Guess I will just be posting How I'm doing from month to month or something with occasional hand histories since I can't post graphs (



and for the people who didn't I hope you do awful LOL just kidding.

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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Its been a while since I've Updated, Just made the switch to 50NL as of today, I played OK I think but theres this one spot I don't know if it was a bad call or not and from there on is it standard? I ran through stove preflop its about 35% equity preflop, but then considering he made it $4 instead of $4.50 kinda made me think im priced and would just play solid and straightforward. This almost looks like an easy fold/snap jam to me I really don't know I've never encountered a situation like this HU so it was REALLY weird for me. On the Turn I dont think hes ever bluffing don't get me wrong. But I think he would be doing that with AK/AA etc also, but he can also have the Nuts/ a nice draw (highly discounted).

Hand 2: This one I always put him on a J here, Now the Question is do I leave my ValueBet the way it is or do I jam to make it look like i have a busted f/d?

Hand 3: This one was really close to me I was debating on whether to jam or to c/fold the river when the A came. 88-KK, K7-87 would be the hands that im trying to get him to fold. But he can also have the nuts here too/draws (which I am not worried about since im ahead of almost every draw). Looking Back at it (not being results oriented I think this is a shove)? because of the ratio of those hands compared to nutted hands is so slim?
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ver gato
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Originally Posted by ver gato View Post
Hey Ver Gato, thanks for responding (Most of the things in the beginning will be related to the homework course) Gordon Gekkos HU mastermind course. The post above yours and Everything else will now be thoughts about specific hands and hands I've been troubled with, and just how I'm feeling about the game.

Sometimes the SIMPLEST thing in POKER is the MOST important:

Just ran a great session with gordon, and I integrated what he taught me in poker into how i will apply my life daily as well. He knows his stuff and hope to continue to be able to get coaching from him. Theres just so many different things you must learn in poker in order to become a person who can crush the games, and sometimes you just forget the simplest things
that you learn and forget to apply it and it is just so much more costly in the long run compared to the more complex situations that you haven't really encountered so far. In general I really work on my game a ton, talk to myself a lot think about poker when im asleep etc. and If I don't know new spots or anything I will talk to myself about other things to continue to remember it until it just comes off as the correct move instantly the next time it occurs. I guess you can say im obsessed with the game and improving, but even with this I forget the easiest adjustments against specific players because of how much things there are to learn. One thing I did forget and hopefully by writing this down in my blog which will allow me not to forget next time as I would hate to make the same mistake over again which is to:


Now this is incredibly important against a frequent 3 bettor, your wasting less, and hes calling less obviously put two and two together you save 1 BB every single time. And I forgot to do that one time, possibly even more then one time, sometimes I'm good with it and I remember to do it but this time I forgot unfortunately because of so many new spots just appearing to me and trying to remember the old spots considering how new I am to the game of HU its really a lot to take in and I hope to NOT forget this the next time I play.
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Working on the harder more mathethematical sides of poker, now to be honest I've
never worked on this side of poker before, I know a bit about pot odds, I know a bit
about fold equity and I do know a bit about how good you are preflop when you get it all
in like AA v KK etc like the simple things. But now I'm going to figure out every single
range preflop, and master it. Then I will target equity on the flop, and then on the turn
versus specific hands and if I put them on that hand will it be mathethematically
correct to make the call etc. This is gonna take me a while to understand and remember
but I think this really ups your poker skill by one level because you have one
extra arsenal that majority of the poker community does not work on.

So im going to start simple and work with PREFLOP only and just put out random hands
everything is just going to be rounded up.
AKo v 89o: 64% v 36%
AA V JJ: 80% v 20%
KK V KJ: 90% v 10%
AJ V KQ: 60% v 40%
109o V 89s: 68% v 32%
A10o V JQs: 55% v 45%
A8 v 88: 30% v 70%
A8 v 99: 29% v 71%
57s v 56o: 67% v 33%
A10c v JJ: 32% v 68%

Its kinda weird actually, I always thought it being suited adds only 3%
but in a High Low V Mid Mid its about 5%? May just be a bit off and rounded.

