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01-20-2013 , 07:13 PM
Update #10

OK, that wasnt very funny at all today. I just briked more or less everything (including the Mini-FTOPS ME) while playing a ridic high value schedule. My downswing just reached a new peak today (about 3.5k now) and for the first time I am four figures into MU on my backing deal which rly sucks bc I wasnt rly in MU the whole time before the start of this week.

Anyway, I will post a weekly graph tomorrow.
01-21-2013 , 10:15 AM
Update #11: Week 3

So that was a funny week.... not

Happy with my volume tho but I slacked a bit with the studying part.

weekly goals for week 2:

[x] 350 games
[ ] 10 hours theory
just got about 3.5 hrs in

Goals for this week:

[ ] 300 games
[ ] 10 hours theory

thanks for reading and gla!
01-21-2013 , 10:25 AM
tyty, where in Malta do you live?
St Julians obv
01-21-2013 , 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by DonBartos
St Julians obv
obv, seems like I every poker player lives there so sorry for my n00b question

BTW sick run you have atm, keep it going!
01-23-2013 , 11:37 AM
SO finally I drop in for a GLGL!

Was following your other threads aswell and hope you now found a format which fits you and you will stay with!
01-25-2013 , 05:19 PM

My last threads just failed for different reasons but yeah, I will def stick with the format That being said I really enjoyed hyper HUSNGs and without the backing offer I got in November I would def still play them.


Update #12

Not rly a lot to update tbh but I thought I could give a short update before the weekend starts anyway.

I just played one single session so far this entire week which was on Wed for a solid 100 bucks profit at the 2.5/180 I think I will not reach my weekly volume goal this time bc the whole weekend will be more or less complete packed with creating that presentation for Thursday.

weekly progress:

75 / 300 games
3 / 10 hours theory

I am happy that Stars moved the 3r/180 back to the MTT lobby for now and I hope all 180s will stay in the MTT lobby for the foreseeable future. I am also hoping that Stars will not complete mess up with the new payout structure and who knows, maybe that change will lead to an increased popularity of 180s (ie more fish and higher possible ROIs) but I am not complete sold on this for now.

As always thanks for reading and gl at the tables!
02-01-2013 , 07:47 AM
Update #13: January Review

Alright that presentation for uni was a much bigger undertaking than expected and in the end it didnt even work out like planned. Sigh, w/e I guess, just two more weeks and than it is time for semester break.

Anyway, January wasnt too much fun overall. At the start it looked like my downswing finally stopped with the start of a new year but instead it hit a new peak of ~$3.6k (about 400 ABI). At least it is somewhat positive that I am "only" ~1k in MU but bills are piling up irl so there is def some decent pressure to make some money sooner rather than later.

Goals for January were:

[ ] 1k games

Nope, but still happy with the volume as I just played 15 days the whole month after I didnt play the last 8 days of the month at all. So in a more "normal" month I had def crushed that goal with no doubt

[ ] Platin Star

Just 1.8k VPPs so not even close lol but I will not stress myself too much with VPP targets for now

[ ] clear the rest of the reload bonus on FTP

Nah, I didnt rly play a lot on FTP anymore because both their schedule and the overall game quality is so bad that I dont rly bother playing there atm

[ ] 42 hours theory

I just got 18 hours theory in but that okay because I learned a lot this month for sure

So without further ado my graph:

Targets for February:

[ ] 1k games
[ ] 42 hours theory

Thats all for now
02-01-2013 , 09:51 PM
Update #14

First session after my 8 days break and it felt good to be back. Unfortunately my hiatus from the grind didnt equal in some run good (or just "normal" run for that matter).

I had 4 FT and finished 2nd (A8o<A6s for the win, then A3o into A8o), 3rd (A4s<K6o), 6th (KK<AJs for 2/6) and 4th (was 1/4, then 33<KQs bvb for the dominating CL, then AKo<AJs for the CL again). Besides that I had 7 min cashes as well. FWIW I ran 370k chips below EV but at least I got 120 games in
02-03-2013 , 08:19 PM
I should have mention that I talked about 2.5/180 but w/e

Update #15

Alright, I took Sautrday off from poker (was just mega lazy) and today (Sunday) I just played very few high value MTTs on stars today (Bigger 8, 22, 11 and Hotter 16.50, 11) and besides that just 2.5/180. I min cashed the Bigger 11 and pretty much stone cold bubbled the Bigger 8 and that was about it.

180s were mega frustrating again with 2x 2nd both times against hughe droolers who pretty much just god moded me, a 3rd (K3<J7 bvb), a 4th (iso shove JJ and CL behind me wakes up with AA), a 5th (was 1/5 but make a questionable r/c with AKs for 50% of chips in play), another 5th (A7<K6 for CL, KK<A9s for CL again vs same guy), yet another 5th (33<A8o bvb) and a 9th as well as 5 min cashes and 5 bubbles.

I will prolly just take tomorrow off from poker and chill. We will see.
02-04-2013 , 07:30 AM
Originally Posted by G00dkat96
Gl man !

