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Make $$$ in the 'Underground Circuit' Make $$$ in the 'Underground Circuit'

09-14-2011 , 06:16 PM
I'm as faithful as my options. If the wife finds out yes i'm fkd. she's already caught me 2x before so i know this one would be a divorce.

My last vegas t.r. is pretty good if yall are interested.

I should have more poker content Next Monday @ the latest. I got a few pics i'm trying to get in this thread.
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09-15-2011 , 11:11 AM
So me and my crews finish up all the scheduled work and took off to Williamsburg, VA. I ended up taking a wrong turn after going through the tunnel and ended up in fkn downtown N.Y. (Pics coming) That took me about 1 hour to find my way back to the highway. My gps kept lagging behind and I looked like a fkn idiot driving across broadway st. in my f250 & a 20ft trailer w/ a bobcat on it.

took about 7-8 hours to get to V.A. and i settled in for the night around 1a.m. Worked in V.A for about 2-3 days. Nothing really exciting happened there cuz the town sux.

Left for houston, which was about 1300 miles. Made it into S. Carolina and passed out at the rest stop. Made it as far as Montgomery, AL before i had my first blow-out on the trailer. Wasn't too bad to change it but when i was, i noticed the tire behind it had a bad cut in it. Got held up for about 2hrs getting 2 new tires. I made it all the way to Lake Charles where i had already got a room reserved. I think i pulled up around 12-1am. and passed str8 out.

I set my alarm for 5a.m. cuz my wife was going into the hospital around 6a.m. to have our baby boy. As i was walking out to my truck i found $16 on the ground. Also walked in to the cashier inside the casino where i got $50 in cash from a voucher i had.

Made it back to h-town and was there about 2 hours early so i could watch my lil man come into this world.

And yes i had countless conversations during my trip w/ my wife about me being home in time for the delivery. Pretty much was straight out arguments but whatever, i made it.
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09-15-2011 , 03:24 PM
wife just sent me a full page e-mail for our grocery list. w.t.f I told her i'd get it but then i'm going to play cards.

I got invited back to the 5-10 country club game again. Will post update in the morning.

I hope yall are still interested in my story.

Will hopefully have pics up this weekend.
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09-15-2011 , 03:34 PM
Very interested... always entertaining. Congrats on the baby.
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09-15-2011 , 03:52 PM
Can't beleive this story is true, and if it was it makes you the biggest lifetime loser that ever existed, feel sorry for your wife that she married such prick.
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09-15-2011 , 04:00 PM
Not sure why there's so much love for the OP. Seems like a real scumbag iyam, not to mention a stereotypically bad live poker player.
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09-15-2011 , 04:37 PM
Bunch of life nits ITT.

Love the thread OP keep livin life!! I would loveeee the chance to sit in on a country club game sounds beauty.

Keep it up!
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09-16-2011 , 11:55 AM

I got to the country club game around 7pm after spending about 45min at the grocery store and $170 later.

The game was full when i got there so i took a seat at the bar and had a beer b.s. w/ the bartender. I only had to wait about 30min before i sat down w/ 1k. The table was playing pretty good from what i observed while i was having a beer and had about 30k on the table.

Played pretty ABC for the 1st hour and was down about $200 when i played my 1st big pot. I was on the button w/ 44 and mp raised to 40. 5 of us saw the flop of K4J. O.R. bet 100 and there was 1 caller and i raised to 300. Both called. turn 9. Checked around and i push in my remaining stack of around 450. O.R. fold and other player called. He shows K10. We agree to run it 2x and i scoop.

I make a few plays and nothing develops. End up leaving around 9pm +430

On another note, i got a call yesterday from one of my crew leaders and he was pulled over. He's an illegal mexican and i soon find out that he's getting deported. That sux but mexicans gonna mexican.

Got into an argument w/ my wife about me working so much and she's bored/lonely at home w/ the baby. She tells me she doesn't care about $$ and wants my time w/ her. W/E. I told her i'd work on being home more but that was mostly b.s. cuz i like making $$. I remember @ 14 i was hustlin whether it be raking leaves or cutting grass for my neighbors. 1 of 3 kids being raised by our mom we never really had that much $$ but she instilled in us the value of hard work & its rewards. thanks mom

