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Zero to Hero. My quest to become a solid person/player. Zero to Hero. My quest to become a solid person/player.

01-16-2013 , 03:28 PM

Shipped a 6BI day yesterday over 800 hands. Avoided getting into Allins and focused on my blue line, made a couple of bluffs where I knew they couldn't call and they mostly got through so that was rad. Started running again with my HUD, but I need to go over my modules and add a few stats in. **** like c-bet % and that jazz.

Anyone got a decent cash micro HUD setup?

BR - $70
Hands - Around 2k. Will get a proper number tonight.

Gl everyone
Zero to Hero. My quest to become a solid person/player. Quote
01-22-2013 , 02:10 AM
Zero to Hero. My quest to become a solid person/player. Quote
04-03-2013 , 06:16 PM
Sooooo. I've pretty much dropped totally off the radar over the last few months. Not that anyone would have given a **** about this train wreck of a thread though! Haha

I've been doing well, not poker wise but life wise. Course last year went terrible and I just started second year, unfortunately because I shredded the first year so hard, almost nothing makes sense this year. So I've applied for a deferral until second semester, and then I'll redo the first year subjects I failed. Hopefully that goes through and I can make some money and finally get on top of this course for the first time.

I'm going to america at the start of may, so excited. The deferral period will also allow me to make a couple of k before I leave. So I can ball out when I head to America for the holiday. Which would be nice.

I think I've just accepted the fact that I am no good online. I can't record consistent wins or even focus on a game type, so I'm going to focus my efforts on my live game from now on. I'm aiming to build a 10BI roll for 1/3. At $150 a BI. (max buyin is $200, so 150 will do fine) and then build it up steadily, playing once or twice a week. I played a session the other day for the first time in months and ran $100 into $500. Was pretty happy with how I played, me and this other bloke had the table under lockdown. It was nice to have people scared haha.

Alright guys, I'm gonna try and get back into this thread, I was disheartened but my recent win has given my poker interest a breath of life.

Hope you're running well at the tables and at life. Gl
Zero to Hero. My quest to become a solid person/player. Quote
04-04-2013 , 10:06 AM
Your still alive? hit me up on Skype son.
Zero to Hero. My quest to become a solid person/player. Quote
04-25-2013 , 09:26 PM
Sup guys. Been pretty ****ing busy recently, not playing at all because I'm currently not in my home state. Working interstate for my dads business trying to save as much as I can before heading to America on Friday pretty excited to get over there, been a long time since I've been out of the country so this is gonna be a sick break.

Updates on life:
-Making money

-Deferred Uni

-Found a new love, and that is city clubbing, ****ing awesome times I'm having, ****s on local. If there are any Aussies in this thread who are keen to hit Melbourne, shout! I'm more than keen to have some big nights with 2+2ers.

Poker updates:

- So once again, I've found myself stuck in a whirlwind of confusion as to what game I want to play, I think logically the only thing that suits my time scheduele is cash. I'd love to do the MTT grind but it isn't feasible with my hours, I have until August "off", but I'm working full time to save cash, so it's not really like I have days off every two seconds.

- I have finally decided to get back in the game after a few lazy/hesitant months. And I've actually been doing a lot of forum study while I've been away, as it's one of the only things I can do in my free time. My thought process has definitely improved a lot. Ranging people a lot better and understanding ****.

- My chosen game type is 6 Max Zoom, and I'm gonna start at 10nl. I've chosen 10nl because I feel it's a good place to start, I feel as though the buyins are large enough for me to think hard over (I know it is very wrong to think softly of any buyin, regardless of size, but I'm ******ed so I'll do it my own way).

- I want to take a serious shot at this, so I'm going to be spending an hour before each session going through my database from previous sessions and posting hands in here, and in the micro stakes forum, I'll probably post two here and two there, as I can't post more than 2 there per day.

- I will be back on the grind around the 22nd of May. As I will be picking up my pc, and taking it interstate so I can grind a bit after work.

Ok guys, more to come, but I'm on break so I have to cut it short. Have a good one and gl at the tables
Zero to Hero. My quest to become a solid person/player. Quote