Stats for the 2s MTD

Targets for this week:

[ ] 500 games
[ ] 10 hours theory

I decided to not go to uni today so maybe I will just grind a bit instead
02-06-2013 , 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by ready 2 win
I decided to not go to uni today so maybe I will just grind a bit instead
LOL, obv didnt happen

At least I put in a lot of studying time since Monday so I was not complete lazy. The original plan for today was to grind a lot but that was before I realized that the Germany vs France match is this evening. Even it is just an exhibition match it is still a classic so I am not wanna miss it. So instead of grinding I will cook myself a nice meal and have a few beers while watching the game.

Back on the grind tomorrow.
02-09-2013 , 05:02 PM
Update #16

Ok, time for another quick update. Thursday was a super fail volume wise with just a quick 40 games session but I just didnt feel it and played some Halo 4 instead.

Yesterday (Friday) was supposed to be a 150 games + day but I cut down my table count from 16 to 12 because 1) My play felt a bit subpar / kinda rushed 2) I made a load of deep runs and wanted to focus on them.

So I just got in 100 games but the result made up for that

It was a pretty nice run with 15 FTs even I ran pretty bad overall on FTs (2x9, 2x8, 2x7, 3x6, 2x5, 1x4, 1x3, 2x2). So yeah, would have been nice to just close out just one FT but you cant have it all I guess

Today is just a theory day so I review a ton of spots from yesterday.

Weekly Progress:

140 / 500 games
9.5 / 10 hours theory

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02-11-2013 , 01:59 PM
Update #17: Week 6

Yesterday was another theory day so volume wise last week was super meh. This is a bit suprising to me bc my gf was out of town of a few days so I had a lot more time to grind than usually. However I didnt rly feel too much like grinding mainly bc my energy level was super low the whole week for w/e reasons.

Anyway, at least I was not complete lazy and worked a lot on my game.

Graph (2.5/180s)

Weekly Targets:

[ ] 500 games (140)
[x] 10 hours theory (14)

The plan for this week is to grind more again and to reduce the theory time a bit.

[ ] 400 games
[ ] 7 hours theory

It will be interesting to see what impact the new payouts (BTW my proposal ) will have on the 180s.

No poker for me today as I just cooked dinner and after that it is time for the city derby.
02-12-2013 , 01:25 AM
Nice job putting in the study hours. Definitely something a lot of people don't do enough of (myself included). So you're playing mostly 180s now? Then just throwing in MTT's on Sunday's?
02-12-2013 , 02:15 PM
Originally Posted by Revis Island
Nice job putting in the study hours. Definitely something a lot of people don't do enough of (myself included). So you're playing mostly 180s now? Then just throwing in MTT's on Sunday's?
Thx, just let hope all those study hours will result into smth

Yeah, I play a lot of 180s atm because 1) you can plan your sessions a lot easier compared to MTTs 2) to reduce variance and grind my way out of MU. As for MTTs I am not complete sure but yeah, I will prolly throwing some in on Sundays but will def play them more once my results are back on track.

Thanks that you chime in ITT bud
02-16-2013 , 03:05 PM
Update #18

Ugh, just got a 130 games session in at the 2.5/180 and I finished 4x 3rd and even I ran rly rly bad the whole day I still somehow only lost ~20BI. That feels almost like a win these days tbh. February has been pretty ****ty so far but there is still some hope left for somekind of turn around.

This Week:

Weekly Progress:

330 / 400 games
4.75 / 7 hours theory

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02-19-2013 , 05:35 AM
Update #19: Week 7

Alright, I didnt grind on Sunday so I ended the week with the numbers above. I am not too unhappy with the amount of games I put in bc I only played 2.5 sessions last week so that is fine in my book. Anyway, a Sunday off cant hurt imo given the fact I have now Semester break which means I have a lot of time of grinding

Even I have a my fair share of uni homework to do over the next ~6 weeks I rly need to step up my game and volume to make finally some progress in this challenge. So yeah, the next few weeks will be pretty crucial for me.

Graph for last week:

Weekly Targets:

[ ] 600 games
[ ] 10 hours theory

Non-Poker Goals:

[ ] Finish the first homework for uni before deadline (Friday)
02-19-2013 , 05:55 PM
Played a lot with you like a week ago, felt like u owned me. Pbb just CD-variance though
02-20-2013 , 01:48 PM
Haha nah, it was prolly the former jk, I hope I did nothing too stupid against you and cya at the tables


Update #20

Alright, I am already done for today so I might as well give a quick update.

I grinded a bit yday (100 games) but had a pretty bad headach the whole day so I finished my session a bit earlier than planned. Not a lot to report poker-wise as I ended about break even for the day.

Today was also just a quick 100 games day but I just couldnt bring myself to reg anymore after 4 hrs into a session so I just called it a day. Results were OKish today but they could have been better for sure with 2x 3rd and 2x 2nd. The most annoying thing was the first 2nd I got today because it was against a complete whale who god moded me with 50k chips vs mine 200k chips but w/e.

