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Game2eazy Top 5 Tlb Chase! Game2eazy Top 5 Tlb Chase!

08-20-2014 , 05:06 PM
Originally Posted by straykatbluz
Didn't realise you had one of these man, snap subbed. GL
To man update yours and give me something to read

Man today another wasted day. Really frustrated that my computer did not perform well today. Wasn't really my computer but my network that kept cutting in and out. I was reg for some big **** and really lost some momentum. I spewed off badly a big stack in the Big Ben close to bubble and bubble 3 other mtts. Going to spent today moving pc back to old room for better network service and fix 888. It worked perfect until I loaded a 50 dollar mtt and kept auto closing . Couldn't keep it open .

Mtts -36
Hours -5
Profit - 1kish
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08-21-2014 , 08:52 PM
Got all the issues figure out with pc *finger cross and did a nice daily session* before sess I called to upgrade internet which is supposed to be in effect but still hasn't kick In. Poker wise today was a winning day. Busted pretty much everything until I luck the Thursday thrasher to get to ftable where I raped 3 handed to get to a 7:1 lead to lose there was a huge 2k jump that I soooooo needed and wanted . Hu went about 40 min where I made one bad call and then got suckout on river . I well I was down around 1k before that so lucky to be up. I did get my wires in today for my monitors so now I have 4 monitors and a 40 inch set up. Won't give pictures until finish so should be tom night .

Profit - + 2k

2nd Thursday thrasher 3k
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08-21-2014 , 09:53 PM
Going to try to get some sleep and prepare for a huge week. Plan on playing over 10k in buyins so Leggo .

Internet still is not upgraded smh
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08-22-2014 , 06:15 PM
Did not really put in a solid session today. Played for a few hrs and brck everything but was constantly running to the restroom to vomit. Hopefully it is gone so I can put in a big session tomorrow. On the positive side my stand came in today and it is not set up. Below are the pictures i promise.


1 23 inch lg monitor overlapping
3 23 inch hp monitors
1 40 inch coby tv

i core 7 3770k overclock
2 gforce 680 fx 2 gb cards
Samsung 250 gb ssd
Fata1ity Ram

Going to use the overlapping monitor for lobbys the middle and left for tables and the right for my graphs shark scope etc. My tv only use for sleeping my bed is directly behind so I have a good view. Well going to go eat dinner and try to get a early sleep for a long Saturday. Gl every 1

Hours- 4
Profit -570
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08-22-2014 , 06:29 PM
Wow that is an insane set up!!
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08-22-2014 , 07:31 PM
Originally Posted by game2eazy
I tried saying hello to you like 6 times on the Millie table might be there for scoop and yah plan on playing most.
Always have the info tab on and chat bubbles turned off.

Setup looks sick. glgl
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08-22-2014 , 07:40 PM
GL! Do you have the problem of dry eyes when watching into all that light for long hours?
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08-22-2014 , 07:50 PM
@gutshot ~ appreciate

@ruse - no worries I search and saw you had 12 + hypers going also so just cutting a fool . You guys no longer in rosa ?

@geef~ the marijuana usually dries my eyes but I have contact and should use solution often but my rate of contact is a new pair ever 3 days (10 bucks )

Just ate some steak like Abarone style ! To bad it didn't come off a victory but damn I love my meat ( no h.o.m.o)
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08-22-2014 , 10:18 PM
sick setup ^^
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08-23-2014 , 12:01 AM
that setup is too dope

how much did that cost you in total?
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08-23-2014 , 06:21 AM
Me and jdawg are living in the beaches just north of walmart, til end of year most likely.

Were tech in Playas de TJ but still repping Rosa. And down to chill i youre down here and take a night off.

Still cant fathom that monitor setup, though have always grinded on laptop. We should def find a night to hang out when you come down. Rosa is cracking.

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08-23-2014 , 07:18 AM
@yazz ~ thanx man and good score for your brother ! You guy will crush the low stakes mtt with your cash background . There is a ton of variance as you know but glad you guys got a little score to make life easier in Cambodia . If anyone haven't read these guy thread it's a must !!! ****ing classic.

