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01-06-2013 , 08:03 AM
Lol that guy in the blue top is a boss.
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01-06-2013 , 08:41 PM
Originally Posted by LivingOffZSun
I thought the session was starting well.... I fold both hands in the bb and sb to opens.

Next hand on button. Ep2 limps, Ep3 limps, highjack opens to 15, cut-off calls, I look down at AKoff. Sitting on 500, everyone has be covered except for the highjack who has 300. I elect to 3-bet to 65. Folds to high-jack who slowly calls 50 more(though it was obvious he was calling the whole time). cut off folds. 155-5(rake)150. Hero effective stacks are 235. Flop comes K35 rainbow. Villain bets 100. Hero calls. Pot 350. Effective stacks 135. Turn A spades giving me top two, but also putting two spades on the board. Villain takes an hour to stack his irrelevant stack into the pot. I snap, river J spades. Villain stands up and throws down his cards saying nut flush.

Villain goes on to ask me how it feels to have my aces cracked. How he knew I had aces the whole time. After stacking up his $600 pot he immediately asked a roaming floor man for a table change... Seemingly immediately uninterested in the game. Constantly getting up and walking around. Just standing away from the table doing nothing.

I got thru the first 90 minutes thinking man "I am a rock right now". I chipped back up to close to 450 over about 90 mins. Then something went wrong in my head. I sometimes do things that I know are wrong and I feel will cause negative results, but just do them anyway. Ep2(fish, mid 30's limp calls out of position, makes poorly thought out river bluffs, usually plays 1-2, came to the game with 400. Has lost a few hands to me but is still up a bit, oily red hair, oily skin, crappy shoes) limps, EP3 limps, MP3 limps, Hi-jack limps, Button limps, sb calls. I look down at 89 hearts and decide that I just want to take it down now. I raise to 55, it doesn't take long for oily ginger to call. All other enemies are vanished. Pot 140, effective stacks 395. Flop comes 833 one heart. I bet 75. Villain immediately calls. I am immediately hit with the oh **** this assh$le just limp called me with an over-pair feeling. I plan to shut it down on the turn. Turn 2h giving me two pair with a flush draw. I couldn't help myself I knew I had a pot sized bet left. I shoved, he snap called with queens. I brick river. GG sir. This villain is never folding an over-pair here. I just put in all my money on the turn for no reason. I bet If I checked he would have bet a number that I could have called. If not no big deal. Just a really bad impulsive decision. More bad plays to come.
Knowing no history on the villain, I don't hate your move there. In the right 2/5 game you can easily have A3o there trying to put off flush draws or backdoors, and his snap call indicates he excess faith in over pairs. I think you can get him back next time. Tough beats, though, sorry about the brick!
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01-06-2013 , 10:00 PM
A few hands later, 1 limper, I pick up 5d7d in mp2 raise to 30. Solid player on button calls, small blind and big blind call, limper calls. Pot 150. Flop AAJ 2 diamonds. Checks to me. I bet 75, button folds, sb shoves for 227, bb tank calls(79 behind). Pot is now 679. 152 for me to call.... I called getting better than 4-1 and only risking losing another 79 getting a 1-1 match. Turn 7, I call the 79 more, river blank. Sb turns over Jacks full of aces. BB flips over AK. Pre-flop mistakes lead to atrocious post flop results. Was left with 148. Took a small break.

When I got back to the table I was ready to gamble. Playing short stacks is a ton of fun IMO. Over about an hr I turned the 148 into 355 when my final hand when down. 3 limpers. I look down at 107off otb. I limp... Sb calls. BB, older seemingly pretty loose passive makes it 25 in the bb. First limper folds. Everyone else calls. Pot 130. Flop 8s6h4s. Sb checks, Bb checks, oily red head, has been wanting to pick up his $800 off the table for the past two rotations. He has $500 red in the racks and the rest in uneven stacks in front of him. Bets 75. Guy to my right folds. I insta-shove 330 at 203. Sb folds. BB goes into the tank........ are you kidding me dude? What do u have I'm thinking. He takes 330 to the face. He now has 250 more behind. Oily red head. Now huffs and puffs for over a minute then calls. Ok, let's gamble for 1100. Turn Jh, river Qh. BB flips over AJ spades. Oily red head flips over nines as if he just took the bad beat of a life time. I am talking to myself under my breath or in my mind, muck my cards. Leave.