So yeah, I am still chugging along even I am running a ton under EV this month so far. But anyway, one thing I recently changed is my table layout as I switched from 12-16 tables tiled to 20 tables stacked. I am feeling OK with the amount of tables I am playing atm but I am maybe do a session or two with just 16 tables stacked to see how that goes.

This Week:

Weekly Progress:

[ ] 600 games played (200)
[ ] 10 hour theory (1)

OK, that is already way too TL;DR so I am gonna peace out now for dinner and maybe some reviewing and than it is time for Schalke vs Galatasaray. I am by no means a Schalke supporter but I have nothing else do this evening and you have to support those teams from your home country in the Champions League, right?

02-20-2013 , 02:23 PM
Good to see you're putting an effort into this - I see you a lot at my tables.
Regarding how to set up your tables, I think you'll love stacking. I, personally, tiled earlier and 20 tables could sometimes be a little too much. Now I'm grinding 26 tables without any problems while stacking and I'll never leave stacking again. GL at the tables!
02-21-2013 , 03:30 PM
Thank you, what is your SN if you dont mind asking or otherwise PM me if you want. Yeah, stacking has gone great so far and I rly like it.


Update #21

Today started super brutal again but at the end of my session I finally got some heat to turn that day into a pretty awesome one. Lets hope that will continue for a bit longer


Weekly Progress:

[ ] 600 games played (320)
[ ] 10 hour theory (1.5)
02-23-2013 , 04:04 PM
Update #22

No poker for me yesterday as I needed to write that homework for uni and that took the whole day until 2AM on Saturday.... obv complete my fault to wait until the very last minute with that but w/e

After I talked to a lot of regs as well as to one of my backers about my current situation I cam to the conclusion that grinding 2/180 for so long is just me burning tons of equity. So today I did a short session of 3r and 8 180s to get back into my normal games. But it wasnt mean to be with 2x 4th and a FT bubble in 8s and just pure bad run in every 3r I got deep in.


Weekly Progress:

[ ] 600 games played (370)
[ ] 10 hour theory (5.25)
02-23-2013 , 09:23 PM
Update #22 Part Deux

OK, after cooling down and having dinner I decided to reg for another two hours as I was just bored as **** anyway.

And I am happy to announce that I got rostucko for the day I shipped a 8s and got 3rd in another one. The 3rd was rly tilting as I had the feeling that the other two guys cheated on me but maybe they were rly just that bad idk. Obv still ran like dog **** in 3r up to a point where I dont have the desire to reg another one lol.

Anyway, final graph for today (Saturday)

03-01-2013 , 08:53 AM
Update #23: February Review

Alright, it is time to wrap of the month of February. I started the month with the plan to grind 2.5/180s only in order to clear MU or at least a part of it (about ~1.1k at the start of February). Unfortunately I ran a lot under expectation in them overall. After some discussion with some fellow grinders I realized how much equity I am burning with just playing the 2.5s so I moved back to 3r and 8s.

That being that I didnt play a lot since I made that move last Saturday. I was in a pretty bad mood not about poker but about life in general the last few days and did more or less pretty much nothing.

Anyway, here is my graph for last month with a ~$11 ABI for the 3r (90% of the volume is in 2.5). It doesnt include the five MTTs I played last month (-$41 in total). So I finished the month up $305.

One the one hand I am somewhat satisfied with my volume as I grinded more than my target for the month was but on the other hand it could have been way better without the slacking / better time managment. Even I fall a bit short on the theory side I am still OK with that.

Target for February:

[x] 1k games (1199)
[ ] 42 hours theory (34)

Anyhow, March must be a break through month for me. Money irl is still super tight and I def cant afford to have another month where I make about $4/hr. So no more excuses as I have to sit down on my ass and grind this month.

Targets for this month:

[ ] 140 hrs played
[ ] 1.8k games
[ ] 20 hours theory

I will continue to play 180s for the most part I think but with the up coming Micro Millions I will also play a few more MTTs again, too.

On top of that I have to write at least one homework (~10 pages) for uni so March will be pretty busy for me and I have to manage my time a lot better than I usual do.

That post is already way too TL;DR so I will do some errands before I get on the grind for today. Tomorrow is my bday so that will be a day off. Then on Sunday I will play the 7A Sunday Million. #OneTime

That's about it, thanks for reading and gla in March!
03-03-2013 , 12:50 PM
I had a super laxed bday yday and now I just started the grind for today. This is the first (at least halfway) proper MTT session I do in a while. Obv the 7A Sunday Million is the complete highlight for today.

Last year I had my biggest score the very Sunday after my bday so who knows what this Sunday will bring

On a side note I finished in the 6A Sunday Million last year at 5xx / 33k+ after I lost a hughe flip for 1.5x avg stack so it would be neat to make a deeper finish this time.

gla! #SundayFunday #OneTime