Now I'm going to try to really remember ranges to really get a better feel
of there range when they 3bet I feel like I have it down but it doesn't hurt too much
to work on it some more. Im juts going to work with what I think they would three
bet and end up calling and obv adjust when i figure out what there doing

13% 88+ K9s+ A10o+

22% J7s+ 77+ a8o+

35% 77+ 54s+ K2s+ A2s+ K8o+ a8o+

I dont see much people three betting 66-22 unless they plan on shoving it
majority of the time so i pretty much took it out and added suited cards instead.
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Heads up is all about adjusting in the opponent and tilt control. Pm sent

i would like to see all hands but please post them in this page. It is really boring opening every time new window. Good luck
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Originally Posted by 1flightaway View Post
AKo v 89o: 64% v 36%
AA V JJ: 80% v 20%
KK V KJ: 90% v 10%
AJ V KQ: 60% v 40%
109o V 89s: 68% v 32%
A10o V JQs: 55% v 45%
A8 v 88: 30% v 70%
A8 v 99: 29% v 71%
57s v 56o: 67% v 33%
A10c v JJ: 32% v 68%

This is the most hard part of poker
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

hey man thx for responding to my pg&c, I hope no hard feelings I wish u the best.

Alright, Hi everyone this topic is gonna be analyzing every flop situation that
i can come wtih like if he has mid pair and i have top pair whats my equity.
or if i have an open ender with one over whats my equity, things like that,
of course im not going to be able to get through all of it theres just way too many
but eventually after working with it from time to time hopefully i will begin
to remember it all. Also eventually going to work with odds like If you flop
a flushdraw, and you proceed to just call the flop, and there turn bet and you know
that they are commited and then your flush draw will now overpay and is a mandatory
fold although that is so infrequent and most of the time u will jam your flush draw on the
flop, also to take into consideration as to whether you have overs or not etc.

So im going to talk about a

1085 boardR that happen to come up earlier today and I was unsure of the odds, but
also thought I had some fold equity.

I had J9 and He had K5 so thats a 50/50 coinflip
now if he had K8 whats my equity 50/50 coin flip
K10 58%
JJ 68%
JQ 72%
76 32%
J8 58%

I actually learned something from this, Although I dont know if I'll be able to remember
all the percentages it actually shocked me to find out that JQ v J9 in this specific
board texture does better then JJ on the flop. Now I kinda assumed that J8 and K10
would have the same value because the Jack kicker has been stolen. Other then That
Its quite interesting to try to remember these type of things. I think running these
equitys will take months to master and eventually I will remember it if I keep redoing it
I would guess it would take about 3-5 months.
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

How long do you think it will take to crush 2/4?
What bankroll management you use?

Yeah i think it is very difficult to know that two overpairs+gutshot has more equity than JJ in this flop. As i said if you master this then propably you can crush 10/20 easily
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Hey grindtolive, I dont know the exact answer for the first question because it would depend on the second question you've just asked me. If I based it off what I wanted to do I would want to be at the 600NL mark by christmas, and theres just so many other factors if my confidence gets bad, I may drop down and just cushion up my bankroll more temporarily for a week or two just to pick myself back up etc.

Bankroll Management will be something like this the bigger the stakes the bigger my bankroll will be.
50NL -> 1500 til bust.
100NL-> 1500-3000
200NL-> 3000-6000
400NL-> 6000-20000
600NL-> 20000-60000
1000NL-> 60000-150000
2KNL-> 150000+

Don't have the exact bankroll management details down, this is how I would probably go with it, but im under a coaching for profit deal so will have to discuss with my coach Gordon Gekko/ ThinkitThrough the numbers and what he wants me to do.