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01-08-2013 , 01:04 AM
Wine+thc+weight+food+reading+wine+thc=mess I should probably reset my goals every 3 days. The smaller the goals the better. Bank, move on.
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01-08-2013 , 01:53 AM
Originally Posted by LivingOffZSun
.... Large Big Mac Deal, you just blew my mind. I had never heard of variance before. I asked my sister about it and she said, "google it silly", I did. WOW, so basically it said that there is a measure of luck within this game that prevents me from earning my exact EV every time I play.

Now that I understand variance, I now know how silly it is to create hypothetically obtainable goals within manageable time frames. Thanks for the perspective.
LoL. What an insecure response.

I think my point was valid. I'm not sure why you felt the need to be such a ****.

I just think setting a goal to put in X hours while putting yourself in the best position to play your A-game would be more beneficial. The standard deviation in live poker is a lot higher than what I believe you think it is.

Would you set a $ goal for a single session? Setting a $ goal for 100 hours isn't much better.
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01-09-2013 , 01:22 AM

Meaningless Mini Goals:

1. Take Escrow on 3 walks
2. Set up white board.
3. Read 40 pages in each of 3 different books.
4. No thc from now until Sunday.
5. Laundry

Zero poker goals this week. The books are poker centric, but not all poker books. Having short term, as in nightly or weekly $$$ goals would be insane, but monthly targets can be a helpful motivational tool.


37.5hrs +3655

I am shortening my mini goals reset from 7 days to 3-4 days. New mini goals will be set on: 1/13/12

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01-10-2013 , 07:48 AM
5 hrs -500
42.5 hrs +3155

Played super snug for 5 hours. Made a bluff that should have worked, but somehow didn't. I lose, GG.

I thought I was going to cruise past 5k without even knowing it was there, but apparently I am going to have to grind. I'm happy with my game and the direction it is heading. Instead of popping a re-buy at 6am, I will hit the books.
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01-13-2013 , 08:40 AM

No poker. Drinking in the city, somehow walked into a pretty hairy situation, took a video. Guy in red sweater draws a gun, fake, real, idk. Gets tased and runs through it for a while. "Villain" drops about 75ft into the lot. Great night.

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01-14-2013 , 10:19 AM
Goal for the week:

1) Either drive to Miami or come to terms with finishing out the 2-5 challenge in the NE by Thursday 1/17/12.

Jman said it's never that bad to not play. I haven't felt the desire, so I haven't forced it. Played a short 1-2 session on Friday night, but it was born of socializing with a flower not the desire to grind poker. Hand from small session:

I found it to be a tough spot because I can't think of worse hands that will call a re-raise, yet I could be against all kinds of draws.

Eating semi-well, working out, not reading nearly as much as I should be.

I should pack for a couple week trip and hit the road. My desire to do anything right now is minimal. I am sure changing the scenery will pump life back into my system.

"If you're happy, happy things will happen to you." Bernie Parent
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01-18-2013 , 10:41 PM



Can I please stop doing this. In everything, within my entire life. Win, lose back half. Win, lose back half. Win, lose back half. Terribad.

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01-18-2013 , 11:11 PM
2hrs -500
44.5hrs +2655

Going into the city. More drunken videos of black men waving guns to come.
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01-22-2013 , 06:27 PM

Feeling positive, energized, and resilient. No more brags. No more beats. Attempting to keep my emotions in a tight range. Hoping to be doing a bit of this to my opponents: Get perpendicular, forearm across the neck, other arm up the ass, DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE!!!!

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01-22-2013 , 06:31 PM
Originally Posted by LivingOffZSun
4.5 hrs +1101
17.5 hrs +1256

Winning feels exponentially better than losing.

