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06-27-2013 , 09:29 AM

hehehe yeah, weather was just ridic but way better than the bs weather we have here now... (rain)

tyty, def dece session and maybe we can review sone runs of it once we finally finish your review wrt to the 11 FO, arent you too balla now to claim that MTT yours
06-27-2013 , 01:19 PM
I didnt have the time so far to grind this week as I am too busy fam stuff, hanging out with friends/gf and uni. At least I watched a ton of training vids which is good. Unfortunately I have to no time to grind tmr as well... even I have to get up earlier than normal tmr I am considering to #yolo a night session anyway. But not sure yet, maybe I will just watch a few more vids before I hit the hay.

Anyways, now it is time for my famous texas chilli
07-01-2013 , 07:26 AM
Update #35: June Recap

Ok, time for a quick June recap. Didnt put in a night session on Thu bc I was just too tired after dinner. There was a bday party on Fri which meant I didnt grind on that day as well and spend most of Sat with a hangover but I put in a 8 hr (!) review session with blakk which was just awesome. I missed the #SundayFunday yday, too

Anyways, graph for June on Stars (180s + MTTs), $7 ABI, ~58hrs played

+ ~$25 rewards
- $246 Turbo HUSNGs on FTP

So overall close to a break even month.

Unfortunately I didnt run good at the top part of my buy-in range in MTTs and didnt run that hot in the rest of it when it matters with 3 FTs but only 2x 6th and 1x 7th besides some F2T/F3T bust outs.

At least I spent a lot of time with studying (about 30 hrs in total I guess) and improved quite a bit imo.

I will def play more in July, only two weeks of uni left and then I will put my nose to the grindstone.

Goals for July:

[ ] 120 hrs+ played
[ ] 750 games+ played
[ ] make a push for GoldStar if possible
[ ] 20hrs + theory

That's all for now, gla!
07-04-2013 , 11:34 PM
Update #36

First session after almost two weeks and bricked pretty much everything. Finished 10th in the $27 Progressive Super KO after a pretty bad play on my part. So that was very disappointing. Also a 23rd in the 3r 3k in my last game to finish my session.

Bsides that I have also an acc on .fr now. Played three MM events but bricked them all pretty early. I will continue to grind as many MM events as possbile there bc of the sick value they have. Deposited 300€ for the first depsoit bonus so I will make sure to clear that as well.

Tmr is a day off from poker bc gf is out of town over the weekend so I will spend some time with her before she leaves.
07-08-2013 , 12:03 AM
Update #37

Just finished my super gruelling Sunday Session. After bricking everything for the first 8 hours I started to build some nice stacks at the end of my session but nothing panned out. In my very last four games I finished:

24th 8 [500 Cap] 2k (KJ<JJ bvb)
19th 5q 17.5k (A6s<AA bvb)
26th 4 8-max [1,000 Cap] 1k (AJ<AK BB vs BTN)
19th 11 7.5k (AK<KQ, JJ<KK)

So yeah, pretty brutal way to end a 12 hr long session but what can you do.

Monthly Progress:

21 / 120 hrs+ played
80 / 750 games+ played
274 / 2,500 VPPs
4/ 20hrs + theory