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Make $$$ in the 'Underground Circuit' Make $$$ in the 'Underground Circuit'

08-09-2011 , 11:55 AM
IUD works really well. Try it out.
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08-09-2011 , 01:58 PM
lol wifaments.
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08-10-2011 , 04:03 AM
Originally Posted by beaver316
emailed wife a minute ago and asked her if i could play after work. She got a little pissy and said it depends what time she gets off work, since one of us has to pick up our boy. She doesn't realize is i'm going anyways. will post recap tomorrow.
hahahahahahaha, I love this thread
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08-15-2011 , 10:14 AM
so wife didn't get home til 9 but at 9:15 i'm in the truck doing 80. get to the s. side game around 10 and they had 2 tables with tons of action. I buy in for 500 and soon i get all my chips in the middle w/ AA vs pair and flush draw. We deal 1x and i scoop.

The button straddles for 75. (in this game you can straddle the button for any amount) I ($1300) get QQ in mp and raise to 200. Button ($covers) is the only caller. (this guy plays any 2 when he straddles). Flop 310A. i lead for 200 and he thinks and calls. (i believe i'm ahead but this guy is crazy) turn 10 I check he bets 500. i call. River 9. no flush draws out there. I check and he checks. He shows KQ high.

I flop a straight vs a nit and lose the minimum on a 6c7c8c by check-calling w/ 9s10s. Played til about 1am and left w/ $830 profit.

Bankroll: $28,395
Profit: $8,395

I just bought a new/used F-250 truck. Cost me 22k. Now my goal is to make 22k to pay for it. When i'm playing i have never valued the $$ at the tables, which i guess makes me a better player or make better decisions. Lets see if i run good for another 14k. Only got to play 1 day since my last post. Baby's coming in 2 weeks and i'm having a built-in entertainment center and wall-to-wall study unit put in. Will take pics when done.

P.S. talked to my mom's neighbor about the game and he said they had no problem inviting me back to the country club game.
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08-17-2011 , 10:39 AM

Played in north side game for a couple hours. There was a seat available on the 2nd table and i proceeded to muck for the first hour. Worst cards ever. I ended up leaving down 220. The game was pretty crappy and i mutha fkd the game runner for not telling me the game sucked since it took me 1 hour to drive there. No interesting hands to report so sorry about that.

I've been in a shi!!y mood lately, so me and my lady have been fightin a bunch. Haven't gotten any pu$$y lately since she's due in about 2 weeks. Going to play on the s. side tonight so i will update tomorrow.

Bankroll: $28,175
Profit: $8,175
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08-17-2011 , 03:42 PM
Keep tearing it up!
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08-18-2011 , 11:59 AM

Played on the usual s. side game. I got there @ 7 and waited for 30min for a seat. Action was pretty good and i quickly got all my chips in the middle vs. reg. Preflop i called $25 w/ 5s6s vs 2 callers. Flop Ks2s3h. O.R. bet $75 i called and 2 others folded. Turn 9c. he bets 125 and i call. river As. He puts me all-in and i call. he shows AK.

I took down a few small pots pre w/ some 3-bets w/ avg. hands and chipped up to 1300.

late position i call 30 w/ AKo, bb raises to 75, OR makes it 175. I think for a little bit and folded. BB goes all in and OR calls. BB had AsKs vs JJ. That would've cost me everything since BB rivered flush.

Ended up for the evening +640. I heard Phil Hellmuth was going to be in Lake Charles for some event he's doing and was thinking about going to the casino this weekend for a change of pace, but my 2nd job is keeping me pretty busy. we'll see.

Total Bankroll: 28,815
Profit: 8,815
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08-18-2011 , 01:49 PM
gl bro , keep it up
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08-19-2011 , 12:07 PM

So after dinner me, wife, and son went to go get ice-cream. As posted previously, i've been in a sh*!!y mood lately. Get ice cream, stop by store and get cigs and she goes to the redbox. She told me that she wanted to watch a movie together and i was like, nothing good is out that i haven't seen. Get my cigs and she comes back w/ limitless. Told her i'd seen it already and she can watch it by herself.

Well that didn't sit will w/ her and she got pissy cuz i wouldn't watch it. I told her to stfu, i don't want to argue, especially in front of our boy (3yr). We get back to the house and i tell her i'm tired of her sh*t and she needs to chill. She says something sassy, I grab my keys and say "fk u" and take off to the nearest game, which was a 1-2nl.

They serve beer there so most of the night i'm drinking beers and just having fun. I ended up losing like $63 in a 3 hour period. I take off around 10p and sit in the truck thinking should i go back home or to the bar. Like a biatch i went home and luckily she was passed out in the room w/ our son. Caught the last bit of jersey shore and crashed.