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09-16-2011 , 12:37 PM
Yes, we can't complain about you being a hard worker but I think you have a big misconception about the "reward" part.
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09-16-2011 , 01:21 PM
don't really know where i was going w/ that. Pretty much, my mom just told me nothing is free or comes easy. If you want something you got to get out there and get it.
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09-16-2011 , 06:18 PM
Wife sounds kinda naggy tbh. I mean, she stays home all day while you work and bring home the bacon. Yet she still complaining. Keep it up buddy!
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09-16-2011 , 07:05 PM
lol, you have any idea how time consuming a 0 and a 3 yr old are? its not like she's sitting behind the tv with a box of chocolate all day long waiting for her husband to come home to nag cause she's bored. Anyway, wifes can be pretty damn naggy I got to agree but being home alone or with 2 very young kids is a world of difference. I thought turning gay was the solution to the "naggy" problems but man are just the same. Damn bitches
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09-17-2011 , 08:36 AM
As much as she's been complaining right now, mostly due to hormones, she's a pretty cool chick and has been down w/ me for a long time.

She only watches our newborn @ home, our 3yr old stays w/ a sitter during the week.

Been pretty crazy this last week, me and a buddy are gonna chill and watch mayweather v ortiz tonight. He's backed me previously in big poker games and he told me he bet 70k to win 10k on mayweather. WTF.
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09-19-2011 , 11:01 AM
Well that mayweather fight was pretty crazy. I ended up winning $200 when i saw the line had moved down to -475.

After the fight was over me and a few friends played 5-card omaha and i lost $400.

I am still trying to get the pics uploaded to my computer but having a problem.

I'm going to play the s. side game tonight so i will put together a report tomorrow.

My writing skills suck, so i'm going to start trying to put together a better story.

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09-20-2011 , 03:27 PM
Last night:

I got off work @ 6 and headed straight to the card room. It seemed that everything was going perfect, catching all green lights and running into little traffic. Just as i was thinking this, the traffic become gridlocked due to a wreck. "Karma, u muthafkr, dont you do this to me"

I arrived at the game and greeted the players w/ a nod. Just so happens there was i seat available in the 5-5 game.

I sat down w/ my customary 100bb buy-in and proceeded to be card dead. there wasn't much action and tonight's game seemed more like social hour mixed in w/ some poker.

@ that time there was approximately 6k on the table. I bluffed at a pot w/ my missed flush and took it down. I was up $130. As the night progressed this should've been the time to cash out.

utg raises (he covers me) to 25 and i immediately 3-bet to 55 w/ AKo (I have approx. $500). It is now heads up and we see a flop of J48ss. He check calls my $75. he check calls my $125 turn bet. Board now J48 10. River is a 2s. he puts me all in and i think for a little bit, knowing he's full of sh*t but still can't call. he shows 45o. A bluff w/ the best hand.

Good fold for me i guess. Very next hand i get QQ and raise to 20. One caller and the button raises to 60. i call and other player calls. Flop 1062. "I'm all in" button calls and shows AA. We run it 2x from the flop and i miss both. Bye-bye stack.

At this point i reload for another 500 and take a smoke break. I hate losing money but i don't think i could've gotten away from it so, that's poker.

The 2nd table fired up and i saw a real goose in the game that i was hoping would move over to the main game. He did.

Now our table has approx. 30k, 8k of which was the goose's $$. I grind my stack down to about 350 when goose makes it 50. I'm in L.P and raise to 125. Its' heads up and i flop middle set to his top pair and we get it in.

I switched seats soon after for 2 reasons. Goose wouldn't shut the fk up and i didn't want to be on his right.

I'm BB and utg makes it $20. 2 callers and goose makes it 125. I move in for 395 more. UTG folds and goose thinks for quite some time and tells me he's got 2 outs and knows i have an overpair. He folds JJ face up. I then show J8ss. The table busts out laughing that he layed that down and tell him to quit poker. We had a pretty good laugh for awhile on that one.

I get dealt 88 in mp. Player to my right makes it 50 and i raise to 150. He calls and it's heads up. Flop comes 7 high. He bets and i move in. he shows A7 we deal the river 2x and we split the pot. WTF.
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09-20-2011 , 03:37 PM
Now i'm getting frustrated on the inside. I mean there's 30 fkn thousand on the table and i've got 600 w/ 3 geese trying to give it away and i can't get anything going.

Last hand of the night i raise in L.P w/ 68dd and get 1 caller. Flop 710K. It goes check check and 4d turns. We get it all in after some raising and he shows 1010. "I'm running this bad let's just deal it once" I say to myself. River K.

I lose 1k at one of the best lineups i've seen in a while and decided to cut my lose and head home @ 2:30am. I've got to be at my regular job @ 6am.

