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Some Goals and a Dream Some Goals and a Dream

06-10-2010 , 12:17 AM
About me: I am a 20 yr old full time player. I started playing poker with friends when i was 13, and started to become a winner when i found and joined these forums (2 yrs ago).

Before 6 months ago i was a fairly low volume player, and while i was getting better i wasn't putting that much effort into my game. Over the past few months i have been speaking alot to some very good players (Risk2dupside, brad2002tj, EeeTee2008, p3rc4) and working on getting alot better.

I have also started using a hud more often, about a month ago, and within the last 3months (with 2 months of actual play) i have managed to play nearly 2500 180's+ (about 50/50 mtts/180's). My goals for the summer are 4k games played, and for the year i plan on making top 200 in the stars TLB so i may qualify for some cool freerolls. I am currently ranked 1538, i have never been in the top 1000 for monthly, much-less yearly.

The Poker Goals: I am backed by a professional player and was just recently moved up. I will now be running a 15-30$ abi (goal is 20-25) and my goal is to have a 15-25% roi over my volume during the summer. I will also be playing the sunday million every sunday that i play. I would like to have at least 1 deep run in it this year.

Become a winnar on ftp!

Platinum star this summer, supernova by the end of 2011.

Win the prop bet that i will be running.

I have made many deep runs in large field 11's, 22's, 55's, 109's, 200's, 11r's, 3r's, 5's, ect ect without ever making a final table (like prolly 20+ top 18's), thus one of my other goals will be my first win in a large feild 11$+ and hopefully by the end of the yr i'll have my first 5 figure score.

Coaching goals: obtain more students (currently have 6, i charge 15$ an hour and all of my students have greatly improved results) and gain the respect and reputation i need so i may charge more and have more of a demand for my coaching abilities. With more coaching i will be able to pay rent and bills more easily without having to worry about variance.

I also plan on giving daily updates to some degree and will be posting some fun/interesting hands.

LIfe Goals: I plan on waking up every day at 8am, working out for 1 hour, cleaning up and eating then starting my sessions at 10am for every day but sunday, which i will sleep an extra hour.

I am currently paying my own rent/bills and living on my own and i just moved to a new place near Milwaukee to be closer to my boyfriend. I currently have no friends in the area but i do have lots of family, i plan on taking at least 1 day off a week but nor more then 2. I need to find some friends in the area and have some form of active life outside of poker and my BF/fam.

I also need to start working on my novel more, it'll never get finished at the rate im working on it. So i plan on dedicating 4 hours a week to writing.

The Dream: By the time im 25 i desire to be a Pokerstars Pro, a published author, and have a nationally selling novel.

My Current Stats:

180s: PROTENTlALmn 2,373 $1 $3 26% $2,402 Tilt N/A PokerStars E>=180 SNG Only x

SNGs overall: PROTENTlALmn 3,860 $1 $3 26% $3,288 Tilt 72 PokerStars SNG Only x

PROTENTIAL 606 $0 $5 -8% -$257 - 53 FullTilt SNG Only x


PROTENTlALmn 1,762 $2 $10 65% $3,078 - 76 PokerStars Sch. Only x

PROTENTIAL 1,028 -$1 $9 24% -$963 - 62 FullTilt Sch. Only x

I also have about 4k in profits on the cake network, and another 1k or so on UB. I no longer play on either of those sites tho.


Stars MTTs

Stars SNGs



Thanks for reading, good luck to all of you at the tables.

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06-10-2010 , 12:42 AM
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06-10-2010 , 12:44 AM
You're an awesome player, and a better coach. I see big things coming this summer, good luck.
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06-10-2010 , 02:45 AM
GL! All you Pooh bahs are experts so as long as you do enough volume you should make nice $$$$ =)
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06-10-2010 , 05:26 AM
Good luck! But it seems you should stay away from FTP
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06-11-2010 , 01:43 AM
This latest DS has been so brutal. i lost so many massive pots ahead today, dropped like 600$ (currently in a 3k downswing with like a 13$ abi over like 800 games).

The variance in mtts is beyond sick. Just been soul crushing. The money dosn't matter much, as either way i have enough to live off of until the end of the yr (and will be making $$ from coaching and fpps), but the variance can be so soul crushing and tilt inducing that idk if mtts are worth my time. I know i am a very skilled mtter, but i have been considering taking what i have learned in mtts to becoming a sick cash player. i've been told by some very good players that i should consider switiching, especially as even in something like 50nl u can easily make over 50$/hr. And in 200nl if ur any goot u can make 100-200k a yr.

The problem is that with what i have put into mtts and how good i have become i desire to prove myself to others that i am a good mtter and to myself.

i will still be playing alot of huge mtt/180 volume this summer. However by the end of the summer i desire to be a proficient 100nl player and by then start of jan 2011 i plan on being a good 200nl reg so i may make a run at SNE.
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06-11-2010 , 09:03 PM
today so far i have a 13th in the 22$ 12k a 80th or so in the 55$ 90k, a 40th in the 55$ 40k, a 100th in the 11r after AK<KJ for 100bb aipf. I built up a nice stack i nthe 22c and just nearing the money soul stomped 2 regs with K9 and obv lost to both K8 and Q9. currently 9/33 in the 11$ deepstack... so hopin for my first + day in a very long time.
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06-11-2010 , 09:53 PM

Hope to see you FT this $11 It might be tough becoming a good cash player as well as keeping up with mtts, but I look forward to following your progress. Also, you can make $50 an hour at 50nl??
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06-11-2010 , 10:33 PM
Goodluck with everything, I hope to be in your shoes in a few years.

