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09-09-2015 , 06:20 PM

Stats for today:

Hands: 7956 in 11.25 hours
All in Adjusted BB/100: 3 - Real BB/100 -5.88
BB won in 174 games: 239 net expected, -468 real
Buy-In: 131$ and -33% ROI
# of Buy-Ins: -66

for comparison
in 1576 x 0.5$ 45-360man, about 70k hands
I have 10 BB/100 in adjusted and net

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09-18-2015 , 05:49 PM
shipped a Fixed Limit 1€R on Yachting Poker for 23€.

Sick run.

Also ITM in a 1€ Zoom Hyper w 144man. has such sick volume.

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09-20-2015 , 07:34 PM
god how I love it.

planning a session to end at 12pm but somehow a 0.5$ mtt slips in there with getting deep. So I stay awake another 90 minutes, even though I have to get up early to bring my daughter to school.

2900 players, I am up to 600k (5/30 left ca.) and **** start's happening.
short guy UTG openraises A9o
UTG+1 shoves 2BB deep
I 3bet with 88 and he calls only to spike his ace on the turn

few hands later, I push AJo, J5o calls as a shortie in the BB to make runner runner flush. yeah.

few hands later, shortie pushes Q8o, I call w 400k in the BB w AsJd
board comes 6d 4d 4c Qd 5s (77% on flop, 25% on turn)

some hands later I push UTG w Q7o supershort, get called by AJo
board comes 276 J 8
(35% pre, 74% flop)

14th out of 2900. 10 lousy buy-ins. just effin great.
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09-21-2015 , 08:17 AM
I know exactly what you are talking about. I stopped to play everything under 5 $. It's just not worth the time. I strongely suggest to save a little money (even if you have to flip burgers) and start grinding the "bigger" stakes. You definetly seem to have the needed skills but you can play like forever if you run bad in these micro mega field donkaments.

GL anyway
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09-23-2015 , 03:24 PM
Yeah I'm pretty much playing mainly 45man these days, as the variance is super low and you don't get into these "I don't want to make mistakes in lategame" spots, where you may play suboptimally because 1st place is always just a part of your BR and not like 5x your whole roll.

Still don't know how I ever may save up 600$ for playing 2.5$/180 and 3.5$/45

Need to ship something 8[
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09-27-2015 , 06:36 AM
Ok, got a part-time job to help me build a roll. Basically what I make in tips is equivalent of grinding 0.5$ 24-table. Without being focused and **** like that.

We'll see..
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09-27-2015 , 07:27 AM
Why can't you get a full time job,
It must pay better than playing .50c mtts
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09-27-2015 , 06:15 PM
need to keep it part-time or I can't study anymore.

Got 30th out of 1,5k this morning in a 0.5$ ,where I was 2/40 at one time, when some aggro dude opened 3bb almost every time and bet 70% on the flop the one time he got called. He folded river on a non-broadway board for a big amount of his stack. but he kept stealing and people would let him, giving him a stack again. I didn't want to 3bet K3s and 8high into him so I'd let him pass. He opens up for the 6th time or something, this time in UTG+2, I flat w QJs in MP and board comes xxT,
he cbets his standard size, I snap shove and he shows Kings. bad timing. Badly crippled I lost another AT shortshove to A5 and that was it. GG.

other than that I donked away 10$ by playing <1$ satellites on my smartphone. I feel like I can not calculate my M on this screen and always push wrong ranges. Next time I bring a calculator to the playground T_T
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10-01-2015 , 05:54 PM

played 27 tables, 3.5$ 45man, 2.5$ 180man and some other small games

got 3rd in the 180man 2.5$ - my gf kept talking for half an hour so I ended up 3bet pushing K4o in SB v BB w 18BB pre.
got 2nd in the 45man 3.5$
got 1st in the 90man 1$

up 30$ or something. ~10 BI.
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10-05-2015 , 07:28 PM
ugh. Sessions.

played 20 games ( 4x 3.5$ 45man, 10x 1.5$ 45man, some <1$ mtts)

3rd in a 3.5$
2nd in a 1.5$
12th in a 0.27$ out 4998 players. Sick.

36$ up again
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10-07-2015 , 05:30 PM
slowly getting ground

after <1.5k games w 18% ROI on the 0.5$ MTTSNGs I started with the 1.5$ 45man and got a 39% ROI after 94 games. Now I only need a roll for 3.5$ ...
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10-08-2015 , 07:50 AM
May I ask what your looks out right now? I could help you out a little bit if you already would like to play 3fiddies.
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10-11-2015 , 01:51 PM
~30th out of 3900 in a 0.55$

only got 1st in a 3.5$ 45man, but nothing special ...

next session starts soon

Monthly results:
0.5$ 180/360m T - 26 Games, -77% ROI - 1x 6th
1$ 90m T, 45/180 Reg - 30 Games, 54% ROI - 1x 1st, 1x 2nd
1.5$ 45man T - 71 Games, 15.34% ROI - 2x 1st, 4x 2nd, 2x 3rd, 2x 4th, 1x 5th, 4x 7th, 6x 8th
2.5$ 180man T - 21 Games, 39% ROI - 1x 3rd, 1x 7th, 1x 8th
3.5$ 45man Reg&T - 39 Games, 8.32% ROI - 1x 1st, 2x 2nd, 1x 3rd, 1x 5th, 1x 7th, 1x 9th

