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Game2eazy Top 5 Tlb Chase! Game2eazy Top 5 Tlb Chase!

09-18-2014 , 11:55 PM
Sorry for no updates . Had a huge opportunity fall Through for me without any explanation that really killed my momentum lately . I havnt stop learning though ! These last few days I've dove deep in the 100nl 6 max regs Db and tried to pull a few things out and make since of others . Going to prob not play anymore scoop or Mtts for a little while . I'm coaching with a very good Mtt crusher for a good friend of mine for him to get to speed. So we been doing some icm work and blind defense . I'm going to try to wake up and put in a good sess tom at 100nl. Been marking players last few days and will wake up mark
The lobby and start the game selection . Have a very little
Roll ATM so hopefully things go well or will have to drop stakes and eat rake. I am actually felling confident as I have learn so much these last few months. Funny thing is if you don't fell you suck 3 months ago then your def not on the right track! I need to still work on my off the table leaks but once there fixed there is no telling where my game is going to take me .
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10-02-2014 , 03:08 AM
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10-03-2014 , 12:14 AM
Subbed. GL GL

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10-07-2014 , 12:32 AM
No more mtts?

Missed last month or so.

Have you ever been backed before?
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