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05-20-2010 , 03:56 PM
Never really truly grinded playing poker since starting in 2005, would just play a couple of sets of SNGs win some money then throw it away on cash games. Overall I am up about 5k playing SNG's all ranging from STT to MTT turbos. With the new challenge forum I decided that I would finally start to truly grind SNG's and make my way through the different level of buy ins.

I play up to 15 SNGs at a time, only turbos. For this challenge I will be playing exclusively on Pokerstars under the SN Almighty 1ne, starting with an initial $200 and playing the $6.50s STT. I do not have a specific time period of when I will move up. I also will start to include 18 man and 45 man SNGs once I have reached a $1000 bankroll. I would like to get this done within 3 months but 6 months seems like the max I will commit to this. Starting today. Good Luck at the tables.

BR - $200
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05-20-2010 , 04:52 PM
gl op
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05-24-2010 , 06:44 PM
gl man! keep updating
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05-24-2010 , 06:57 PM
Gl. I'm currently moving up to the $6.50 level myself, but I usually play 18mans.
See you on the tables!
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05-24-2010 , 06:58 PM
Yes man, keep on, great igniciative... If you pass it, you're great!!! Wish you luck and update asap!
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05-24-2010 , 07:06 PM
Sorry for the lack of updates, started off on a swingy break even start down about $13 but I am sure things will turn around soon, been mixing in 6-max 9-max and 18-max. Bankroll is $187 after 160 games. Just going to focus on 9 max right now because 18 is way too swing. Here is the graph since I started.

Shows me down $27 but I made this thread while playing so its a few dollars off.

The large swings are from the 18 mans btw
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05-24-2010 , 07:11 PM
GL Almighty 1ne you can dew it !
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