@yolo~ if everything was bought new would cost around 3kish but I bought everything except cables and stand off 2nd hand. Just found some good deals and waited for the items I wanted. Computer was roughly 1200 monitors 400 stand 100 cables extra 100 and tv like 250 so around 2kish so not that bad for something that can last and resale for over 1k when I want something new .

@ruse ~ nice def wanna chill if i come out but don't go leaving us and beating us home to grind. ! I heard about you!!! Also you gotta cook at least a snack or something !!! Josh seem to found his fav cook with you !!
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08-23-2014 , 09:52 PM
A long Saturday indeed. Started off nice winning a small 50 mtt on stars but then stalled for the next 8 hours. I f2t a ton with a 10th in 22c losing aq vs jj for top 2 chips .i got mad lucky going from .03 bb to 17 in like 5 hands have getting collered so it was a fun mtt. I do have A few finals but couldn't close the 55 super stack on tilt . All in all a small losing day.

Mtts - 180
Hours - 12+
Profit - 200
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08-27-2014 , 10:52 PM
Things been really ruff lately . Not poker related but Sunday had started the grind loaded up around 3k worth of **** and got the news my grandpa is in icu. These last few days has had many up and down with his recovery and he is fighting for his life! Don't wanna get into much details but I sure hope he pulls through .. My grandma needs him badly and I still have not yet been on the fishing trip he been wanting me to go for 5 years . #successhasitdowns
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08-28-2014 , 07:40 PM
Sending good vibes your way, gl man
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08-30-2014 , 10:24 AM
Ty sir I appreciate it. Today Is going to be a good day I can taste it! I'm about to start. Will updated Sunday with weekly updated but yesturday was intense . I ftable 11 tournaments to win a whopping 47 dollars . 5 mtts were on a 140 or less player field but damn !!! I had deep runs in a ton and truly felt I ran horrid . After sess I went trough most of my bust outs and wow I am glad I maintain composure as it was even more sicker to watch it again. Gl everyone who grinding !!!
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08-30-2014 , 10:37 PM
Today sucked !!!! But na it literally did . I bubbled a 5k main seat and didn't play that great in some other mtts . Tom i am ending this downswing and quit sucking goodnight
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08-30-2014 , 10:51 PM
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09-08-2014 , 03:00 PM
gl in the milly
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09-08-2014 , 06:15 PM
Unlucky in the SM mate.
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09-08-2014 , 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by The Sasquatch
gl in the milly
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09-08-2014 , 08:17 PM
Ty guys for the rail.

After my grandpa got real sick it took a lot of my motivation away from me . Thankfully he is still fighting and is on the road to recovery .

I took a few days off for the wcoop which I plan on playing a lot of events. Prior to the days away I lost a little with a few deep runs . The first two events I bricked in great fashion and Sunday was looking like a bust . I had the milli left and one table for 7 hrs until day 2 going in as 6/159. Day 2 started great winning jj vs 10s for 35% of my stack to give me some cushion. I grinded it up to 4 Millie lost a few coolers and then got it in for a top 5 stack 77s vs ajos vs negrinn. Gg me 32nd ! I would honestly say I have handle this the best I have ever handle a deep run. I m just anxious for my next opportunity at greatness!! I will try to update a little more during scoop . About to hit the bed goodnight all
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09-08-2014 , 08:21 PM
Dude if anyone deserves a WCOOP FT it's you. Hope you get one this year!
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09-08-2014 , 08:31 PM
damn deep run, get em next time
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09-09-2014 , 10:50 PM
Was a journey today! Played scoop 8 and spent about 600 in satties to
Both 8/9 which went south. I did win the 55 7.5k for 2.6k which was nice as I played pretty damn well 30 down . Had over 3k in buyins so today was a slight winner despite going deep in loads. Busted monsoon in ugly fashion 22nd . Going to bed and cannot wait for tom.

Mtts- 61
Hours - 8
Profit - 70ish

55 7.5k first
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