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10-11-2015 , 06:43 PM

0.5$ 180/360m- 5 Games, -69% ROI
1$ 90m - 2 Games, 63% ROI - 1x 7th
1.5$ 45m - 15 Games, -6% ROI - 1x 1st, 1x 7th
2.5$ 180m - 13 Games, -45% ROI - 1x 6th
3.5$ 45m - 3 Games, -42% ROI - 1x 7th

down 30$. The FTs in those 2.5$ 180man make up for a lot of variance.
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10-12-2015 , 09:29 AM

5.38 hours played, 4,4k hands -22$ / -15% ROI

0.5$ 180/360m T: 13 Games, -88% ROI
1$ 90T/45reg: 12 Games, -84% ROI, 1x 8th
1.5$ KO 90m reg: 4 Games, 140% ROI, 1x 3rd
1.5$ 45m T: 34 Games, 91% ROI, 1x 1st and 2nd, 4x 3rd, 3x 4th, 1x 7th
2.5$ 180m T : 23 Games, -86% ROI, best finishes 12th and 18th
3.5$ 45m T: 4 Games, -64% ROI, 1x 7th, 1x 8th

Guess I'd stay on 1.5$ 45 and let those 2.5$ 180 rest a bit until my roll is a bit bigger.

1.5$ Results so far:

189 Games, 31% ROI, +88$

2.5$ Results:

68 Games, -40% ROI, -68$
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10-17-2015 , 08:25 AM
5 x 1.5$ 45man turbo - got 1st and 2nd
4x 3.5$ 45man turbo - got 8th and 9th , pretty bad spots. was 2nd w 9 left and got it in w 99 on 78Tx vs JJ despite him being way too agressive for my shove. the other one was a LP limp with me completing SB behind w Q7s, flop comes Qxx, i bet turn, BB raises w Q6o, LP folds and I shove while he spikes his 6 otr. so it might even be a positive session if I had the concentration to fold the 9s here.
5x 0.5$ 90-360man turbo - got 5th in the 90man
still running a 1$ 180man, those games take 4 hours for 50$ up top ... 7/26 right now after my internet was lost from when I was 2/33

I had to work at the soccer stadium today, but they cancelled our shifts, so I'm left with playing poker while the kids are running around. Break even it is :/

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10-17-2015 , 09:00 AM

1.5$ 45m so far
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10-17-2015 , 10:20 AM
Good job! Stick to the 1.50s imo, even though I staked you for the 3.50s
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10-18-2015 , 06:14 PM
1.5$ 45man go up further. everything else ~~ meh.

0.5$ 45/90/180/360man turbo: 13% ROI in 1807 games
1$ 45/180man reg and 90man turbo: -7% in 415 games
1.5$ KO 90man reg: -40% ROI in 21 games
1.5$ 45man turbo: 33% ROI in 266 games
2.5$ 90man reg and 180man turbo: -44% ROI in 73 games
3.5$ 45man reg and turbo: -23% in 59 games
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10-19-2015 , 05:43 AM
Ah, the irony.
Wanted to step up my theoretical and university game, watching poker and math videos.
Installed soundcard, everything's fine. Update the driver, sound's off - ok, maybe we need to restart.

and there it is, the eternal "Windows is getting started" logo while the pc hangs in the classpnp.sys

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10-19-2015 , 09:19 AM
Those 1$ 180 man can really be a drag lol. Haha. I had decent succes in them but right now i dont have the patience anymore for them.
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10-19-2015 , 06:11 PM
Made 42th in the 1200 man 2$ Hyper 6max. Was 1st and 4th lately and 3bet 88 into a AA 4x openraise

Played one table and stole so utter many pots.

Also I got like 140th before in the 5$ hyper after I swiftly build my stack to 20k but busted w KK v TT - my old nemesis, lol.

One tabling is a complete different game than 24 tabling..

@jin: yeah, I let them run "in the background" while playing 45man, the worst part is when you busted everything else and this little 1$ thingie, that's below your BR guidelines takes up 2 more hours of time
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10-21-2015 , 06:09 PM
Single tabled again: Got 36th in the 1400 man 5$ hyper, shoved TT into AQ for 2nd biggest chipstack

other than that 1,5$ 45man running good. Just finished a session with 15 games and got 1st, 2nd, 2nd in the last 3 ones.

37% ROI after 280 Games beginning July 2015 !
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11-24-2015 , 01:58 PM
1.5$ 45man - 26% ROI after 388 Games

shipped a 0.27$ 2k man donkament for ~ 80$

just won a 50c rebuy freeroll for a 160$ Seat to the 1050$ Main Event on 888s Super XL Series with 1M GTD. And right now 35th in the next freeroll sat with 2400 entries and 50 left. Winner takes all
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11-24-2015 , 03:21 PM
Nice. One can actually win in freerolls?
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