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Make $$$ in the 'Underground Circuit' Make $$$ in the 'Underground Circuit'

10-02-2011 , 10:45 AM
Me and my buddy have been gambling w/ this group for some years now. I'm never worried about get robbed by those guys. Of course a few of them have done their fair share of stick-ups.

I only talk sh*t to the guys i know. We used to shoot dice w/ these guys all the time, now they're hooked on poker. lucky me.
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10-02-2011 , 11:57 AM
Maybe these guys have to be carefull that they don't make Beaver angry, he is a crazy ****
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10-02-2011 , 01:35 PM
Sick life op, if I ever go down to houston I want in!
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10-02-2011 , 04:02 PM
you got it.

Was going to play cards tonight, but the wifey told me she got me transformer 3 so i'm gonna burn one and watch that tonight. I will be playing monday so t.r. coming soon
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10-02-2011 , 10:46 PM
Lemme know how transformers 3 was. Haven't watched it yet, the first one was good but the second one was a total dud so im interested to see how the third one turned out.
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10-03-2011 , 01:00 PM
I had already seen it in 3d. Me and my boy watched it last night and he liked it too.

Going to s. side game tonight and i'm showing no mercy. I think everyone knows i'm capable of some light 3-bets and certainly bluffs, so i'm gonna play tight tonight and see how it goes.

Other then that i'm going to try and pump my bankroll up another 5k. I'm not seeing much interest in my tourn. staking so hopefully i can put up some good #'s this month and next. I really don't want to take a 5k shot in tournaments but we'll see how it goes.
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10-06-2011 , 11:45 PM
OP, can you please fast forward your life so that we can read more soon?
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10-07-2011 , 09:01 PM
read to pg. 3 ... poker content decent ... but **** man out bangin slags when ur wife is pregnant with your baby ...
scumbag.....waste of space
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10-07-2011 , 09:44 PM
Stfu and gtfo.

OP, please continue. We need more wild adventures!
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10-07-2011 , 11:09 PM
yea seriously dude does that make you feel like a better person to come to a poker forum and judge beaver for what he does in her personal life, seriously get out. Lets hear some more stories beaver!
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10-08-2011 , 03:53 AM
Probably the only thread I've read every post, stories are entertaining, not gonna be my lifestyle but if it's your style I'm not complaining
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10-10-2011 , 10:10 AM
I appreciate all the comments, good or bad. I don't hold anything back and, hate it or love it, that's just me.

I will update the past 2 poker trips shortly. I'm at work right now and i got to take care of some paperwork.
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10-10-2011 , 11:13 AM
Just WOW about this thread I am really enjoying reading it all. Hope for more to come !!!

Maybe some pics would be great especially of the nice cars from " the hood " ;-)

By the way I like that Houston music big time !!! any good mary jane down there ??? If so I will be with you shortly haha
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10-10-2011 , 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by Itchykiller
Just WOW about this thread I am really enjoying reading it all. Hope for more to come !!!

Maybe some pics would be great especially of the nice cars from " the hood " ;-)

By the way I like that Houston music big time !!! any good mary jane down there ??? If so I will be with you shortly haha
To answer your question on the smoke, YES, there's some great stuff out here. I've been really busy w/ work and i keep tellin my old lady to put the pics on a photobucket but 'she's got other crap to deal with'. Hopefully sometime i will have them.
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10-10-2011 , 12:34 PM

Took off work and went to the normal monday 5-5 game. Was pretty busy w/ 1 table and i got there in time to kick off the 2nd table. I bought in for 500 and i ran pretty good for a chance here.

My first pot i was all-in pre w/ QQ vs JJ against some dude that was in the game 1k within 30min. "deal it once"

I'm sittin on about 1100 when i call $30 in mp w/ 33. there's 3-4 players seeing a flop of Ac3c10d. OR leads for 100 w/ 1 caller. I pump it up to 350 and the OR gets about 800 in the middle. other player folds and i call. OR flips up AK. The dealer looks at me and i just roll my fingers "keep dealing" I rake in the sweat free pot.

