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01-25-2013 , 02:29 AM
Originally Posted by stevem11267
chatlog of convo with stripper and mom pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee post
Lol there isn't a chatlog. Basically my mom stalks my FB profile, saw I added this girl from TJ and I'm sure knew she was an HK girl as shes heard about my exploits, and she tried to add her on FB lolol

Girl messages me with this

Eeeyyy u mom send me add in facebook.. Whyyy??
Siiiii ya te agregueee

??? I dont undertend


Put a week 3 update on my website, check my user profile to get the link to my website!

Went to Mongo with the fellas, got back and have put in 2 hrs so far and am up to 6.5 hrs on the day. Taking a very quick break and then gonna get back at it. Really tired right now, but going to push through as best as I can. Volume is so LOLOL, even if i were to win at 2-3% pre RB in these games, still not even a higher hourly than being b/e at peak time.

Hoping I can sneak in some zzz's before the 5am TCOOP event but it might be late enough that I just have to stay up...not really sure yet, gonna also depend on how im feeling

Ran like dog**** the last sesh, graph for the day so far:

01-25-2013 , 04:28 AM
Another solid day of running over EV, always feels sweet . Too bad I only got 8.1 hrs today which is going to make the hours prop ridic hard to finish, but still gonna try my very best to get it done. At 38.4/60 hours and the prop ends at 5:30am PST on Sunday (53 hrs from now), MUST get 12 hours tomorrow to even have a chance of finishing it off IMO

Going to bed now, will be up in 5 hrs to late reg TCOOP. Think I'm going to just cap my table count at 12 tomorrow and play all $60s, should lead to longer sessions. Oh and not signing into skype tomorrow, that should help too; lost a bunch of time today due to convos on skype

119.5k vpps


During the prop:
01-25-2013 , 10:04 AM
Up and at it, lets put the run good shoes on 1 more time!

Gonna be absurdddd

01-25-2013 , 10:22 AM
sick work ethic you left for sleep after me and woke up before me and ****ing playing vamooooooooooo
01-25-2013 , 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by jdawg91
During the prop:
Looks like you need to prop bet more
01-25-2013 , 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by jdawg91
So combining that with getting in at least a light 30 minute workout per day should help; even if I'm just doing situps/pushups/wallsits or something like that while watching 1-2 ep's of south park, fam guy, w/e it might'll all help. I'm a good amount overweight and at the age of 21, I need to make a change in my life now, or nothing will ever change most likely.

Anyway enough rambling, glgl everyone!
Whats a wallsit? srsly not a native speaker
01-25-2013 , 01:00 PM
Originally Posted by Eldorian
Whats a wallsit? srsly not a native speaker
01-25-2013 , 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by Don Stefanello
sick work ethic you left for sleep after me and woke up before me and ****ing playing vamooooooooooo
Well, I usually don't have said work ethic but I'm really trying to win this prop! Plus I do wanna work really hard this yr, #WeNeedIt.

Originally Posted by michty6
Looks like you need to prop bet more
Haha srsly .

Originally Posted by Eldorian
Whats a wallsit? srsly not a native speaker
Haha yea, what daddyrnac posted, basically a quadriceps workout


Getting crushed today, was bound to happen though as I had been running pretty darn hot the previous days.

Up to 3.3 hours on the day, gonna be another long day! Actually this is gonna be a legit good sweat to see if i finish the prop

Studying then getting back at it, glgl everyone!
01-25-2013 , 02:39 PM
God, dem swings are brutal.
01-25-2013 , 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by Ditch Digger
God, dem swings are brutal.
Yea cant imagine the $300/500 swings, must be sick


Just realized right now I am in 2nd on 2 bop orbits (tied for 1st with mouldy on $100-299 board) with funnily enough, the same exact score. Would be sick to hold the 1st place tie + 2nd, would be a nice $1700 bonus

Failing it up at volume, TCOOP def hurting me, keep quitting at sync break and then wasting time, haha. Think I'm going to skip both the 215 HORSE and 215 PLO TCOOPs tomorrow as they will both will require a lot of attn.

01-25-2013 , 06:31 PM
You're 2nd in Uranus bro
01-25-2013 , 10:37 PM
Originally Posted by sippin_criss
You're 2nd in Uranus bro


Looks like I'm going to hit the hours goal . Have until Sunday at 5:30am to finish and it's only friday night at 6:30 and only 14.7 hours short!

