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10-14-2014 , 03:56 PM
Big 22 again, 3334 players, down to 189 and I'm stuck at 127th.

$10,4k for first. Let's roll.
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10-14-2014 , 04:41 PM
33>J7 BB v SB
Kx v XX on KxQx
2xTT w/o caller
KJ<AQ on xxJQx - not that good river call imho
TJs>AJs -----<3<3<3<3


And Out 90~th

99<KK ..
I kinda knew he was too tight but with 38 hands in PT4 it's not that obvious if tight or just some bad hands...

Major MTT Checklist :

Hot 3$: 23
Big 5$: 20
Bigger 5$: 65
Big 8$: 5
Big 11$: 760
Bigger 11$: 1062
11$ Sunday Storm: 170
Big 22$: 17, 30, 40, 90
Big 33$: 12, 328
Big 55$: 537
Big 109$: 16, 58

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10-15-2014 , 01:21 AM
Subbed, GL. Why the hiatus from Jul to Oct?

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10-15-2014 , 10:58 AM
Went for a holiday, my son had a birthday, my daughter started elementary school. and mostly not having the time to grind long mtts.
mostly playing the 1$R 3x- Turbo where I got 5th and 6th out of 13-15k players the last two years once. as well as the 3x 5$ hypers in 30m rhythm at 16.30 ET-17.30 ET where I shipped it at least 3x and final tabled ~9x

but there's so much not happening there. Let's see if I can make any ground in the Hot 11$ anytime..
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10-16-2014 , 05:15 PM
Not a big, but I'm just 6th in 8700man 1$R rebuy, 9k$ for first.

got 6th and 5th in fall 2012 and 2013. Let's make this.
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10-16-2014 , 05:52 PM
59th/159 left

still doable.

out 127th. another uninspiring evening.

Good night.

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11-09-2014 , 01:11 PM
252th out of 1852 from 11074 players in the Bigger 5$.

First is 7,758$

Let's roll.
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11-09-2014 , 02:46 PM
well well,
4 out of 396 for 49$
10 out of 400 for 32$
1 out of 400 for 100$
and 45 out of 10k in the Big Little Tournament on FTP right now with 1k left - 3,2k$ for first

not that big hopes for the bigger 5$ as 456 out of 561...
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11-10-2014 , 03:15 AM
Big 5$ and BLT didn't work out.

BLT I shoved A9o and got called by a weak T8o in the MP who crippled me too much to gain any traction.

Actually got 4th in 1.5$ again on 888 for 80$ (AJo<QTo Blindbattle pre)

32 out of 600 in 6$ because 3 races lost after I was 1st for a whole hour . I stole like 70% of hands and ran with AQo into AK. Got almost 1:2 to call so I went for it. Next hand some shortie shoves A8s while I call K9o, Flop xxK Turn Flush for him. Last Hand a neatly QQ in MP for 15BB, UTG+1 shoves A7s w 20BB - GG

BR at 700$ by now. Need to pay rent, so basically at 0 again..

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11-10-2014 , 11:20 AM
Dont know if that you were on 3xr deepish stage today on Stars, tried to chat with you but was ignored

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11-10-2014 , 04:59 PM
Sorry didn't saw anything, was way to busy losing xx to 162$ Sats

25$ super turbo -> AT > A7 --> A4<AA same guy
16$ super turbo 55<99
5$R - Q2s v Q3 on xx3Q with flushdraw in HU :/
5$R - JJ < KQo

only "deep" tables are
0.82$ on stars, 3243 players, 149/445 left - 314$ for first
1$R Super Extra Rebuy Frenzy on FTP - 12/130/376 - 311$ for first

nothing big but I could bring my bankroll to 1000$ again.

