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1/3 Grinding and Bankroll 1/3 Grinding and Bankroll

07-15-2024 , 08:37 PM
Got a solid 10 hours of sleep (let's gooo!!! lol, the things that get me pumped up), woke up a little later than usual due to a late session, but game was very above average, ended up making $820 on the day despite the modest loss at the $100 ante bomb pot game. Was playing with a legend who frequents the big hold 'em game often, he called my initial $200 raise, 4! to $2,500 all in, and a a 5! into a dry side pot for $9,000 with 72s. (We both had AKo so he was actually a favorite, Mike Postle!).

br challenge: $85,630 to go. On track! 15% there already just a few days in. I am feeling confident about this one! Some good guesses so far.
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Yesterday , 07:02 AM
Ran well, made $3,640 at 1/2 plo in 7.5 hours, br challange: $81,990 to go. Lock in your guesses by the 20th! Played a shorter session just to treat myself and relax, game was still decent but I need to take care of myself and I wanted to wake up earlier during the day again, had a late start last night. Healthy habits #1!
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Yesterday , 01:27 PM
Woke up early as sorta planned (albeit much earlier than expected), not a ton of sleep but I’ll get to bed early tonight. Feel good enough to function. A solid pre-session routine this morning will help me stay disciplined.

Games look mediocre to bad right now unfortunately, hopefully things pick up later in the afternoon. Lots of nitty retirees and 2/5 grinders. The downside of an early rise is that the games are not as good. Aways a cost to a better schedule and healthier lifestyle. Can’t have it all.

On the bright side, getting some nice reviews in my coaching thread lately!

Edit: was about to be called for open plo game but they were about to open a new game with better players so I asked to wait for the new game, it looks juicy!! Got a seat. Think smart. Game select!

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Yesterday , 06:34 PM
Started running well but then took a bit of a nosedive running big and wrap fd plus pair into set and better fd, may have gone a bit off the reserve with my non nut draw, and losing with top set to fd. Took a break to eat and come back fresh. Felt I was starting to steam a little and I got thrown a couple slow rolls too. Being overly aggro with that draw probably could have flatted and played rivers perfectly. I blame getting only 4.5 hours of sleep.
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Today , 12:01 AM
Making a good comeback, game got better with a couple gamblers. Got invite for seat in big game but it’s mediocre and I’m very tired so will likely pass this time. Better not to play such a big game on very low battery.
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Today , 02:21 AM
Double board bomb pots now at MGM National Harbor???
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Today , 03:05 AM
Made $1,000 in the end, the big fish quit and I was exhausted and so did I. br challenge: $80,990 left.

Re: DBBPs: It was a special occasion I guess, the VIP wanted to do them and the floor didn't notice.
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Today , 12:47 PM
I reset my schedule again, woke up relatively early with the sun just after noon and after a solid night's sleep, a great way to start the day. Had a dream I was playing a three way 3! pot with the big hold 'em game organizer who was sitting on an elevated table in a large room looking down on the rest of us and I thought I had KK but when I looked back at my cards after an A93sss flop to do a spade check I actually had K5s and flopped the nut flush! The board paired on the river but I bet $2,500 anyway and he snap folded. Everyone in the room was rooting for him, so it was a little tense.

I reached a new yearly milestone in annual winnings yesterday which was really cool. My friend said go to a park and take a break, but it's been so hot outside! 101 degrees two days straight, yeesh!

I wonder if I will ever make $1,000,000 in a year playing this game....
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