Going to get probably play another 2-4 hours tonight, go to bed early and wake up early tomorrow so that I can finish as many hrs as possible, and then take a long afternoon nap as soon as I bust the 109 6m NLO8 HT TCOOP because I'm playing an MTT schedule from about 9pm Saturday night-5pm Sunday afternoon....definitely will want a nap tomorrow afternoon to gear up for the grind! Whatever hours I don't have finished before the nap tomorrow afternoon, I'll finish up when I start the MTT session at 9pm Saturday night. Probably 1 of VERY few mtt sessions I'll play all year, now that I've dropped the 4mil grind its not as big of a deal if I grind some MTT's once in a great while as it doesn't have as big of a negative impact on the VPP chase as there isn't one anymore.

Prop Graph:
01-26-2013 , 01:17 AM
Turned the day around a little bit from -5k at the worst, going to be dunzo for the day and go to bed soon and wake up at 3am (5 hrs 40 mins from now) and get on the grind. Sitting at 47.4 hours right now leaving 12.6 to go. Will grind on and off from 3am until after I bust 109 6m NLO8 TCOOP that starts at 1pm, nap, and then finish the hrs when the MTTs start flowin at 9pm.

Sitting on 132.1k vpps

01-26-2013 , 01:34 AM

**** is easy

15% roi

Last edited by Zima421; 01-26-2013 at 01:35 AM. Reason: stop at game 9, i know
01-26-2013 , 02:01 AM

01-26-2013 , 02:46 AM
01-26-2013 , 03:57 AM
Originally Posted by Zima421

atleast stop at game 22
01-26-2013 , 08:59 AM
hahah zimaaaaaaaaaaaa graphs, <3

Up a bit late, but we're gonna be up and at it very soon! Going to attempt to play 2.5-3 hours, take an hour off to eat bfast/study and then load all the way until post the NLO8 TCOOP, should leave me with 5.1 hours left to get which should be ez game as I have 8.5 hrs from the start of the MTT sesh until the end of the prop.
01-26-2013 , 12:06 PM
Well that was fun.....

Just got absolutely wrecked that sesh, redline going right down with the green one. Marked a bunch of close spots that sesh cuz I knew I was getting pwned, but was playing pretty well. Gonna grab some bfast and hopefully be back on the grind at the top of the hr.

9.6 hrs to go

01-26-2013 , 01:31 PM
Free Ruseman!
01-26-2013 , 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by Isitdur?
Free Ruseman!
Haha think his self ban is over tonight


Dunzo on the daytime session, games were v good today but I ran absolutely disgustingly bad, marked literally ~45 close shove/fold hands (mostly bubble) because I get paranoid when my redline tanks and reviewed them and was pretty much spot on in all of them.

109 NLO8 HT TCOOP in 20 mins then will be napping until ~7:30-8pm. Up to 53.6 hrs for the weeklong prop, will finish it off tonight with the MTTs tonight.

01-27-2013 , 12:38 AM
Nap time over, 6.4 hrs of HTs left to get, and first MTT starts in 15 mins! Lets goooooo

Link to the MTT sched I'm going to play, obvs lots of tourneys will be skipped +TCOOP's aren't included on the sched as they were sold separately. Will shout out if I'm really deep in anything meaningful

Since the last set of threadsavers led to a 10k DS, gotta go back to dem tattoo girls to see if that helps!


Gla on sundayfunday!
01-27-2013 , 03:02 AM
holy ****... its 8am here now and im not even thinking about playing poker

true sicko and i hope this grind will turn out positive for u

glgl josh <3

stay cool throughout your day

01-27-2013 , 05:40 AM
Why did Ruse impose a ban?
01-27-2013 , 05:43 AM
Originally Posted by jdawg91

So Id planned to write something up in STTF for my 10k post but not wanting to incur the wrath of Gramps and Grampslike people, Ive decided to just do something ITT. Slightly TL/DR and emoish. Skip to below if you jsut want graphs.

Been a pretty **** week. Started with me getting drunk at my old roommates new place Sunday night, passing out on a beer soaked balcony and puking my brains out into a potted plant. First time Id puked in a while and the hangover wasnt as bad as some had been but still was out of commission for a while. Woke up to discover my laptop battery had died and my power cord couldnt connect. Lay around all day hoping it would magically work and tried seeing if anyone else had a similar laptop i could charge my laptop on but no luck. Finally the following day i decided to be proactive about it and went to a local repair place who ended up being able to fix it for really cheap. Was such a relief, Id been stressing figuring out how to get a new one down here and how i would xfer my database over and stuff. Im still gonna look to upgrade sometime soon but at least now it can wait until my next trip to the states.