I played for about another hr and then took my $2315 in profits w/ me. One of the game girls that works here txt me and said she was having some drinks around the corner w/ one of her girlfriends. "be there in a minute"

This chick is a little thick but has a mouth like a dyson. I meet up w/ her at fox-n-hound and catch up on old times w/ a few tequila shots. We hang out for about 2 hrs and i tell her i need to head home. i got tree-work early in the morning. She tells me she's too drunk to drive and if i could give her a ride home. The gentleman that i am, i oblige. She stays about 15 min. away and no sooner then i pull around the corner of her street she tells me to drive a little furth. I pull into a dead-end street when she grabs my d*ck and starts rubbin it. I hit the lever on the side of my seat and i go horizontal. We've been here before and we both know the deal. She pulls it out and it looks so small in her hands. Did i tell you she's about 5'10 probablly 160-180 give or take. She gives great head and i bust one in her mouth about 10min later. I tell her i'll be at the game next week and i had a good time. I drop her off at home and kiss her on the cheek and chunk the deuce. c-ya babe.

That is exactly what i needed, but i'm going to the casino this weekend and i hope she didn't suck all the good luck out of me. time will tell.

Total Bankroll: 30,475
Profit: 10,475

Next installment: Suicide mission to Lake Charles casino
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10-10-2011 , 01:48 PM
The Fox-n-Hound thats just inside the beltway?

Also, how do you get "in" this underground circuit. I go to school in CU but I live in Friendswood when I come home
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10-10-2011 , 03:42 PM
Originally Posted by younguns87
The Fox-n-Hound thats just inside the beltway?

Also, how do you get "in" this underground circuit. I go to school in CU but I live in Friendswood when I come home
All names and places have been altered to protect the innocent. But yes that one. To be able to get in any underground game that i've been to you have to know somebody that plays there.
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10-10-2011 , 06:14 PM

i'm sweatin my a$$ off, in my hand is a stihl 310 cutting into this big a$$ oak tree. I look over and make sure my workers are workin. I feel my phone vibrate and it's my boy J wantin to go to the casino tonight. "i'm workin my butt off and you call me w/ this bullsh*t, yeah i'll go" I bust my/workers butts to finish the 2 jobs we had scheduled so i can shower up kiss the wifey good-bye and argue w/ her for a lil bit b4 i take off.

I get home and as i'm unloading the tools into the garage i tell her me & j are goin to the boats and we'll be back tomorrow. I give her some checks to deposit in the bank and we, of course, argue about me leavin her to go gamble. "listen babe, i'm a gambler, you met me when i was gamblin, you married a gambler, this is it babe, know be on my team and back me up," Yeah yeah i'm selfish and leave my wife w/ a 3yr old and 1 month old, fk it.

I jump in the shower and when i get out she tells me that she stopped bleeding and i'm not goin anywhere unless i fk her. So she gets on top of me on the bed, busts a nut pretty fast. I get on top of her start bangin her, her t!tty starts leakin everywhere cuz her big b@@bs are bouncin, and i tell her to turn over. bust a good load on her back and jump off and get a towel for us. "thanks babe" She asks me if it felt as tight as b4 and i told her "not really" but keep doin the kegals.

I didn't bother packin a bag cuz frankly, i didn't give a fk. I wanted to take off and gamble. Tonight wasn't about poker but drinkin and havin a good time. I meet my boy at our midway point and i jump in his truck. We take the 2 hr trip and get to Lauberge around 9. We check into the room and check out the dice tables. We find our spots on the right side of the dealer @ a $15 table. I prefer the $10 but w/e.

I bought in for 1k, as did my friend, and we watched for a little bit to 'feel the table out' Meanwhile we are talking to one of the dice pit bosses, cuz my friend j used to bang her on the side for a while, but we're just cool now. I get a few crown splash coke in me and i'm startin to feel invincible.

My first bet was 600 across. "It's not a proper bet" the dealer says. "Well when it hits just pay me proper then, I know what it pays" the shooter hits me a 10 "bring me all the way down mr. proper" The drinkin is in effect when i start gettin sassy. My boy j doesn't drink so he's focusin on makin $$. We play for about 1 hr and I look down at about 800 winner and lock it up. My boys up a few hundred and we cash out. We grab a bite to eat and then head back to the tables.

@ this point i'm pretty drunk and i buy in for 1k and just ask for 1 chip. I finish my drink and then lay the 10 for 1k. I pay the vig w/ cash and smoke about 2 cigs before he hits the 7. "That was pretty stupid, huh" i tell j. "Yes" was his answer. i lay the 10 again for 500 and pay the vig w/ cash again. It only took 4 rolls before i gets paid. I'm up 750 minus the vig and play w/ the casinos $$. i give my boy the 1k chip and tell him hold on to it cuz i'll probably lose it.