Definitely, Im pretty positive that majority of the regulars at those stakes don't work too much with those equity numbers and remembering the exact percentages. And I think the slight edge will add up over time of course theres just so many different factors to take into account for.
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Talked about the BR management today its not too precise and will vary depending on how well I do in every stakes. I wanted to aggressively move up, but will be taking a different route and probably a much better alternative and will make me feel better tilt less and be less attached the money so this is prob what its gonna turn into

100NL- $4000+
200NL- $10000+
400NL- $25000+
600NL- $60000+
1KNL- $100000+
2KNL/Table Selected 5KNL- $250000+

In regards to poker I dont think ima ever plan to play higher then 5K NL to be honest, and I don't plan on playing 5KNL unless i game select HARD, the games are pretty much dead above 2KNL for the most part in my opinion unless i want to keep playing the greatest players HU, which to be honest I don't want to do nor do I think its worth my time, theres a limit where I want to get to and thats 5KNL and anything higher is possible and I do think I can do it because I do work as hard as I can, I love poker but I know I would never be able to beat these guys unless i studied non stop and i would not want to trade my life learning to compete with these guys when theres just so much other things I want to do in life. Now of course theres Omaha, but theres so much variance in this game+ I would take a long time to master this. I guess After I get to 5KNL, I will probably stay in the game for a couple of months then eventually quit poker/ play for fun. Its gonna be weird to explain this and i may sound like a complete hypocrite but money is valueless to me in the future, but my number priority right now I guess which leads to my poker story of my reasoning behind this...

BTW my name is Steven, I just turned 19 on October 3rd,2012 3 years ago I use to always play poker with my friends, I was awful I had no interest in the game at the time. I hated it, but then my friends kept playing it and we always bought in 5$ I kept losing, and then one day I really got sick of losing. I really wanted to learn how to play, I went on Google and just typed in "how to get good at no limit holdem" and just picked up information about it and studied the game couple weeks later i was the best in the games out of my friends obviously since we all had no clue about the game. Weeks later I saw my brother play full tilt I had 600$ (all my money) put it all on full tilt and jumped into 100NL, oops about 3 hours later all gone. Went to sleep sad, thinking what did i do wrong how come i lost so much i was mad, I went on google started typing more stuff and read about people playing sit and goes/tournaments. So there I was with a plan I asked for 50$ more as a loan and would work on it began playing 1$ tournaments until one day I got 3rd at the daily dollar for $600, great just recouped all my losses lost my AA V K6 on a K6x board so sick . I of course cashed everything except 50$ because I had no clue what bankroll management was, and I just kept playing then eventually went bust, Took a long break, then December 2010 came along went back on thx to rakeback I had 12$ left i entered it all on a 3$ tournament, I got 50th place and 1st was about 4k . Lost AA v KQ sick life, but with that 50$ i said thats it im going to build this all the way to the top and hit the nosebleed tournaments. In about 4 months of grinding tournaments while I was still in high school about 10 hours a week, I eventually made the bankroll hit $8400 by april and then black friday came along. Now in my mind I was like wtf is going on, and I don't think ima ever get the money back even with the pokerstars purchase because I was underaged during that time but who knows. Would love to have that money but I count it as a loss.

Anyways after that I took a break from poker for about 2 months, then heard about the merge network I played almost full time and hardly went to college for 2 months made around $2.5/hr avg playing tournies/ being an idiot at super turbos n losing a lot :P was def the fish of the games.

At that time for some reason I still thought I could do it and I KNEW I could succeed if I worked hard enough, I thought I had to move outside the US to play on poker stars it was my only solution to succeed. There are bigger prize pools more tournaments available, I guess it was a long shot though, a poker player who is barely 18, wanting to leave the us to play on poker stars. BUT I decided to do it anyways I took the biggest risk of all time and probably the stupidest decision anyone can make without consistent results, but my mind was set in stone I had to do this for my family and for me. My parents thought I was crazy, but nothing was going to stop me from going and my parents knew that, so they did what they could to help me. They called there family members from Cambodia, and there I went, although I had to pay $200 a month for rent food and electricity as part of the agreement. I had $2200, and an extra $1500 from my friends whom let me borrow the money, needless to say they are awesome friends to trust someone with that much money and I love them for that.