This was the longest break Id taken from poker not counting visiting fam in the US, and was actually pretty refreshing. I came back ready to grind and appreciative that I had a working grind station didnt have to deal with all that crap Id been stessing over. The time away also gave me time to reflect on my drinking. I mean every time i get really drunk i lay around hung over the following day(s) and resolve to cut back or quit, but usually im getting back on the grind and dont think about it all that much. But not having my laptop and ability to play made me focus on it more. Previously on my hangover days Id stress about money I spent or damage i was doing to my body. But this time i thought more about how these 36 hour hang overs are really ****ing up the routine Ive gotten myself in. Not just with my grinding but with my nutrition and sleeping and working out. SNE is not gonna be easy and i really cant afford to be throwing a wrench into my routine every week or two. Added to that, there are a lot of things Id like to go home for this year. My buddies graduation party, first weekend on NCAA bball tourney, Dad's birthday, etc. And every 36 hour block that i waste hung over and useless and every extra day it takes me to get back in the groove is one less day Im able to spend doing stuff i want to in the states.

So yeah I pretty much gave up a while ago on ever being able to go out and have a few drinks. So after the super bowl I think im gonna just gonna become a hermit until my half marathon in late April and just keep a good routine going. Theres def stuff i can do around here that wont involve drinking, Ill just have to figure out what they are

Anyways Im making it sound a lot more emo than it is. Im just starting to realize the kind of work ethic and time it's gonna take to make SNE and also realize that im not gonna be able to party like I did last year an hope to make it. Unless i want to up my abi and with it variance and stress and swings. I right at 50k right now which is decently below pace, but Ive gotten 14k vpps since wednesday and am starting to lengthen both my 9m and 6m sessions. Ive also gotten a bit more comfortable with the 60s and the swings they bring. Right now id like to be near 70k at the end of the month and be around 150k the end of feb. As im typing this I just remembered the Duke/UNC game is in mid Feb so i guess i can add that to the list I days im gonna need to drink. fml

So playing wise Ive been on a bit of a downer. Pre rb im on about a 4.5k downer which is the worst ive had. I have made around 3k in rb during that time so its not that bad and guess i need to start thinking of terms of post rb profit now that Im essentially a rb grinder. A lot of this has been from mtts. I played a small Tcoop sched and have been mixing in mtts during my 9 sessions, along with a few drunks 215s. My roll can handle it atm, but im already starting to try and bring my abi down by playing 16.50s and similar smaller bi turbos. And if this ds continues Ill prob start selling off action in the h75 and larger Bis i play. But as it is now i can handle them and they really help me play longer 9m sessions and keep focused so no plans to drop them.

So now for some graphs. Heres the aforementioned mtt graph.

The abi should drop on its own once i dont have tcoops to play. Dont really know though cause im not gonna play non turbos and its not worth taking table space away from 30-100 9m turbo and hts to add something like a 5.10 hyper or 11 turbo so not really sure what i can play midday besides the h44-75 and 25hypers and 1 3x turbo. Im sure josh can help me figure it out.

Heres my 9m for the month. Ive decided to not post my redline for these anymore. Both so other regs wont see how soft they are if my redline is good and people wont know im a fish on a heater if it's crap

Horseshoe def fell out of my ass in these, but I feel like im getting better at the turbos and learning 6m has helped me in a lot of 9m spots. I still feel like im outmatched by the regs early in 60s and 100s but i think i make up for it with my late game, and with a little postflop work can be one of the best regs in them.

6m have been good. Running decently above ev at 30s and i assume 60s but still too lazy to get the redline patch.

Been talking with jdawg about a lot of spots and think my game has improved drastically over the last month. Think ive ran at leat 1k spots and am planning on doing some work with Jdawg and Siq next week. Here's all my games for the 30s. Dont mind showing redline since theres already tons of regs in them and everyone knows what theyre beatable for.

In all honestly i think id be happy if i could beat them for 1% long term but im still hopeful with some work i can get up to 2% or above.

So yeah just wanted to write something for my 10k so i can go back to posting normally everywhere else. Playing the TCOOP main even tmrw so could use some rungood in that. Will prob post more tmrw or monday, just need to get to bed now. gl on sunday everyone