My thoughts: I've been playin in this game regularly and i need to quit the social b.s. and just concentrate. I caught myself throughout the night, my mind wandering aimlessly on the football game to talking about the mayweather fight and so on. Get ur fkn head right or dont play

When your losing in a good game just play your game and quit trying to force the action so you can get back to even.

Me and my best friend have decided to go to Vegas Nov 29-Dec 6 for the bellagio five-diamond. I will be posting an interest list in the marketplace if anyone would like to discuss further, you can pm me.

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09-24-2011 , 04:27 PM
Heading out tonight to watch the ufc fight. I got jon jones for 1150 to win 200.

I will be watching it at a new 2-5 R.O.E. game around town that supposedly plays pretty big. Will post results tomorrow.
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09-25-2011 , 11:30 AM
I drop the wife and kids off @ her moms and rush to the bank to get there before closing time. I pull out some needed funds and drive 30min to meet my friend and his bookie.

I used to bet sports pretty big but i got slaughtered and at the tail-end of it was just gambling for the action. I ended up losing about 30k 2 years ago. I've grown & matured since then and I wont let 'gambling' get the best of me.

I meet my friend J at the poker game his bookie runs. Let me start off by saying this was the most secured place i've played at in some time. You must first park your car after being allowed in by security #1 guy. The only way to get by him is telling him your name, which he then radios to the game-runner. After confirmation, security 1 allows you to pass into the parkin garage by way of roll-up doors.

You are then escorted by security #2 guy to the entrance door, which is secured by #3guy from the inside. All security guys are loaded to the max.

After me and J get into the game-room my buddy gives the bookie my bet and his bets for nfl & college and my ufc bet. He/We post are bets before gametime. I looked at the 1 table of 2-5 R.O.E and recognized most of the players there and realized i didn't bring enough $$ to even play in this game.

The table had approx. 40-50k on the table. They were 2x & 3x straddling w/ alot of action and i was in no mood to flip a couple thousand dollars in omaha.

J and I ended up heading to a sports bar and watch the fights there. We had a good time, I won my bet and J won all his bets from college w/ a few nfl teams left to complete some parlays & teasers.

I will be playing Monday & the S. Side game and hope to bring a victory back home.

I have confirmed my vegas trip 11/29-12/5 w/ my friend J. I will be playing 4 1k events at the bellagio five diamond and try some satellites into the 5k. I will post in the live marketplace. i'm going to be selling 50% off if there's anyone interested w/ no M.U.

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09-27-2011 , 01:53 PM

I immediately walked into 2 full tables of 5-5nl. The atmosphere was social but the gambling was serious.

I sat down in the 8 seat on the must move table. 2 hands i pick up the infamous 4c6c and call 20 with a few others. Flop AcJc8h. I check call a bet of $50 as i'm on the phone w/ the wifey. Turn 2c and i check call 80. River is another club and it goes ck/ck. i scoop. pretty crappy play by me.

2 hands later i get KK in the bb and raise 40 more when a bunch of limpers tried to see a cheap flop. One caller (guy i beat w/ the flush) calls. Flop 4Q8. ck/ck. turn 8 i bet 50 and he calls. River 10. and i ck call 80 and he shows 44. ah fk.

i pick up aa and raise the 25 straddle to 75. straddle calls. and flop is kq4 and my 50 bet is ck-raised to 150. i call and we both check turn 7. i lead 200 on the river 7 and he folds quickly exposing a missed flush draw.

Not sure how but i ended up losing my 500 starting stack and re-buy for another 500. I chip up to about 900 when i get moved to the main-game which there was about 28k on the table.

I make it 40 to go utg+2 w/ 8d10d. I get 2 callers and flop comes 8104 rainbow. I bet 100 w/ both players calling. Turn 3 backdoor flush draw. I bet 300 and next player moves in (covers me) I don't even hesitate folding but i'm waiting for other player to make his decision. he folds and i call. Ship it. Not. He shows 44. Are you fkn kiddin me. This player, who has absolutely no skill and you can't put him on anything, actually makes a hand. Fk me. He takes insurance, i decline and watch the 6 river.

Reload for another 500. When i'm dealt QQ 2 hands in. I make it 25. 2 callers then another donkey makes it 50. 'who 3-bets by min-raising' and gets 3 more callers. i move my 500 in and 3-better calls and turns up AKo. I like my chances, since i'm guessing the other players had folded some of his outs. I was wrong. Flop AK? who gives a fk and i'm done for the night.