March 5th, 2012:

So there I was I bought a laptop $529, A plane ticket $656, a mouse $65, and a laptop cooler $40, and spent $500 of my own money with my friends before I left. So heading to Cambodia I had $1910, I was scared I didn’t think that was enough I was extremely worried, but everything was already done it was what I had to work with. I had no plans of coming back, and if I didn’t succeed my parents would have to pay for my flight back considering I wouldn’t really have enough funds to go back to California and I couldn’t let that happen. My initial plan was to make a $1000 deposit online, and the rest to pay for rent to cover for about 4 months, and as you know most of your original plans don’t work out as you expected. I got my bank account, I kept trying to make deposits online from Cambodia to poker stars, they kept rejecting it, I couldn’t deposit past $65 us dollars, but I told myself I didn’t do it just once, I did it twice before, and I know I can do it for the third time and it wasn’t because I was that good of a player it’s because I really had motivation and really wanted to make it, so I told myself YOU CAN and YOU WILL do this. So that’s what I did I worked from the very bottom and wanted to reach to the top by the time I came back.

I set guidelines playing only $1 buy ins max until a certain amount and so on. I played about 10 hours a day, every single day and in about a month of playing 45-man SNG and 180 man SNGs I built my roll to $825. It was hard work for very little pay, but I thought it was worth it I learned a valuable lesson and really took in what hard work means. I felt satisfied and expected now that I had more money I could start playing bigger buy ins and would be able to make more money in the near future. Within 2 weeks after saying that to myself, I went on a huge heater I made $1.4k and my roll was standing strong at $2250 I was proud of myself and thought I was doing really well and really thought I could reach my goals. And then the inevitable came, with no self-control and a huge ego and deciding not to drop down in stakes a huge downswing comes where I almost lose everything I played nonstop and had two -$1k
days. There I was with $200 left in my account my self-esteem destroyed, everything I worked for gone. I was about ready to pack up my bags call it quits and go home after 5 weeks of trying. I talked to my friends told them what happened and told them I may give up, I talked to all of them and one particular person changed my mindset, and gave me a reason to continue and not give up and remember everything I worked for and the troubles I knew I would face for making such a huge challenge. Although I probably never would have left in the first place, it was still a good slap in the face to keep me motivated and stop mourning over what already happened, so I decided to continue, but I decided I was going to be extremely careful with the money this time and not lose control, but before I started playing I decided I really needed to study poker which is something I never really did. I got a deuces cracked free trial and used those 7 days watching 180 man videos and really trying to understand it, my goal was to make 3k in 180 mans before I started taking shots at tournaments. So after this new knowledge, I played 180 mans every single day $2 buy in only till I hit $1k to ensure I will not go broke. In about a week of playing 10 hours a day I made $1000 to build my roll to $1200, my plan was to start playing the $3rebuys and the $8 buy ins, and if I dropped below $800 I would restart luckily things went well for me I won enough to build up my roll to $3000. So there I was feeling extremely accomplished from 5 weeks building everything to $2k then bombing everything and having $200, and then rebuilding it in 2 weeks back up to $3000. I felt unstoppable, and this was only the beginning, I began playing tournaments nonstop and built my roll to about $11.5k in about 3 more weeks.

Mid June 2012- Now

Decided the Variance was too crazy, and have been working on the cash games since and haven't really gotten anywhere in six max for about 3 months it was definitely a mentality thing and I still have a ton of mentality issues theres something inside me I don't know what, but I still hope to overcome everything and eventually make it. After the pretty much break even season after paying for coaching/breaking even at 6max cash I had to work to earn gordons trust so he would be able to teach me everything he knows at heads up cash games. He makes me do certains test and the contract can end anytime i **** up, and I know im at my final straw I really do try my best not to mess up and I already have but hes given me a couple of chances time is running out and my chances to succeed is running out if I keep ****ing up. Anyways I ended up switching to HU cash 13 days ago, and I'm doing ok now and hope to have a 30K/40K roll by the end of the year probably a bit too optimistic, but we'll see .

Plans for 2013 is actually to continue playing poker, I really do miss my friends and family and I do want to see them. I guess this relates back to "Money is my number 1 priority now, but in the future its meaningless to me" See with all this money I make this year/ next year im going to open a family business with it? or if that doesn't work out im just going to give all the money i've made to my family. I don't have an exact plan but im not a luxurious guy, I dont plan on living at the greatest place in the world and having the finer things of life. I love things simple and just enough I don't care about money too much but I believe that my parents deserve a lot considering how hard they've worked there whole life, which is the reason why I left California to make my parents live an easier life when I come back. Sounds like im putting myself down but in reality I don't care too much about myself, but I dont mean it that way just materialistic things are just bull**** to me and I don't need much to be happy, and to most people this sounds like BULL**** but my happiness comes from my friends and family being happy and me being able to provide money to my mom so she can stop working so hard is something I want to do and I'll do anything to make it happen, 7 Months I haven't gotten anywhere but I don't ever plan on returning back home till i get things right for my mom.

