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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

Hi all, lurked on 2p2 for a long time and figured now was as good as time as ever to make one of these. I'm 26, live in the midwest and play poker as a somewhat serious side hustle/hobby. I try to stick to live NL cash and HUSNG online which is where I've had the most success. I play live 2-3 times a week and HUSNG on some weeknights when I have the time.

Goal is to try to grow the bankroll earmarked for gambling/high variance activities by 30k over the next 13 months. My current working roll is about 25k spread out between cash, online sites, brokerage account for options trading, and crypto (RIP).

My longer term goal would to build my roll and poker skills to the point I can comfortably play and win at 5/10, 10/20, 10/20/40 at any room in the US.

I really like traveling different places to play poker as well and have a list on my phone of different card rooms/cities I want to go to around the country/world. Always looking for suggestions too!

Some historical results:

Live cash NL since a little over 1 yr ago:

Total Online - mostly HUSNG with some MTT:

Live MTT about 1yr - bricked all 8:

Live Other Cash Variants about 1 yr: I really suck at these games and probably shouldn't ever play.

Going to try to stay consistent with updating progress and talking about some interesting hands.
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

Monday Session: Live 1/2, $5 BB Ante

Played about 4 hours and ran like god for the latter half of the session. Played a couple of interesting hands:


Pretty standard hand but a big hold. I open 88 ep for 20 and we go 4 ways with me, reg in the bb, and 2 rec players on a shorter stack. I'm roughly 600 effective with the other reg.

Flop (85): 9h8s6h. BB checks, I bet 65. rec folds, other rec in late calls with about 100 left behind. Reg in the bb makes it 250. I jam. They both call. Rec has 99 for top set and the reg has T8hh for middle pair/combo draw. Board goes black K, black 2 and I win a sizable side pot.


Reg from H1 is somewhat tilted and opens EP for 20. We are a little over 500 effective. I call 33 in MP and we go 3 ways with the same rec from H1 behind.

Flop (65): 5d3s4d. Reg bets 45 and I decide on just call. Raising here might be better but in position and with 3 players behind I don't mind call and see what happens. I can back raise if there is more action or play turn IP. Rec calls behind.

Turn (200): 5d3s4d 4s. Turn gin. Reg bets 65. I tank and decide to raise small to 150. I don't think he's ever going to fold an overpair to this size, is tilting and views me as an aggro player. and I'd like to take control of the betting and set up to jam the river. This size also has the benefit of possibly inducing something spewy over the top. Rec folds and he calls.

River (500): 5d3s4d 4s Qc. I jam and he tanks for a little and calls and mucks when he sees my hand.


Rec limps early, Reg isos to 15. I 3b the SB to 45 with K4ss and immediately regret my decision. I do unnecessarily spewy **** like this a lot and want to cut down on it. My hand sucks and have so many other options for 3b, he's not folding anything remotely decent IP at 500+ effective and I'm OOP. My thought at the time was he was iso'ing the rec too wide and I was going to punish. Rec folds, he calls.

Flop (~100): Jc5c3s. I cbet 40 and he calls relatively quick.

Turn (180): Jc5c3s2c. I turn open ended but front door clubs come in. If I'm going to 3b and cbet I'm barreling this turn. I bet 100 and he snap calls. I actually don't think he has a flush given his timing and has mostly Jx with a club.

River (380): Jc5c3s2c6c. 4 clubs on the board but we do make a straight. At this point l'm done with the hand and have to check fold river. I check and he checks back JTdd and we get bailed out.


I think I played this hand kind of scared money on the river. I've been asking some different people about it and they somewhat agree that jamming river is suicide against a lot of the LLSNL pool, but against this particular player it may be okay/good.

We are playing quite deep at this point, probably like 1.5-1.7k effective with main villain.

Main villain limps EP. I iso JThh for 20 and we go 4 ways including main villain who calls.

Flop (85): TdTs3h. He checks, I bet 60, other 2 players fold and he calls.

Turn (205): TdTs3h3d. He checks and I decide to check back to try to induce a bet on the river from floats or other pocket pairs. In hindsight I should probably just bet as this guy is roughly sticky and LLSNL is about driving value.

River (205): TdTs3h3d Jc. Make top tens full. He checks, I bet 165. Kind of on the bigger side but I'm like 90% sure he doesn't even know what the pot is and is either calling or not up to a certain point. Like I don't think 120 vs 165 makes any difference in his calling range. Hindsight this makes me think I should bet like 180 or 190. He tanks for a little bit and sort of Hollywoods and then makes it 400. We have about 1k more behind at this point and I start seeing monsters here. Pretty much the entire pool just flats with a T here so I'm thinking most of the time it's a chop, he has quad 3s, or limp called JJ (very possible). I just call and he had KT :-/.