Ship it
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11-13-2014 , 05:50 PM
Again deep in the 1$R (20.15 CST 1$R 3x-Turbo 40k GTD, made final table two times with 10k players each in 2012 and 13)

27/1062/8170 - 56k$ pool, 8,7k$ FTW.


lol, horrible board. Got T9s and made a flush on xQJ
Turn 5 River 5, enemy went all in on turn with 55.
Down to 57th but ok

omg, how i come to 3bet shove Q7 on Q7J5 mono is beyond me. Like a justification for forgetting to 3bet flop.

Out 748th.

Ever (In terms of bad plays by me)

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11-14-2014 , 04:08 AM
So I guess I'll lay out some rules for this thread.

I report as soon I

a) am in the 5% (so #9 in an 180man for example)
b) have multiplied the starting stack 5-10x
c) get into games that are beyond my BR, like 55$ f.e.

Any game that has more than 500$ for first will be covered by now (yea I'm broke).


I guess this is fake, the volcano's power lights are off.

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11-15-2014 , 05:08 PM
OK sometimes I'm more stupid than I'd ever imagine.

1.5$R Sat to Sunday Million, 13 seats paid, 60$ for 14th.

14 left, Blinds 120k. I'm sitting at a table with no super-shorties, with ~500-600k in chips, the chipleader w 1,3M sitting left to me.

On the other table, two shorties with 200k UTG and UTG+1. So basically I just have to wait until the blinds hit both of them and the seat is mine.

Right in that moment my 4yo son comes to me with a boardcard-castle to build. I lose my concentration and openshove J6o in SB v BB into chipleader. Like that would achieve anything. Like I could bust him, Like I would need more chips, like I was in danger of blinding out rather than the other 7 players with less chips than me while I'm in BTN the next hand and therefore are not in the blinds again for 6 hands.

Obv he snaps with A9o, Gutshot on the turn goes to waste. GG, 150$ down the toilet.

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11-15-2014 , 07:39 PM
all good, just won the 1$R Monster Rush on FTP for the 2nd or 3rd time for 450$ this time. That tourney is def easy and good hourly (for micros) if you just latereg, sit out and make an addon.
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11-15-2014 , 09:50 PM
Just latereg, sit out and make an addon huh?

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11-16-2014 , 09:50 AM
Ur sunday Milli sat packed in pics






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11-16-2014 , 11:38 AM
I'm playing the 215$ Turbo on 888 this evening, but I guess I bust before the bubble.

We'll see..
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11-16-2014 , 02:56 PM
yeah. classy standard action. Internet goes down right when entering push fold mode and with my first shoved hand i run into AA.

GG 220th/340.

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11-17-2014 , 07:01 PM
just got 13th in the Monster Rush that I recently shipped :Y

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11-20-2014 , 06:06 PM
ughg, why am I so damn bad at postflop?

sitting w KQo on xAQs with no flushdraw, check behind because of course I don't want to bet any thing into an Ace board..
turn brings the 3rd club and he sparts betting half pot. I think with an ace he starts protecting now? Well anyway, let's call down, we're deep.

River is the fourth club and he bets half-pot again. I could easily fold and be left with 50k of my 65k stack but of course I have to go fancy and shove my air into his KcJx.

Instead of protecting my pair on the flop or turn once I play exactly like I wanted to chipdump here.

from 11th/700/1800, out on 465th. Kuff it.

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11-20-2014 , 07:15 PM
back in the black yet ?
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11-20-2014 , 08:29 PM
My Backer and me decided to stop playing staked until it goes "definitive upwards". I'll knock when I have a 3k br again or something..


just won 222€in a 2€R 180man to end the day. On a roll below 1000$ this is good.
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12-02-2014 , 07:48 PM
1/100/1043 in the 7.5$ - 17 ET right now..
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12-02-2014 , 08:32 PM
hmmm.. MP1 pushes 88 w 18BB and I call of AK w 23BB. crippled me too hard to get back into a good stack.

Should have folded considering my bad situation if I lose that flip. Still had the tighter range though ...
Next to me everyone had smaller stacks so I'd rather steal anytwo than doing a race vs another bigstack there :/
Out on 20th 8[

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