Total Bankroll: 28,750 (rounded)
Profit: 8,750
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08-19-2011 , 01:43 PM
Maybe you should man up and learn to be a husband.
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08-19-2011 , 02:37 PM
Originally Posted by DonkeyCopter
Maybe you should man up and learn to be a husband.
But limitless was pretty bad, idk if anyone should be expected to watch it twice.
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08-19-2011 , 02:44 PM
lol true that.
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08-19-2011 , 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by beaver316
Caught the last bit of jersey shore and crashed.
Limitless is bad, but Jersey Shore? Really?

lol @ telling your ready to burst pregnant wife to fk off. Didn't you learn anything the first time around?
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08-19-2011 , 03:25 PM
my new show is 'suits' but do enjoy jersey shore, reminds me of good ol single days
i'm trying to be a better man, but damn i just can't talk all the emotions that come w/ pregnancy.
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08-23-2011 , 08:27 AM

Played in a 5-5nl last night. Got there around 7pm and immediately got a seat in the game. First hand i pick up AdAh in mp. Regular in the game who i've played with for years raises to 25 UTG and i make it 65. He is the only caller. Flop 2h3c4c he checks i check. Turn K He check i bet 75. He shows a K and folds. DAMN!!

The game wasn't much action tonight, w/ only about 4k on the table. One interesting hand of the night.

I limp utg w/ 55 folds around to button who raises to 20. 1 caller in bb and i call.

Flop 889 checks around to OR and he bets 40. BB folds and i call.

Turn 10 rainbow. i check he checks

River 2. I try a $40 blocker bet and he raises $100 more. I think about it and decide to call after some thinking. he shows AQ.

Ended up leaving around 9pm with +180. Not an eventful night by any standards but i'll take it.

Bankroll: $28,930
Profit: $8,930
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08-23-2011 , 08:58 PM
dig the thread. my girlfriend's brother said he played with farha at a 5-10 game in houston. never played in houston myself, but seems like there's a game every night.
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08-24-2011 , 11:02 PM
Originally Posted by CHSWHTLCK
dig the thread. my girlfriend's brother said he played with farha at a 5-10 game in houston. never played in houston myself, but seems like there's a game every night.
I dealt for a year at one of the biggest games in houston, where sammy farha played. He is a piece of **** but a good player. Would love to play in a 5-10 game with cuz he's got alot of gamble.

Yes there's a game every day all across town in houston. I'm taking a week or so off of poker so i can help my wife out before she has the baby.

I hope you guys are enjoying this blog and i hope i continue to have success.
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09-14-2011 , 02:35 PM
Drive from houston to Long Island New York
Sept 1

For my 2nd job i run a tree service company. Me and my 2 partners have been watching irene to make sure it was gonna hit the east coast. We had a meeting w/ all of our crews Wed. night and told everyone to get their bags packed. We took off thur. afternoon headed towards atlanta to meet some more crews their and have 1 last meeting before making our final destination.

Of course my wife was due with our 2nd baby any day now. When i informed her of my plans she was beyond pissed but i eventually talked her down. She was fixing to take 3 months off work and we both enjoyed the finer things in life like t.v., electricity, and babysitters.

Me and my road buddy ended up making it to ATL around 7a.m. It took about 14hrs since i was pulling a bobcat T190. We fueled up and did some grocery shopping and headed out towards L.I. new york. We ended up stopping a few miles into N. Carolina due to lack of sleep.

We woke up around 6:30am and drove the rest of the way to our destination. We road in a 8 truck convoy with most of us pulling 20ft trailers w/ machines on them. Luckily 1 truck had a blow out which he got fixed in about an hour.

We got to long island sometime in the late afternoon and got everything unloaded and met w/ the company that we were going to be working for. By the time we all got there, there was over 60 sales people assigned to different areas in the city.

We all smoked some weed and passed out knowing that the next week was going to be long hours.

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09-14-2011 , 02:47 PM
gg electricity and showers

I got to see a tree service guy in action when we were cleaning up in mississippi, dude was a ****ing beast. Hanging from trees chopping off branches one-handed with chainsaws all day long.
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09-14-2011 , 03:00 PM
that ain't me. I got some experience climbing but that ain't my bag, baby.
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09-14-2011 , 03:21 PM
Day 1 of work
So i've got 3 crews going @ 6:30am. We ended up doing about $50k worth of work. For you New Yorkers we were staying off 110 near amityville. We had our rooms booked up til Labor Day then we had to stay at some porn-star motel off 109 called hollywood inn.

This place was a trip, neon lights around the headboard, mirrors on the ceiling, the walls, 2 porno channels that came in fuzzy (we still watched it).

Anyways, after working for about 3-4 days we are drinking at the hilton bar and i spot this 7 at the bar by herself. I'm listening in to her conversation and apparently her friends ditched her and she was all dressed up w/ no place to go. I order a drink from the bar and start chattin her up. I asked her if she wanted to join us, and like the sl&t she was, she obliged.

There's 5 of us and her. We get pretty drunk at the bar and ask her if she knows a good bar to go to. We ended up going to this place called Four which was pretty cool. I start off buying a round of shots, which was fkn expensive (and cigs for $15 a pack, WTF).