Overall in the game for 740 and out for 2445 for $1705 profit.

Tuesday Session: Live 2/5

Normally don't play live on Tues, but checked Bravo and 2/5 was running so went to check and out and played a sort session. Game was super good but only played about an hour and didn't win the 2 interesting hands I played.


Button straddles for 10. We are playing 5 handed, 1k effective. Super rec player limps for 10. I iso A3ss for 40. The button min 3bets me to 80. Rec folds. I call given the price but not loving it.

Flop (170): 8s2s2h. I check he bets 100. I call with NFD + backdoor wheel and Ace.

Turn (370): 8s2s2h4h. I check he bets 200. Pretty annoying because stereotyping this guy his range is pretty much strictly overpairs when he doubles and uses this sizing. I have precisely 0 fold equity if I jam. I have direct odds against a range of only JJ+ given my ace is good sometimes and I pick up wheel outs. My plan is to call and then just donk jam any river I improve on. I call.

River (770): 8s2s2h4h Qd. Board bricks out for us and I check fold to a jam.


~800 effective. 5 handed. Rec opens 20 UTG and I 3b A5ss to 80. He calls and we go heads up.

Flop (165): KcTs2h. He checks, I cbet 90. This bet is sort of meh since he's pretty broadway heavy but on the flip side it folds a lot of pocket pairs and I can turn a lot of equity. He checkraises to 225 and I fold. I think it's more curious what he's raising here and what I would do with AA or AK. I almost punted it in but decided better and just figured he likely had TT or KT given the player pool.

Overall in the game for 1000 and out for 677 for 323 loss.

Overall challenge is $1,372 / 30,000
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

Played a session last night and played atrocious. One of my main goals for this thread is to be completely honest with myself and the hand histories even if they are embarrassing. I was playing way too loose preflop, overbluffing in a lot of spots and not taking sufficient breaks to get some fresh air and reset my mind.

The game was absolute fire with 2 action players sitting really deep. My issue in this sort of game is I try to force things when it's not there and end up getting myself in some dumb spots instead of just being patient and driving value. Of these 3 hands I'm okay with 1 of them and meh about one and the other one is just spew.

All games are live 1/2 with a $5 ante from the BB but they play really big because you can buy 75% of the max stack so a lot of money gets on the table quickly and overall it plays more like a big 2/5 or 5/T.

H1: 1.5k effective with main villain

Limped 6 ways I check the option in the BB with Q8o.

Flop (17): T95ccx. I don't have a club. Main villain who is an action player in the sb leads for 20 and I call. This may just be bad but super deep with a gutter to basically the nuts I wanted to see a turn. With 4 players behind it may just be fold or raise. Everyone else folds and we go to the turn.

Turn (57): Tc9c5x 2x. He checks and I bet 75. Although his lead looks strong into the field generally with this dude its middle pair/flush draws. When he checks the turn his range is honestly really weak. I don't expect him to fold the turn that often but I plan to fire all non club rivers. He calls.

River (207): Tc9c5x2x 3x. Total brick unless he somehow has A4cc. He checks and I bet 110 to try to fold 9s and flush draws. He calls with J2cc .

H2 ~1.7k effective with villain

Main villain is a reg in the room but not really a pro/grinder type. He has different "moods" and he can be wide open when he's losing/on tilt and pretty nitty/locked up when he's winning. He had just won a monster pot a couple hands ago and was watching something on his phone which usually indicates he's in a locked up kind of mode.

Straddle for 5 and 4 limps in front and I overlimp J8dd in the CO. Villain makes it 55 in the SB and everyone folds and I call closing the action IP. With 30 in their and only 55 I think the price is fine pre and my hand will play fine post IP.

Flop (138): T94r one diamond. He continues for 140 and I call with the OESD. Raising here is an option but calling IP with the draw seems best.

Turn (418): T94r 8x . Turn 3rd pair and open ender. He checks. When he checks he still has most of his overpairs IMO. Betting doesn't accomplish too much with this specific hand except to deny equity vs AK/AQ which we are beating anyways. I check back.