I ALSO hope to become a poker coach/coach for a site for a living because I do want to return to california late 2013 after my contracts terminates with gordon gekko *thinkitthrough* and I get things right. But of course I will get a clearer picture of everything when I see what happens with online poker in the US. Who knows maybe this boring blog where I have almost no followers will become something .

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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

Today I am going to look through flop boards and discuss the specific equities
in every single flop and try to work with every percentages going to pick spots that
occur a lot, and hands that will actually continue on not bull**** hands that I will
fold and think my opponent will fold. Of course that isn't like how everyone plays
but i will go by a general idea of what I think they would be continuing on with
and what they would be folding, and well if there a station it doesnt matter regardless
as I will be only playing for value and betting BIG everytime.

So going to Look at 10 different Flop Texures
the first one is SOMEWHAT drawy and somewhat dry but its one that somewhat confuses me

997 2 club board.
A10c V 9x is almost always a 25% favorite it seems kinda obvious since u can only be drawing to backdoors
or a flush and since theres 1 club out of every 4 cards it should be around 25% but it didnt logically hit
my mind at the time, so learning something simple is still good .
810 V JQc A straight draw v a Flush draw with just overs is 70%/30%
23C V 810 I actually didnt know the exact percentages for this but two under w/ flushdraw
v a straight draw is a coinflip.

Obviously theres a lot of other hands that would continue but im talking about classic
scenarios and spots that will eventually occur where I will decide whether to go broke
depending on my opponents range such as c/r percentages his cont bet percentage etc.

JQ v A9 -32 v 68%
JK v 10J- 36 v 63% I actually thought this one would be more leaned towards the 75 25%.
AJ V QK- 82% V 18%
1010 V AJ- 82% v 18%

These are a lot of classic spots that will only happen in an aggressive dynamic
obviously most of these are standard but its mainly focusing on what to do with
the MIDpair/gut shot type of hands/ and the other one well its juts good to know

1010 v 65 70 v 30%
QQ V 65 55 v 45%
QQ V 76 72 v 28%
QQ v 9J 66 v 34%
QQ v 9K 58 V 42%
QQ V a8 77 V 23%

I started to realize every 3 outs = 8.5% in equity.


QK V J9 45 v 55
JQ V A10 80 v 20
89 V JK 68 v 32
AK V JQ 68 v 32

KQ6 2 club board

J10 V KJ 30 v 70
J10 v KQ 31 v 69
AQ V KJ 23 v 77
AJc v KJ 53% v 47%
AJc v KQ 43% v 57%
J10c v KQ 50% v 50%

98A 2 club board
Q10c V AK 48% v 52%
J10 v AK 34% v 66%
J10c v AK 57% v 43%
89 V AK 75% v 25%
A9 V 10J 70% v 30%
A9 v 10Qc 60% v 40%

9JK 2 club board
10Q V JJ 65% v 35%
QcKd V AJ 80% v 20%
9J v QK 62% v 38%

JQ v A10 30% v 70%
77 V JQ 31% v 69%

745 MONOTONE board
Ac6d V QQ 63% v 37%
Ac10d V QQ 47% v 53%
Ac5d v 68 36% v 64%


AJ V 10Q 32% v 68%
JQ V KQ 32% v 68%
JQ V 109 47% v 53%
JK V AA 20% v 80%
JQ V AK 29% v 71%

some are very very repetitive, but when i was redoing it i was kind of remembering it
its still hard and I know if I keep redoing it I will eventually remember it.
I dont know how much scenarios can really occur on the flop where its extremely tough
and I couldn't think of scenarios sometimes, but I eventually wrote all of them down
Eitherway if i keep repeating this i will remember outs/percentages
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Re: From the absolute micros to the TOP

This is really refreshing approach mate - good work!!
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