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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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MMT bankroll challenge, smash the glass ceiling!

“Don’t aim to break the glass ceiling; aim to shatter it.”

So I deposited $100 and lost $90, so most of it - I wasn't thinking straight at the time - I was drunk and decided it was a good idea to sit down and play on the $0.50/$0.25 NL cash tables. I thought my account was hacked at first but then remembered my stupidity the night before ... but yeah before my melt down I was playing $1 tourny's with a little success and I wanna keep on that path, seeing as I've had a little success at them tourny's and all - may as well pick up I left off IMO. Besides playing in cash games deffo doesn't suit me, at all and they need to be AVOIDED at all times - as tempting as they can.

ohhhh and I'm giving up alcohol so that won't be an issue and the fact me and my partner stopped eating meat 4 weeks, not drinking alcohol won't be as big a change as you would first think - for me anyways. As for the availability of the time needed to play MTTs, as for time: apart from an 8 year old son, I'm in a wheelchair so not working a 9 to 5 job I've got plenty of time on my hands and that's why making $30 or $40 on the side playing poker is appealing to me.

Anyways I wanted to start a bankroll type challenge late last year/early this year but wasn't using bitcoin so didn't have a way of depositing at the time, being from Australia it's tricky depositing money - let alone finding a site to play at. So as of late next week I should have money in my account - have $97.78 atm, so the money that I had in my account from before my wild night is replaced. Thankfully it was $90 dollars not $900 but in saying that it shouldn't have happened regardless..... ohhh well. That said, simply put - my challenge is to go from playing $2 MTTs to playing $20 MTTs - on a regular basis. So pretty much, $100 - $1,200.

Some rules I got to follow are the following, 3 key ones to be exact ...

1.) Don't risk more 2%/3% of my bankroll (or about 40 buy-ins) on a tournament.


3.) Try to avoid turbo type MTTs in favour of MTTs with slower blind increases.
Even though this challenge won't till late next week, my son is on school holidays - I plan on keeping a record of my profit vs loss, so over time (4-8 weeks) it paints a the bigger picture of what going on plus post some key hands from the tourny's I enter, so I can get some input in whether I played it right or didn't and if so some advice into ways that might prove profitable, if I get into similar spots in the future. This I will do ... as for the MTTs I enter, I will list them as I go and my results in them/number of participants, even if it's in hindsight - more of a weekly update type thing. I'm sure doing both them things, keeping a track of my profits and my losses - plus hand analysis will deffo help me going forwards. Going over the key hands from certain tourny's I enter will make me a better player not to mention helping me in my MTT challenge.

My account:

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