River (418) T94r 8 K. He leads 150. So at this point I'm pretty sure his range is mostly 1 pair hands. He has a couple combos of top set but I think he bets KK at some frequency on turn. My hand can't call but I think I can place a ton of pressure on him with a raise. I make it 400. He tanks forever and calls with AK . I'm actually pretty okay with my play here.

H3 ~1.5k effective

I open ATo off the straddle IP for 20 and we go 3 ways with me and 2 of the big action players

Flop (65): Q54ssx. I have the As. Checks around.

Turn (65): Q54ss Kx. Player 1 leads for 50, action player 2 calls. I make it 200. Don't think this is any good honestly. I think I'm just forcing it here trying to win a hand thinking their ranges are mostly 5x, 4x, and spade draws but that analysis is probably trash tbh. V1 calls and V2 folds.

River (515): Q54 K 5x. He checks and I just give up but MHIG and he mucks. Guess he had low spades.

In the game for 2337 and out for 1639 for 698 loss

Want to just work on being disciplined and not forcing it moving forward. Have to travel for work next week so maybe sneak in a couple traveling sessions and play online a bit.

Total Challenge $674 / $30,000
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

Gonna post a bulk update so I can try to get back on track with this. Going to try to be more consistent moving forward with updates.

One goal I have is to note more hands in detail on my phone, because I had some noted in shorthand, but now I can't honestly remember how the action went so I'll just be posting results.

Traveled for work to Pittsburgh and played a small session at Rivers: +155

Played some sessions back at the casino near my parents house for the holidays:

Since being back home, played a few sessions and am total +1,509.

So total live since last update is +855.

In addition to live, I've been putting in some more HUSNG volume where the games have both been good and I've also ran extremely well over the small sample.

Since starting the challenge:

Total Challenge so far:

Live Poker: $1,499
Online: $1,081

Total: $2,580 / $30,000
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

I had been super busy with work, so my consistency on updating failed. Nevertheless, want to post a quick one so this doesn't just die in the archives of 2p2. I set up a new schedule that should allow me to play close to 20 hours a week which should be close to 1k hours for the year which will let me accomplish my goals.

Since last update I've won 2,555 playing live cash and haven't played online at all. I don't have any accurate hand histories because I didn't note anything on my phone!

Future goals:

1. Weekly updates
2. Take HH notes at table so I can post and review them
3. Don't force things and stick to my time tables for playing, don't play tired, balance everything in life

Total Challenge:

Live: $4,054
Online: $1,081
Total: $5,135
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

I played a few sessions since last update with mediocre results. Reasonably happy with my play, but made a few mistakes, especially related to sizing.

Session 1: 2/5 NL

H1: 900 effective

Only played one hand of any real significance.

I open AdKs UTG for 20. UTG+1 3! to 85. It's villains first hand at the table. I've played with him before but not a ton of volume. Knows what's going on, but def not a pro or anything. I 4! to 230. He hems and haws and eventually calls. I think majority of his range is TT-QQ here.

Flop (465): Ts9s3o.

I cbet 210 and he jams for the rest. I think I miscalculated the pot odds in game and ended up calling off, even though it's probably still somewhat close. I'm calling 460 to win 1800 so I need ~26% equity. Against JJ/QQ I basically have this exactly (equilab says 26.6%). If I make his range TT-AA, AQss, AJss in a downside scenario, I still have 22%. It's probably reasonably close and not a huge mistake, just annoyed I wasn't completely sure at the time I put the money in. He had JJ which I think is somewhat of a mistake on his part to jam flop.

In for 2,400, out for 1,186 , loss of 1,214.

Session 2 - 1/2 NL

H1: 500 effective with main villain

Straddle is on for 5 and I open KK early to 20. We go 4 ways including the SB who is an older rec gentleman.

Flop (80): T3Ar. SB donks for 25. I call, pro behind calls, rest fold. I simply can't fold for the price. Definitely can still have Ts or random other pocket pairs I beat. When the pro calls behind it's a bit obnoxious but he can be peeling wide as well.

Turn (155): T3A A. SB leads again for 40. Super annoying given the sizing. I call again and the pro folds. This is the point I'm not entirely sure whether I can just fold here or not.

River (235): T3A A A. 3 aces now onboard. He checks. I think I definitely vbet now to get value from Tx. I bet 100. He folds QQ face up, lol.

H2 300 effective

I open AQcc in the co for 10 and a reg 3b on the button 30. I think maybe I should 4 ball this hand given positions, but elect to just call.

Flop (60): 974r, one club. X, he bets 20, I call. For a 1/3 with 2 overs and bdnfd, not folding.

