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Galantes 100 to 1k Galantes 100 to 1k

05-20-2010 , 11:05 AM
just finished my last final today and lookin to start makin some profit from poker. Tilted away 200 bucks yesterday playin out of my bankroll PLOh/l. anyway im workin two jobs this summer but both part time so ill have a considerable amount of time to play. very small sample size( only around like 300 games) but i have a 20% roi on DON and im gonna multitable the **** out of these for awhile. will most likely add cash games but for now im gonna play between 10-20 tables at the 5 dollar level until i either feel comfortable adding more tables or my bankroll allows me to move up. actually gonna start playing right now so ill update shortly

goal: turn 100 into 1k hopefully before summers over playing DON's
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05-20-2010 , 12:05 PM
crappy first set

cashed in 5
didnt in 6

bankroll 92.35

firing up another set, also tryign to get my hold em manager workin properly. im doing the free trial so getting used to it still
Galantes 100 to 1k Quote