I ended up wakin up in the room around 10am (pretty late for me) w/ a pounding headache. I've got a pocket full of casino chips of greens & reds. I ask j how the hell i got all these and he told me i was rabbit holing all of my big chips but i kept putting the $25 & $5 chips in my pocket instead. He threw me 2 1k chips and a 500 chip. I completely forgotten that i had given him my big chips so i didn't fk 'em off. As we're eating @ the buffet i counted out that i had won almost 4k and didn't even remember. not the 1st time and certainly not the last.

I got back home around 3pm, gave my wife $500 and told her it's hers and then i went and played karate w/ my boy in the living room. He won.

I'm headin out tonight to go play some pokerz and i will give yall an update tomorrow.

Total Bankroll: $34,345
Profit: $14,345
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10-10-2011 , 09:03 PM
^^ Sick life. GL!
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10-11-2011 , 09:18 PM
5 star thread
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10-12-2011 , 10:33 AM
mon. 10/10

I get home from work around 6:30 and hang out w/ the family for about 1hr before i leave to go play poker. My wife's starting to get a little pissed off cuz the 3yr old wants to play karate and the 1 mo. just wants her t!tty. I help her out and bust some sick power ranger moves on my boy and submit him. of course he sitll wins. Throw some ck nuggets in the oven, set the timer, kiss the babies and start up the truck.

I'm driving and making good time and just starting to think. I work 2 jobs, not cuz we're broke or we need the $$, but i just like hustlin & making money. I never buy anything for myself. The only thing i enjoy doing w/ my money is gambling. Sure, i save some for 401k, emergency fund, kids college, but the rest i enjoy gambling. I'm a family man degen, i guess. Sooner or later i'll slow down, but tonight, it ain't happenin.

I pull up to the parking lot and park next to the mercedes slk500. I know before i walk through the 2 security doors and the camera that crazy mike is here and it's gamblin time.
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10-12-2011 , 11:11 AM
Sick life indeed.
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10-12-2011 , 12:18 PM
I grab the 2 seat on the 2nd table. the main table is full and i'm seated at the must move game. I recognize all but 2 players at my table. I buy in for 800 this time, the table had approx 8-10k.

2nd hand dealt I get A10o utg and raise to 20. I get 4 callers and flop AA10. Checked around. Turn 4. Checked around. River 6. BB bets 20. I raise to 75. Player behind raises to 200 w/ 300 behind. When i sat down i saw him stack off 500 w/ top pair. BB folds and i move all-in. He calls quickly and doesn't show when i table my hand.

Very next hand i get AA. There's a mississippi straddle of 15. I raise to 45 and only the straddle calls. Flop Q82. I bet 50 and he raises to 150 w/ 200 behind. I move in and he calls. He has AQ. We deal it 1x and i scoop.

I play for about another 1hr or so and don't catch anything to talk about. I then get moved to the main game where there's a little over 20k on the table and move w/ approx. 1500.

I'm on the button w/ A10 and there's about 8 limpers and i raise to 50. Only 1 caller who i haven't played much w/ but know he's a good player. Flop 10h7h4c. He ck/calls my 100 bet. Turn 6h. He chks, i bet 200, and he moves me all-in. I can't see him showing up w/ 1 pair so i lay it down.

Last hand:
Crazy mike (A.T.C) has straddled $40. I call w/ J10 and 2 players behind call. Crazy raises it 200 more. I call and the 2 behind call. Flop 455. Crazy checks and i ship 925(all-in) player behind thinks for 1min. then folds around to crazy. As he's thinking I look down and see that my rack of red is hiding the other 400 in green cut out behind the rack. I know this dude will call 500 w/ A-high. Luckily the dealer moved the rack and showed Crazy what the total bet was. he folds and i show the J-high as i scoop.

i cash out w/ profit of 1,015 and take the hr trip back to the house. Smoke a bowl and watch the new x-men and pass out. Back to the regular job today.

Total Bankroll: $35,360
Profit: $15,360
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10-15-2011 , 12:42 PM
no poker til monday.

On a side note i was playin karate w/ my 3 year old and he hit me in the balls. Of course he thought it was funny when dad went down for the count. As i'm lyin on the ground he gets on the couch and jumps on my stomach. lil b@astard.
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10-17-2011 , 05:12 PM
got the green light from the wifey. Should be @ the game around 7. I need to remember to play straight up, no funny business, this time.

For the most part i am playing w/ the same players every mon. I've shown too many b.s. hands and need to play A.B.C. tonight. we'll see how it goes.

P.S. I met this (6) chick @ the pool hall and gonna try and hit her up soon. Also got a (6.5) from the local gas station that looks like she needs a fill up. Will try her soon also. I always see her at like 6 a.m. on way to work but who wants to pimp when you got eye-crustys.
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