Turn (100): 974 A. I lead 45. My range should have a lot of ace high calls here. Maybe this is just FPS, but I think it makes sense. He calls.

River (190): 974 A A. I jam for his last 200. Maybe this is too thin, but I think I can get herod by worse pocket pairs. Sometimes I own myself vs AK or a boat, but I'm not exactly check folding and would rather just put the last bet in myself. He snaps with A7s. O well.

In for 540, out for 875, 335 profit.

Session 3 1/2 NL 5 ante from BB

I played a bunch of interesting hands this session, but candidly only 1 really sticks in my head. I usually have relatively good mental game but losing this pot really messed with me. If I win this it's a 2k+ session and we are soaring in the right direction. Now it's just a lowly break even one. Getting 900bb in as a 80% favorite on the turn and losing is just brutal. I realize objectively no one in the world but me really cares about this hand and it truly sucks. Success and losses in poker can be very lonely sometimes. #emo. I guess the best way to try to frame it is it's not the first time I've been sucked out on in a big spot and it certainly won't be the last. Objectively, I'm not even sure I like the way I played the hand regarding the flop XR and turn sizing.

875 effective with main villain.

I open JTdd in the hijack for 15, villain 3b button to 50, other rec player cold calls the SB. I call. BTN is an aggressive reg who plays with an ego sometimes, but has a generally good idea of what's going on poker wise.

Flop (155): KdQc2d. Smash city. I check. He bets 50, rec folds, I x/r to 175. He calls. I think X/R here is meh. He should have a strong range advantage and I'm not sure what my made value range even consists of. I'm pushing so much equity with this hand it can't be horrible from that perspective, but range wise it might suck.

Turn (505): KdQc2d As. Nuts. I rip his last 650 into the middle. I actually don't mind this bet sizing because his range here should be extremely strong with sets and 2p. He calls. River is obviously a board pairing K and I lose to QQ.

In for 1045 out for 1179 for +134.

Unrelated to poker I made my first sports bet of 2019. I had bet 250 on the Wofford Terriers to win the Socon conference at even. Lock it up. Probably going to the first/second round games of the NCAA tourney this weekend too and will fire for the sweat.

Total Challenge:

Live: $3,309
Online: $1,081
Sports: $250
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

Played 4 sessions since last update and won a bit over 2400. Played well 3/4 sessions, but pretty atrociously last night. I called an all in pre last night for 700 with AKdd to a 5 bet jam out of the sb to a guy so tight he literally only ever has Aces. It was a total torch but I made the nut flush. A 1400 swing in my favor right there.

Other sessions I'm proud of making a couple big folds.

Folded KK in a 3b pot to an action player where I 3b out of the sb to 130, he called, heads up. Flop 647r. I cbet 150, he makes it 500, I tank fold and he shows me 67s.

Folded AK to the same player where I 3b to 70, we go 3 ways. Flop K65cc I don't have a club. I cbet 125, he calls. Turn brick. I continue for for 300 on the turn, he makes it 750, I tank fold and he shows a set of 5s.

Playing 3 handed, btn folds, SB who is not a reg/pro, but not clueless makes it 20, I make it 70 with A5dd. He calls. Flop 876 ss. Check/Check. Turn is 9s. He pots it for 140, I call. River blank. He jams 500 into 420. I talk a bit and eventually tank and fold and he shows me ATss.

Results oriented obviously great on all fronts, but thinking them through I still think all of these are folds in these spots and fairly easy ones as well, but proud I made the correct decisions in game.

I bricked a $250 tournament that was top heavy enough to fire, and also had bricked a $410 tournament a couple weeks ago that was $110 for the entry and we had a 7 way $300 last longer so it was worth getting in there. I took a look at my tracker for anything I've missed so truing up the numbers:

Total Challenge:

Live Cash: $5,800
Live Tournaments: -$660
Online: $1,081
Sports: $250

Total: $6,471

I'm thinking about playing small stakes PLO tonight for a couple hours before beer league hockey because the room is running a ridiculous promotion. I've been wanting to learn the live streets of PLO, and with this promo there's just no way I can be losing. I read Aesah's beginner guide and it vibes with what my intuition in live PLO is for a basic, winning strat. Just play passive preflop, except spots where you can effectively jam good aces, and nut peddle post.
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

The PLO experiment went poorly and I ended up losing 300, all basically on one hand I'm not sure if I just got coolered or if this a standard turn fold.