Another 1500 to the negative. I played much better then last time and did not tilt. I am just growing frustrated at the bad 'luck' i'm having. I mean just let the cards break even. I'm not trippin too bad, just gonna take a week off and hustle at my regular jobs. I have always taken breaks when i begin to get frustrated so it's nothing new. On the ride home i am happy w/ my plays and it just wasn't for me that night. fk variance

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09-27-2011 , 11:44 PM
nice report man. definately one of my top favourites to read on here. really like the stories about the chicks too and your last vegas report. sucks about your last couple sessions but at least you've got the proper bankroll, things will turn around soon.
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09-28-2011 , 09:21 AM
I appreciate all responses, good or bad. Thanks for the encouraging words. It's starting to get a little frustrating that's why i'm taking some extra days off.

I'm hoping i get some responses on my bellagio staking. I'm not willing to risk 5k in tournaments but i'm hoping these games in houston treat me good.
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09-30-2011 , 11:46 AM
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09-30-2011 , 12:41 PM

Got caught beatin the meat last night. It's been 2-3 weeks since she had our baby and i can't get any.

So she knows i spank hank but doesn't really like it but i told it's better then me bangin the neighbor. So it's about 11pm and she's already sleepin. I'm layin on the couch watchin 'old country for no men' and decide to pop up the internet and find a girl.

go to the trust ol you p$rn and find a bi@tch. I find one and i'm gettin my stroke on when all of a sudden my wife opens the bedroom door and see's me chillin on the couch w/ my d*ck all out in the open.

Come to find out my damn baby boy ratted me out and started cryin just loud enough to where momma could here it through the baby monitor but not me cuz i'm in the livin room.

She gets pissed off, like i'm doing something wrong, and goes and gets the cryin baby. I still wanted to finish up, but just couldn't once i knew she was up and my son was suckin on my woman's t!tty.

Put my meat up and finished watchin the movie. What a fkd up night. you can never get a good jerk when you're woman's sleepin in the other room and i got the p*rn volume on whisper mode. My life sux.
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10-01-2011 , 11:13 AM
Last Night
Wifey let me outta the house and me and my buddy got some dinner and then went to 'the hood' where some people we know were playing dealers choice.

We parked in the driveway right next to the escalade on nice rims, a cadillac cts w/ candy paint and nice rims, and the expedition on 20's w/, of course, nice rims.

We get let in by the home owner 'D'. We used to shoot a lot of dice at his place but tonight it was poker. I walked through the cloud of mary jane smoke and grabbed a seat @ the table where 5 blk guys were playing 5-card omaha this hand.

I recognized 3 of the 5 guys. Said what's up and proceeded to talk **** just like the rest of 'em. The game is 2 dollar ante's and no-limit on any game played. I buy in for 200 and lose it pretty fast playing 5 card omaha. I couldn't dodge like 66 outs on the river.

I reload for another 400. Now is where the interesting part comes.

2 dudes sitting across the table have had 'beef' for awhile. Come to find out they were fkn the same woman. I could tell it was startin to get pretty heated when 1 dude put his gun out of his pants and told him 'you say 1 mo word and i'm gonna splatter ur head on that wall'.

Oh sh**t, little pucker factor, but not too worried. This ain't the first, or the last time a gun's been drawn in these games, but they're sooo good.

Ended up telling dude that pulled gun to put that sh*t away and let's play some cards. Everything chilled out for a while once the pizza got here and i ended up busting up the game for about 1300 winner. Can't really remember the hands since most of it was playing Big O.

Chilled out and smoked a j w/ one of the drug dealers there. As we were smokin outside, he pulled his phone out and dropped like 20k in cash on the ground. Ohh snap. Ended up tellin him about my vegas trip and he gave me 1k to back me for playing tournaments. Didn't really see that one comin but i appreciate any help.

Ended up gettin back home like 3am and walked into work today @ 6am. Today sux but last night was good.

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10-01-2011 , 03:35 PM
Dude, your entourage is pretty crazy. I don't know how you do it, must have nerves of steel. I'd be so scared if I won big in one if those games. What if some guy had a bad day, lost money in the game, and decided to shoot you because he took some words the wrong way? Your stories remind me of the old days where hustlers and robbers intermingled in these poker games and all sorts of crazy stuff happened.

Anyways, keep the posts coming. They are very entertaining, but be safe out there! Always watch your back, but I know you don't need me to tell you that.
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