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Poker Goals & Challenges Post your threads logging your travels up the poker ladder as you achieve your poker goals and dreams. "Challenges" does NOT mean prop bets, wagers, etc.

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From 10nl to 400nl or 2nl ha we'll see how things go

gonna deposit $315 soon (im from uk conversion will workout roughly that) on a few poker sites the main ones for now and try climb the stakes up to as high as i can do, being ambitious and dreaming big im aiming for 400nl

my bankroll management plan im gonna steal and use this one


basically way im reading it grind 55buyins for stake above move up
drop down if lose 5buyins and rebuild rinse and repeat rise and repeat

so my plan is to grind 55buyins in profit for stake above then then move up, eventually i will withdraw the cost of the hud and my initial deposit from account too (but not sure when but know be total $500 withdrawn at somepoint $185 on hud and roughly and my deposit $315 it will come too)

once/if i manage to actually get anywhere with this challenge if say i manage to by some miracle get to 400nl i will grind there till won 55buyins there, if i actually manage to acheive this i will of won $44000 or roughly 31'000 if i complete all steps of my challenge after this point if i get here this might be few years down the line ha (so if you were expecting some miracle time frame sorry to dissappoint im not that good a player so i imagine this may take awhile to acheive ha and for my skills to develop/improve) as this challenge seems insane as is but if i do manage to get that far i will withdraw majority of all my money from the poker sites online ill leave $10000 spread out between the accounts so 25buyins to grind 400nl in the future but basically ill take a break by this point, plop 900 (18buyins for 50nl between 3 hudless pokersites and try grind up rolls to the higher games there as i believe actions gotta be better on them sites/higher winrates possible but first need to grind the rolls out ha) and set aside 4400 (22buyins) for live casino play at 1/2nl (my main aim) that will leave me roughly 18000 in profits to do as i please with and ill still have an adequate poker roll that i can continue to grind games for life with hopefully my whole motivation for the challenge is really to be able to grind a roll big enough to be able to play live poker (i played live once and loved it also realised theres definitely money there lots of deadmoney) but yh if this challenge gets acheived eventually ill have a 65buyin roll split 25buyinshudonlinefor400nl/18buyins50nlhudlesssites/22buyinslivecasino1/2game play.

but yh motivations be able to play bankrolled for live poker (im a poor man ha/being deadly serious) hopefully i can make this challenge a success and acheive that goal.

i know my goal seems crazy and bit over the top but thought might aswell dream big.

next update with progress will be 7th Of May 2018 so about 5weeks time this isnt gonna be an everyday post kind thread sorry dissapoint more a journal of my progress through each stake, so im gonna put in the volume and work first get a decent ish sample size then post results as theres alot of short term luck in poker so i dont want to be too results orientated and if im doing daily sesh posts i will be so wanna log 160hrs play (gonna try play daily in evenings if can do) before i post anything or check anything myself hud/bank balance included (ive even hidden bb/100, won etc on my results page ha i have just hands and hours showing currently and im not even gonna look at my graph day to day ill just play these hours then ill see whats what at the end of it).

see you in 5weeks or 160hrs of play/time which ever comes first
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