It's 2/2 PLO. 5 Limps and I overlimp Ah6h9s9c on the button. The SB makes it 10, everyone calls, I call and we go 7 ways.

Flop (70) : 9dTd3c. Guy in MP, playing basically every hand, pots. I call, everyone folds.

Turn (210): 9dTd3c Ts. He effectively jams for my last 150 or so and I call it off. Is this is just atrocious? Am I supposed to just muck middle boat here?

I feel so clueless in PLO but I really want to learn because it seems like having that option of playing the best game in the room regardless of game type would help tremendously. The hands people were getting in, even though I suck at PLO, could not have been good.

I think I have two options for learning PLO - either play 50 PLO on ignition and try to get volume/hands, learn fundamentals, etc. and then transition over into live. Or take 3k from my live roll and learn the live game first just playing 2/2 plo with 2-300 dollar bullets. Any advice here?
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Concept of the Week Author
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

I'm happily calling it off there with 99 with your blockers vs only 3 combos of TT/T9, and I'm assuming this guy plays the 3 combos of 33 the same way most of the time (some players would not go nuts with 33 there 7 ways, but a live 2/2 player with ~100% VPIP who haz a set?).

Additionally, if you aren't sure that he wouldn't, then there is certainly some frequency that this villain would pot->pot with his KQJ, QJT, T87, etc. or something like AAJ8 which you crush
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old hand
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

just GII on the flop
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

^ ya that too. You don't want to risk not stacking a hand like T986 on a diamond turn
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

^^^ Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. Big fan of your thread, Aesah.

Having a tough go of it lately. Not playing incredible and also losing some high equity spots which is always annoying in live poker since the pace of play is a bit slow.

Only big hand I remember well -

~500 effective with main villain and ~1200 effective with secondary villain.

1/2 with $5 BB ante.

Tightish rec opens UTG for 15, I flat JJ UTG+1, loose V2 calls on the btn, action player in the sb calls, bb calls and we go 5 ways.

Flop (80): 854r, Checks to me and I bet 70. I think this is a clear value bet vs the pool and maintains our equity in the pot. Can definitely get called by worse with the ranges these guys play. V2 calls and V1 (action player) calls.

Turn (290): 854r 2. I continue for 200. Still a lot of pairs + gutters/draws to get value from. Also 99 and TT. My general plan here vs these guys is to keep betting until I get raised in which case it's an easy fold. V2 tanks and folds, V1 calls quick and says "I need to hit". He's not lying or giving speech play. I've played a ton of hours with this guy and he's really loose, passive, and gambly.

River (690): 854 2 6. He open jams his last 200. I sigh and fold. Obviously horrible river. A lot of 2p combos now and 87, 77, 97, all get there. He shows 77.

Playing a bit more online PLO, starting to get the hang of it. I want to become a winner at the 50 and 100 PLO pools on Bovada then transition to the 1/2/5 bring in 1k buy in cap PLO game that runs in the room on Tuesdays. A lot of money there.

Truing up the accounting:

Live Cash: 4,898 (4,766 NL, -300 PLO, 432 Mix) - 135 hrs
Live Tourney: -660
Sports/Promos/Other: 580

Online Cash: 117
Online MTT: -192
Online HUSNG: 1,485

Total: 6,229
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Re: 30k in 13 months & Poker Travels

Been pretty trash about updating this, but I won't let it die.

I went to Utah with my GF and did a bunch of hiking in the national parks which was an awesome trip. The last couple days we stopped in Vegas for 2 nights and I got in a couple decent sessions.

I absolutely destroyed the Encore 2/5 game for around 3k, but dumped 1k back in a bad 5/T Bellagio game I shouldn't have even played in.

It's been really hard playing live poker during the week with work and working out. I'm mostly just playing HUSNG on weeknights, live poker on the weekends (mostly just fridays) and flicking in some online tournies on Sundays if I have a free day.

This Sunday I'm going to play a 1.1k satellite to the WSOP main. Most of the strong regs in the area are out in Vegas and I think the field is going to be stupid soft. I sold 30% to tone down the buy in a bit.

In terms of life stuff I'm trying to get back in fight shape. Running 4 days a week in the morning (2 sprint/2 aerobic), playing hockey once a week, and going to the boxing gym 5 days a week with 2x focused on strength training.

Poker Accounting:

Live Cash: 6,164 / 186 hrs
Live Tourney: -870
Sports/Other: 530

Online HUSNG+MTT: 1,940

Total: 7,764
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