She ended up paying for the next round and every round after that. Me and my partner and her are sitting outside smoking and she starts rubbin my schtick. My buddy starts kissin on her and feelin her t!ts. Boo-yah, we workin on a 3-some. We all take off in her car back to the hotel. One of our guys rides in the trunk and on the 1 minute ride back he passes out back there. By now every guy that's with us is trying to get up to this girls room. I'm like fk this, i ask the girl for her credit card and tell her i need to get some cigs and gas. Hey, i'm cheap and i already know my buddy's gonna knock it out, i know i know. i'm trying to change my trashy ways.

So i walk over to my hotel ( 2 min. walk) and jump in my truck and get what i told her I was going to get. Of course she didn't know that my truck was empty and holds like 26 gallons of diesel.

I wake up the next morning and we get a late start to work. Ended up finding out my buddy smashed it but couldn't bust one cuz he was drunk. What a waste. We got another day or so before we move into the porn star motel so we hustle up getting our work done and finally get over to the other place.

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09-14-2011 , 04:59 PM
By this time i think we have 1-2 more days of mediocre work. Me, and 2 of my friends and one of my main mexican workers went to the strip club. We get there around 7:45 cuz they start charging $20 cover @ 8pm. 'Slick Move'

There was only a few customers and maybe 3-4 girls working. I hated the way the bar was inbetween you & the stage. in houston i'm used to sittin right next to the stage close enough to see butt-hair. Whatever new york.

We had a few beers and then I told them i was taking care of everything but dances. Well then the shots start flowing. There was this 1 bartender i was eyeing. She was tall 5'10ish big ol booty big boobs and had a sexy new york accent. I start talkin to her in my best texan accent and it started working. I was out of smoke and asked her if she could get any but she said no. But she did give me some adderol. good enuf.

I lost track of time but some more girls started to roll in and i was feeling good. My friend fell in love w/ this sexy blk chick and spent like $200 on dances. My mexican was chillin and havin a good time since he's never been to a strip club. I ended up gettin a dance from some sexy russian chick. she was a good dancer and i tried stickin my finger up her butt. (just one of them things i do, to see if she's down) never went through the blackhole but stayed on the event horizon.

Went back to flirting w/ bartender and asked her what time she got off and if she wanted to hang out. She told me she gets off @ like 4-5am. She then asked what we were going to do. I told her it's ur town but we can figure something out. She wrote her number down on a napkin and i told her we were taking off. By then it was midnight and my head was spinnin from all the shots. We went back to the porn room and the other 3 guys took off to some bar. I texted her and told her what room i was in and to just come by and knock.

I rented another room for the other guys and then set my alarm for 4 on my phone. Wake up pissed off cuz my head is sitll spinnin. I pop 2 adderols and watch a lil porn til i get a text around 4:30am tellin me she's on her way. Fk i just remembered i don't have any condoms. Didn't feel like gettin up so i hoped she had some.

Around 5am i let her in the door. I can smell the freshly sprayed sl*t perfume and knew it was on. I'm still drunk and apologized for the porn-star room and told her it was the only one's available in the area due to labor day weekend (which was true). Made small talk for about 1min. then we start makin out. I was in the perfect zone of adderol awareness and sitll drunk. We make out as i'm sittin on the bed and she's straddlin me. I lift up her dress and take that filthy crap off. i Turn her around and lay her on the bed after she takes my shirt off. Make out for a little bit more then she drops my shorts and underwear which gets snagged cuz i'm rock hard. Start kissin on her body then get her on her stomach and snatch them panties off. i start playin with her p&$$y and get her a$$ in the air and starting munchin on both holes. (I.D.G.A.F) if she's a stripper/bartender i wanted some new york strange.

Her vaj smelled pretty decent for havin worked all night and was neatly trimmed. She gave amazing head. I was ready to get it in and she didn't even hesitate to ask for protection. Whatever! The mirrors were fkn amazing and w/ the neon light border and felt like you were in a porn movie. Thank god i was drunk cuz i would have easily busted one fast. She talked dirty and i loved the accent. We smashed for about an hour and i finally had to use some jedi tricks to blow the biggest load on her back. I was a gentleman and got her a warm washcloth and wiped it off.

We ended up passing out as the sun was comin up and slept for a few hours before i got woken up by my phone for work. And you know i woke up with some mornin wood but this time it was like 10min before i busted one. I ain't tryin to impress nobody. Told her i'd call her before we left town but was so busy i never did. Ended up leaving town 2 days later.

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09-14-2011 , 05:06 PM
I liked this thread before for the poker content, now it's teetering on epic/hilarious. Did not expect these TR's.
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09-14-2011 , 05:19 PM
Won't be able to play cards til probably next week. Trying to help out the wife get adjusted to baby life again. That's what happens when life gets in the way of sh*t you want to do.
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09-14-2011 , 05:58 PM
I had you pinned as a straight laced guy but that TR was great. Better hope the wife doesn't find this **** though.
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