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01-27-2014 , 12:26 PM
Heater continues, another 300$ up today so have won 52 buy ins in 3 days now, sickest upswing in a while wish i could post graphs but cant seem to get it to work.
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01-31-2014 , 10:36 AM
alright, so january is done, a little boring to not be able to post graphs but will try to sum it up anyway!

Began with a long break, barely played at all first 20 days of the month. Things wasnt looking very good for me financially at the time, but decided to go for it and try to turn things around. so i began playing a bunch at different eurosites and i wasnt off to a good start. I can honestly say that during some of the first sessions i was as close as ive been to broke since i started my pokercareer. But im so happy that i managed to turn things around and come out a 1600$ winner at PLO20Euro and PLO25$ for the last 11 days.

So like i said before, im trying to rebuild carefully but im feeling really motivated to move up in stakes again, and im putting in alot of hours atm so right now im not that far from moving up to PLO50Euro/PLO50$ actually. Hopefully i can continue to run good for a while and begin to take shots during next week.

Thats pretty much it, gg january gogogo february!!
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02-05-2014 , 03:10 PM
Start of february have been pretty good for me and i think Im up around 800$. Took my first shot at Plo50Euro today, was off to a good start and was up close to 500$ for a while but then i got coolered in a bunch of pots and ended down around 200$. Will probably continue to put most volume in at Plo20Euro but mix it up with some shots when i feel like it. Have a good feeling about this now, roll is growing and my game feels sharp!
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02-17-2014 , 06:17 PM
So first half of february is done, havnt been playing super much since last update but its been going alright when ive been playing. I think im currently up around 13-1400$ for the month which im happy with because im still grinding PLO20Euro and with the lack of volume i definitly think its a good result

I am watching alot of the winter olympics right now so that takes alot of my time, and im at the gym 1-2 hours / 6 days a week so i dont feel that i have very much time left for poker right now. So will probably keep slacking until the end of the olympics, and after that i will try to put in many many hours and hopefully get some serious rollbuilding going!!
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03-03-2014 , 09:39 AM
Alright, second month of the year done and the microgrinding continues! think i ended up winning around 1800$ in february. Happy about the result and with how ive been playing, volume been lacking though due to the olympics which i was watching pretty much all day everyday when it was on.

Outside of poker ive been super disciplined and been going to the gym 6 times a week and been eating really healthy. so im starting to see some serious progress comparing to a couple of months ago which feels great!

March is here and my plan is to play at least 6h a day which shouldnt be any problem at all just have to get in the grind mode again is off to a good start and have won 600+$ so far so hopefully im able to begin taking some shots at plo50 again soon. I really want to travel soon again since the weather really sucks in sweden right now so setting up some goals for march.

Poker goals:

- Play 180h.

- Begin taking shots at PLO50Euro

- Show at least 2500$ profit.

Life goals:

- Continue to go to the gym 6 times a week.

- Dont spend much money IRL.

- Book flight ticket to some warm place for the end of april.
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03-07-2014 , 01:36 PM
Decided to start doing weekly updates, so its easier to keep track of everything. Since HM still doesnt work ive started to write down hours and result in a notepad after every session to keep good track of it, so here we go!

1-7 march:

39h played

+910$ in profit

Happy with the start of the month, been getting the hours in and im feeling sharp at the tables been taking some shots at plo50euro too and is up small there i think, always fun to take shots though!
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03-14-2014 , 08:39 PM
Alright, second week of march is done! Been playing much this week and been taking like 4-5 shots at plo50 and lost 4/5 sessions i think so thats a little exhausting obv, but not much to do. Not super happy about my game this week, been a little spewy from time to time. Probably because ive been playing different stakes. So was doing ok resultwise this week but lost something around 500$ today mostly from plo50 shot so that was a little setback.

8-14th march:

40.5h played

137$ profit

March so far:

79.5h played

1047$ profit

I will just keep on grinding alot of hours and try to stay as sharp as i can at all time. Hopefully i will run better when taking shots upcoming week!
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03-15-2014 , 08:39 AM
Gl bro hope to see you back on stars soon
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03-16-2014 , 05:38 PM
Originally Posted by higgywins
Gl bro hope to see you back on stars soon
Thanks man appreciate it! i hope so too
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03-19-2014 , 08:35 PM
Made a deposit on to stars today to grind plo50, it was fun to be back!

will probably mix it up between eurosites and stars from now on and post some graphs and maybe some hands when playing on stars.