But, by the way, I live "near" Milwaukee(about 40miles north), if you know any good home games around let me know!
I also might look into your coaching once I have money for it.
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06-11-2010 , 11:48 PM
11th in the deep stack. 12 hour day...another joke. idk why i bother to play mtts. i am far better then most good regs, i play more volume then most regs and i cant FT an 11$.... while the most random ******ed fish ever constantl;y have 100-300k weeks. such a joke. srsly debating Quitting mtts.
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06-11-2010 , 11:52 PM
Originally Posted by Duncelanas

Hope to see you FT this $11 It might be tough becoming a good cash player as well as keeping up with mtts, but I look forward to following your progress. Also, you can make $50 an hour at 50nl??
if u 24 table 50nl playing mostly 40-100bb tables a 2-4ptbb/100 is std for a good reg. thats 4-8bb's per 100 hands, or 2-4$/100 hands. 24 tabling thats 1750 hands an hour or 35-70$ an hour. You will also make about 15-20$ an hour in FPP's/worth in bonuses. so if ur 16 tabling and playing 1200 hands an hour.... thats 24-50$ an hour +10-15$ an hour in fpps. or 35-65$/hr.

At 1-2. if u can BE and play 50 hours a week 14 tabling u'll make 158k in bonsuses from sne. 50x52= 2500 hours or 60$/hr. if u run at .5ptbb u'd make an extra 25$/hr.
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06-12-2010 , 02:42 AM
Its possible to get SNE at 50NL but u have to play like 9hr days, prob be better to move up to 100NL and try it

I'd play SNGs if I was in your position
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06-12-2010 , 05:38 AM
Originally Posted by Protential
The Dream: By the time im 25 i desire to be a Pokerstars Pro, a published author, and have a nationally selling novel.
Awesome goal! It's always good to know what direction you are heading in. If you don't make your dreams happen then they never will. Wish you all the best and look forward to your updates...
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06-13-2010 , 10:59 PM
played a preety big sunday schedule that included 3 200's, 4 109-160's, 4 55's, and 10-15 22's+ not to mention many 1r's up to 22's. Had my first ever cash in the milly (8th try, took 800th after i 4bet shoved 10-8 into KK then had 99<QQ). Still running some stuff, itm in a 22$ 6max and trying to bring home a +day. would be nice.

Decided to keep playing mtts full time no matter what occurs and to just try to become one of the most respected and feared mtt-ers alive.
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06-14-2010 , 04:28 AM
How did Sunday end up?
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06-14-2010 , 04:34 AM
full tilt is obviuosly rigged man, don't even try to become a winner there becouse all ev has durr and good2cu
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06-15-2010 , 01:01 AM
sunday ended badly. one of my students won the 1r and took 3rd in the 55$ 300k and a friend of mine ft'd the ftp 750k. so it wasn't a horrible sunday. i earned back the money i lost sunday today i won a 12$ 180 (12 tabled for 3 hours) and coached for 6 hours.

I am looking for more stduents to coach i charge 15$/hr and will probably get some of my students to post in here in the future so i can get some more students. id like to be making at least 300 a month from coaching by the end of summer.

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06-15-2010 , 06:39 AM
GL protential.
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06-15-2010 , 08:29 PM
some more deep runs today. took a huge beat to bust in 22nd in a 109. got a huge stack itm in the daily 55$ 40k...soo... maybe?
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06-15-2010 , 11:33 PM
yay! made a Final table in the 55$ 40k and took 6th. got that bubble monkey off of my back. still about 1k deep in mu tho...but. not a bad day .
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06-16-2010 , 11:17 AM
Poker: Every week or so i will post updates on graphs and stats stating how i have been doing from what i started this.

PROTENTlALmn 296 $1 $18 6% $375 - N/A PokerStars 6/6/2010 6/16/2010 x

I have ran fairly poorly over the past month and a half (stats are for 10 days). I have had alot of deep runs (final 27's) in buy ins ranging from 1r's up to 109's. I am playing very well though for the most part and have been playing decent volume.

Also while i havn't been doing all that well, i have been finding some great horses for my backer. 1 of the kids that i coach here n there had a 18k score under my backer and won the 1r this past sunday. My other students are shower great progress and one has been moved up from the 2's mostly to playing up to 11$ mtts and 12$ 180's.

Life stuff: Been playing poker 5-6 days a week and just trying to make $$. Since i recently moved i don't really have friends where i'm at atm, just alot of family. However i am much closer to my boyfriend now, although he has been far too busy to hangout much since i have gotten here.

Days i havn't been playing poker i usually workout, play frolf, play some CoD MW2, dabble in some other games like FF13. I also babysit my cousin occasionally and do stuff with the grandparents. Nothing really planned for the next few weeks until Gay Pride Chicago, which is on 27th. So i'll be missing a sunday of poker .

Thanks for reading and best of luck at the tables.
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06-16-2010 , 08:59 PM
alright protential. i'm playing sngs more and more lately being as they are softer at lower limits. my roi is around 8% from in and around seven hundred sngs. it's running at about 20% over past few months but that's only over about 200 sngs. my big problem is multi-tabling and putting in volume. if i was to pay you for coaching how far along per session do you think you could bring my game?
i can pm you my sn if you want to check my playing history.
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06-16-2010 , 10:33 PM
GL with your goal! Are you a cash coach btw? I might be interested if you still have room for an extra student I haven't read the whole thread, but if you are interested I could give you some advice on mtt's.
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06-16-2010 , 11:52 PM
i much more of a mtt-er. i am very confident in my game however i speak constantly on a daily basis to many top tiered mtt-ers. Today i had a cash in a 55, and i ft'd 2 27's, only made like 400 today or so tho.
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06-17-2010 , 08:05 AM
Just put in the volume and you should be allright I guess
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