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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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Bobo Fett
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▒▓██▓▒**Poker Goals & Challenges Guidelines - Self-Promotion (Coaching/Staking) Warning**▒▓██▓▒

Welcome to the Poker Goals & Challenges forum.

This forum is designed to bring together 2+2 posters who are interested in sharing their poker goals and challenges. Some might consider these to be blogs, but they aren't quite the same thing. A blog's format tends to have the blog writer posting and people making comments on individual posts in isolation. A forum thread is more of a continuous conversation; any comments or questions are inline with all of the OP's posts.

If it's a blog you're after, 2+2 has a blogging section here, but make sure you read the sticky before you start a thread.

Now for the rules. We're not going to spell out a lot of them; we hope you'll use your common sense. Of course all of the standard 2+2 rules apply. You know the drill - no pornography, no copyright violating, no circumventing the profanity filter, etc, etc, etc.

On top of the standard stuff, we'll take a little harder line on trolling than you see in some other 2+2 forums. We'll probably have some beginners in here, and we don't want their first experience to be a negative one. And remember, not everyone is as balla as you. If you play 200NL and think the guy posting his "I'm going to play freerolls and run my roll up to $1,000!" thread is lame, keep it to yourself. I'm sure there's someone in BBV you can go make fun of. No need for "First", "Cool story Bro!", "'bout tree fiddy", and all that other LC/NC crap. We don't want to suck all the life out of the forum, nothing wrong with having a little fun, but we know you guys can do better than that.

But keep in mind that not every post might be seen by a mod. If your thread is getting trolled or derailed, that's what the report post button to the left of the post is for. Don't assume a post has been seen by a mod if you haven't reported it, even if a mod has posted in the thread - it's easy to miss a post once in a while, especially if this forum gets as busy as we hope it will. You can use it in other people's threads as well, for obvious trolling, spam, etc.

Linking to your stats is fine, but not to your blog that you're hosting elsewhere. You're welcome, however, to put all your blog information in your profile (but not your location).

That's it for now; I'm sure these guidelines are going to evolve quite a bit over the first few months. Just use your common sense, play nice, and have fun!

Having just seen a post report that came in after a thread had been derailed for a while, I wanted to remind everyone that if you see trolling in a thread here, don't hesitate to use the Post Report feature.

I can't speak for the other PG&C mods, but I don't read all (or even many a lot of the time) of the threads here. All of the mods in this forum also moderate other forums on 2+2, and so this one doesn't always get looked at quickly. At the same time, we want to keep this a friendly forum. Some of you might like a little kibitzing, fun trolling, etc, in your own thread, and that's fine. But if the trolling is unwelcome, let us know. And others are welcome to report posts in threads that are not theirs, although you might want to keep in mind the tone of the particular thread.

Last edited by Bobo Fett; 05-07-2014 at 01:11 AM. Reason: Added new blog forum link and merged in the info from the trolling reminder sticky.
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Bobo Fett
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Re: Poker Goals & Challenges Guidelines

Need a change made to a thread title or some other change to a post? Best way to go is to use the post report feature , as that way all the mods get it, rather than sending a PM to 1 or 2 mods.

Keep in mind that you're not asking for the ability to edit your own post; unfortunately, we can't give that to you. What you're doing is asking us to edit the post for you, so you need to tell us what change(s) you'd like made. If it's reasonable and doesn't break any forum rules, we'll try to look after it for you.

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Born Ready
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Re: Poker Goals & Challenges Guidelines

Just to let everyone know, it is twoplustwo policy that a thread will not be deleted at user request, unless there is some sort of legitimate privacy issue. So basically just because you started a thread doesn't mean you get to remove it. So if you start a thread and then move on with your life and don't want it around anymore, we will gladly lock it for you, but it wont get deleted without good reason.
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Bobo Fett
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Poker Goals & Challenges Guidelines

It seems that we are getting more and more threads in here that are pushing the envelope WRT self-promotion - and every once in a while ones that are very obviously over the line like the guy I just banned for starting the same type of self-promotional thread that he told everyone got shut down on a different site.

This isn't a forum for you to tell everyone about your successes with coaching or staking other people. Nor is it one for you to tell us about your own successes as a student or horse. That's not to say you can't mention that you've been staked or coached, but it shouldn't be the main topic of the thread.

It's also not a forum for you to promote your own site, blog, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, or any other outside media, even if those other sites or social media don't have even a hint of commercialism - that changes over time with many sites, and it's not realistic for us to be able to monitor them.

So that's all the tough talk. Of course there's going to be a lot of grey areas - if posted in context and with some discretion, a few of the things I've mentioned above are going to be allowed to slide, as they always have been. There are a number of long-standing threads here that have pushed the edges now and then - I don't know that we'll be going back and removing a lot of stuff, unless it's really egregious.

We also don't plan on patrolling every thread for every last hint of potential issues - this forum has always been quite lightly modded, mostly responding to post reports. We welcome reports of posters you see that are obviously going over the self-promotional line, as well as those you're not sure about.

Cliffs: No huge change for the forum, but people are crossing the self-promotional line more frequently, and we'd like it to stop.

I'll leave this thread open for the time being for discussion (we'll likely copy this post into the main guidelines thread eventually). I haven't even discussed this with my fellow mods yet; I've just decided to play the Ebenezer Scrooge role and jump in here myself - if they feel a lot differently, there could be some tweaking to this policy. But really, it's just PG&C's implementation of site-wide rules - every forum here deals with these rules in their own way.

I'll copy in some questions and answers from the sticky that this post originated in:

Originally Posted by pure_aggression View Post
Is it ok to post youtube vlogs?
Originally Posted by debacle View Post
^My interpretation is as long as the YouTube vlogs are supplemental to the thread (see: TheDrunkLife and pitapita) and the thread's primary purpose isn't to drive traffic to your YouTube channel, you're probably fine.

As far as the staking/coaching being advertised in PG&C, obviously there is a line. Having every single one of your students post your name in their thread titles is probably over that line.
Originally Posted by Rusemandingo View Post
I can see why this policy makes sense. There's self promotion aspects in every pgc thread but in backing and especially coaching threads there's a lot more incentive to do so. I would point to Zima's thread as an example of a backing PGC thread that is completely about the life of a backer and doesnt even subtly recruit. But forcing mods to decide which backers and coaches cross the line, esp when some of them are paying to advertise on the site, is a no win situation.
Originally Posted by StackingWins View Post
As a part of a PG&C thread I would like to be able to keep written records of my results but also embed videos of me playing from my YouTube channel. Does this fall under self promotion? I don't intend to link specifically to my YouTube channel, just want to include the videos in my posts.

I'm not involved in any coaching/staking so I don't know if the rule applies to me (as I won't really benefit from posting videos), but I just don't want to overstep my bounds. I think it would be a fun thread and different from the "all text" nature of forums.

For example, the average post would look something like:


[Some written text]


[Written results/graphs]
Originally Posted by debacle View Post
My interpretation, again, is that as long as the YouTube vlogs are supplemental to the thread (see: TheDrunkLife and pitapita) and the thread's primary purpose isn't to drive traffic to your YouTube channel, you're probably fine.
Solid answers, debacle; could't have said it better myself, so I won't try.

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