"Suck it Trebek!"

When winning feels like nothing, and playing poorly torments you, then and only then is when you are improving.
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01-23-2013 , 04:45 AM
4.5hrs -500
49hrs +2155

This is now the second out of my last 3 sessions where I got to a point where I said to myself I should probably wrap up a win. I refused to listen to my inner self and paid the obvious price. 4 losing sessions in a row now. Gross, should have wrapped up over a buy-in of strange money. I did not.
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01-23-2013 , 05:52 AM

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01-28-2013 , 02:13 AM
9hrs +164

Was stuck 1500 up front getting 5 outed on the river twice, then shoved a Royal flush draw into a set on the flop and whiffed. Took a walk, found a new table ground back a stack. This was Thursday night. I don't know that I have ever felt better leaving a poker room in my entire life.

6hrs + 150

Lost my first buy-in being a total bad ass. Getting called by a ******, still having 42% equity and losing. Re-bought battled back. Got HUNGREY and left.

7hrs +1583

Was a soulless assassin.

Totals: 71 hrs +4,052

On my way back into town I stopped at base to meet up for food and drinks with fellow oxygen fiends. Took this video of drunken idiot getting creative with the escalator.

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01-29-2013 , 05:46 PM
"The queen ain't no bitch, she got all the moves."

I'm over this thread. I don't need to be posting my hours/results. Having any goal outside of playing every hand to the best of my abilities is juvenile.

I have an undying fire underneath me. I want to get myself to 5-10 and never look back. There is much work to be done. This thread is history. ///
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01-31-2013 , 11:39 AM

did OP fail?
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02-01-2013 , 07:21 AM
For completeness:

5hrs +166
2hrs before midnight +376

Totals 78hrs +$4,594

Did OP fail?

Sure, though in retrospect I would not have played more hours. Quality over quantity, imo. Perhaps I can gradually increase my hours, but I'm not going to do it unless I genuinely have the urge to play more hours. Any time I force myself to play the results are terrible. I play when I want to play. When I want to play, I win.
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03-01-2013 , 05:13 PM
I found that I harvested a fair amount of motivation thru this thread so I have decided to resume posting in it.

Ok, February is in the past. I hibernated thru the month. 5 sessions, 4 wins in cash games, 1 final table at Delaware Park. I mostly smoked a bunch of weed and hung out in the city. Not losing and city life definitely further enabled my laziness. The final table I made was extra sweet because I showed up to a 9am sat. Turned $35 into a $200 ticket then came 9th out of 200 entrants for like 950(so close to real money, blecc).

1 big change as far a goals go. I will no longer have an earnings target. I think having a $$$ goal stunts my earning potential. If I get close to the goal I clam up. I also think that somehow subconsciously I disallow myself from hitting big scores. In a way these inner $$$ goals actually prevent me from succeeding, or at least put a ceiling on my success.

This March is a great month to grind. There are 5 full weekends to exploit. The worst of the winter in most likely behind us. Now is the time to put it in second gear and start grinding toward the target.

After making right around 6k thru the period that I was previously posting on this thread I decided to do something ground breaking for me. SAVE. I took 5k in cash dressed it up in bands and put it in a box. I have also been saving every 1 and 5 dollar bill that I receive in change. Since I spend almost exclusively with cash this method of savings is accruing $$$ quickly. Though the money I have been saving is not going be life changing the act of recognizing the value of $1 and its power in numbers adds a sense of awareness to all my actions as a player. I am beginning to recognize how tiny leaks turn into gaping rivers, when allowed to gush over long periods of time.

Goal: Grind a steady schedule of poker rooms. Glide thru the world on my own terms.