Heres since last update!

15-19 march:

18.5h played.

924$ profit.

March so far:

98h played.

1971$ profit.
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03-21-2014 , 06:58 PM
Last 2 days at stars, been getting in around 10-11 hours but dont get in a ton of hands because im only 6 tabling right now, and im not playing any zoom. I think im playing significantly better though, when playing 6 tables. Maybe i can push it to 8 without decreasing my winrate too much but i think im gonna try to stick to 6 for now.

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03-23-2014 , 07:15 AM
Took yesterday off and just hung out with a couple of friends watching football / movie. Did some sportsbetting though and won a little more than 150$ i think.

Actually booked an impulse flight down to vienna this afternoon to meet up a friend for the ept. Getting staked into it and we'll be playing day 1b so is really excited actually played like 5 ept stops staked 2-3 years ago and ran supergood in these and was able to cash in 3 of them, hopfeully i havnt used up all of my rungood though. So is really pumped up for this one its gonna be so much fun playing live again!!

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03-24-2014 , 07:33 PM
Made it to day 2 but is really really short have around 10k and avg is around 50k i think. Anyway it was really fun playing but didnt got many good spots. But at least Im still in so anything can happen gonna get some well needed sleep now and hopefully catch some goodrun tomorrow!!
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03-31-2014 , 07:35 PM
Its been a while since i had one of these, big day!

Its good to be back at plo100, hopefully i can stay there now.

anyway, busted out early on day 2 in ept vienna so went to london after that and will probably stay there for a while and grind alot online.

Heres graph since i left sweden, was down quite much there for a while but its nice to be upswinging now!

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04-01-2014 , 04:31 AM
i wouldn't feel the need to get to playing PLO100 asap just because you might have 15-20bi's in your account

glgl on the grind
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04-01-2014 , 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by ChicagoJoey
i wouldn't feel the need to get to playing PLO100 asap just because you might have 15-20bi's in your account

glgl on the grind
Appreciate the good thoughts man! Dont really feel like i need to be playing it, its more that Im having so much fun playing when moving up in stakes usually try to keep at least 30bi in acc though, give or take. But i like to think that Im quite disciplined so dont have too big of a problem with stepping down to rebuild if things get ugly.

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04-01-2014 , 02:18 PM
gl sir! I play less tables when moving up, hope you run g00t!
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04-01-2014 , 04:49 PM
Glad to see you're doing well. Goodluck in April man
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04-02-2014 , 08:01 AM
Originally Posted by aumni
gl sir! I play less tables when moving up, hope you run g00t!

Thanks man! usually try to stick with 6-8, think its working alright. gl to you too!

Originally Posted by LOLZOROFLMAO
Glad to see you're doing well. Goodluck in April man
Thanks buddy! ty you to man, just subbed your propbet thread, glgl gogo!!!
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04-07-2014 , 05:13 PM
first week of april done, havnt been playing as much as i would have liked to because have been out drinking alot but at least i got around 21h in and is up around 600$ including rakeback

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04-10-2014 , 03:52 PM
last 3 days been going goooood!

month so far, up around 3400$ including rakeback.

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04-14-2014 , 03:55 PM
2 weeks into april, happy about my month so far! Have been playing 50h and won 3600$ including rakeback

Havnt been playing that much since last update though, took a shot at plo200 and lost some so cashed out most of my roll since i need money irl right now so is back to grinding plo50 again. Off to a good start at plo50 so hopefully im back at plo100 soon!

April so far.

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04-17-2014 , 10:43 PM
Been playing much last couple of days and things are going good! been mixing in some hu as well, think its so much fun so will probably keep doing that. wont be much poker this weekend though, will probably be drunk the whole weekend its gonna be nice to get a couple of days off

april so far, have won 5300$ including rakeback!

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04-18-2014 , 12:29 AM
Looking good betrob
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04-18-2014 , 06:02 AM
Sick results man! Keep crushing
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