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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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$240 to $20K exclusively with Ignition

About me
I'm currently a college student and have been playing poker for about one year. I've found the game to be fascinating, after stumbling upon the game on Twitch -- definitely seems to be more rewarding than the League of Legends I would occasionally play. I think I'm a person who will devote lots of drive and time towards the things that I am passionate about, for the time being that is poker. I am currently still in college, but have taken a semester off as I have a reselling business that went very well during the past 6 months or so. Plan on slowing that down, and just go back to school for computer science after this semester.

Over the past 6-12 months I've played the game pretty recreationally on Ignition Casino, and my local poker room. I want to stick to online only for this challenge, because as of now I'm unable to have the bankroll to play 1/2 NL live. I have no idea on what stake is proper for me to play in, I've read no poker books other than the Grinder's Manual (which I am in the progress of reading, still on preflop text). I like the book since it's from 2016, although it's focused on 6-max NLHE games and feels slightly complicated to my taste. I did get PT4 and Ignition Card Catcher around a month ago, and I feel like it's now time to start taking this game more seriously and try to self-improve. I'm lucky to still be net positive playing poker.


I want to post this challenge to myself publically, as I feel like I currently have no accountability. I have absolutely no BRM, and I have no idea on what kind of format I'd be optimal in (cash, MTT, SnG, etc.) I've played in the $50+$5 and $150+$12 MTT's on multiple occasions before and have even scored well in the past in them ($4,500, $390, etc.), but I feel like I cannot sustainably play these MTTs at the time being even if I wanted to, given that I do regularly redeposit (sometimes even because I decide to play blackjack). I feel like $240 to $20K especially in Ignition is achievable. I'm going to reset my PT4 stats, and will also not play any Jackpot SNGs for the time being as they do not record at all for PT4, nor get detected.

For the time being though, I think I will play the $3+$0.30 Triple-Up SnGs that Ignition offers, as I feel like the play is rather beginner friendly. I know that I might get berated for the stuff I've done with poker in the past and how I've degened as well, but I plan on fixing that and want a level-headed mindset towards achieving the goal I put on myself.


-Bankroll management
-Stay in the stakes where my bankroll allows me to
-Improve in postflop play
-Finish reading "The Grinder's Manual", read more books
-Figure out what stakes/games are appropriate to play
-Self study much more and figure out my own mistakes and fix them
-Don't play blackjack/degen (lol)
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