Mini Goals:

Earn a tournament cash that will hit Hendon Mob.
Earn a free weekend room at Revel
Eat at Waffle House
Eat KingFish's Porterhouse steak in Charles town
Eat at Zaxby's
Eat at Carmines, in the Trop.
Go out in NYC with Roman
Set up a new tire swing in woods with old tires
Find and eat Dominican food in Philadelphia
Eat like a machine-for the purpose of the machine
Take pictures
Read a strategy book on Chess
Change the circuits in the Audi(enable radar detector)
Juggle flowers

Each and every one of these mini goals will effect the manor in which I approach the game of poker. So in many ways me enjoying myself and doing things other than poker is more positive EV than spending an afternoon reading books or watching strategy videos online. I should really remove the Hendon Mob goal, but I'm leaving it there to encourage myself to play events that qualify. I am 0/5 lifetime, in traceable events.

Velociraptors ITT.
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03-12-2013 , 09:45 PM
"If you will it, it is no dream"

My existence is no a dream. It is a display of my will. Right now I am in the position I am in because I did not have the will for anything greater. This life that I am living is my will. I have dreamed of something greater, but I have not displayed the will to get there. I desire, but I do not will.

Poker is a strategic battle of wills. Those who desire will not be the last standing. 0/6

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03-17-2013 , 12:38 PM
I am going to account for the month of March.

Played 1-2 at Parx on Saturday the second. +87

Office on Sunday the third.

Booked Hotel room at Showboat in Ac for tues-fri morning on monday the forth.

Drove to Ac on Tuesday afternoon. With plans of playing the WSOP Circuit 6-max at Caesars on Wed.

Checked in around 6pm. Paid the desk $20 for an upgraded room in the bourbon tower in a high floor so I could see the Ocean.


I was starving so the first order of business was driving to the Trop to obtain Carmines. Carmines was packed to I got everything to go. I walked thru the poker room/casino to burn time while waiting for the food. Took this pic on the boardwalk.

Walked back to Carmines picked up food. Headed back to Showboat.


I eat like a king. Stashed all the food along with Milk I picked up at 7/11 in the fridge.

Watched television, smoked a bowl or a few bowls. Felt ready to serge thru a field in the am.

The ocean was super rough in the morning. Woke up alert and energized. Amped to get the button 1/6 hands.

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03-17-2013 , 01:05 PM
Registered at 12pm and was on one of the added tables which was fine by me as we played 4 handed for the first 45 minutes. I turned my 10k stack into 30k at the first table by imo owning my opponents in position. My memory is faded in regards to the time of my table break, but what occured blew. I went from being the table monster with 165 people left out of 300, to a table with 3 people to my left with more chips than me 1 of them was the only kid in the field I had no interest playing with. I thought he was grime rat, but apparently I don't know who grime rat is. Either way I've seen the kid in a bunch of spots and I was unhappy to draw his table.

Some time passes and we are in the last hand the 250-500 level. I dont remember what the ante was. The one easy target at the table is an older man who has about 20k in chips. I have 40k starting the hand. Grime rat(not grime rat) folds in first position. Fish opens to 850(impossible raise, but this is what happened. Guy to my right folds. I look down at 34 hearts and happily call on the button. Blinds fold(thats right BB who has me covered folds for 350). Flop comes K high all hearts. Villain bets 2k, hero raises to 5k, Villain ships after a short think. Hero snaps. Villain shows AA with a heart. Turn blank, river 8h. NH sir.

Next hand levels go to 600-1200, then i realize the absurdity of the pre flop bet sizing from the previous hand, sigh, moving on. Some time later it is just before the dinner break. The board reads 70/294 remaining. I shove 10 10 with 18k at the 800-1600 level. Moron who previously folded BB for 350, hollywoods then asks me if I wanted to leave before dinner break before putting out a call on the Button with Kings. Way to go sir. NH GG
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03-17-2013 , 01:29 PM

Ac went down hill from there. I ended up losing $200 playing cash are Revel which still baffles me, but it is what it is. Ac never brings out the best in me. Spending 3 days on the boardwalk put me in a terrible state of mind.

I went for a long run on Thursday night. Was witness to a large amount of drunken people around Caesars. Pushed on until the trop than ran back. I entered the ****ty part of town for some excitement. A little south of Resorts on the way back. Took two pictures on the run. Atlantic City is pretty.

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