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PokerMaster - Private poker with friends free!

PokerMaster - The transformational poker home game app that allows you to play poker anywhere with your friends.

The Story of PokerMaster

At the beginning, there was a group of friends who really enjoyed playing poker together. However, live poker requires a lot of time, and online poker is not easily accessible for everyone. So, one of the friends, who happened to be a programmer, decided to write his own application for home poker games with his friends. Thus, the application PokerMaster was born.

PokerMaster is designed under the philosophy that poker is a social game best enjoyed by friends, which, surprising as it may be, is actually not easy to achieve conveniently in a lot of places. Live poker cannot always accommodate a group at the same table, and online poker’s predatory environment is no fun to take part in. PokerMaster‘s attempt to solve all of this is rather genuine, as it allows players to create private games, and share the games using a simple code system. Anyone with the right code could join in the game, and join in the fun, so as a game host, you get to decide who you want to play with.

The rapid explosion of users in PokerMaster’s native Asian market gave us confidence that our view of poker as a game is shared by millions of poker players. Our application, while enabling a truly social gaming environment, is also approved by professionals across the globe in terms of integrity and friendliness. Now, we are ready to bring PokerMaster to the rest of the world. We hope poker players across the globe could also share our vision and enjoy playing on our application, just like millions of poker loving fans in Asia.

Club Function Overview

A key feature of the PokerMaster application is the club function. As we all know, the most important unit of PokerMaster is the “game”, which is a private, invite-only home game hosted by a specific player. Hosting a game and then sharing the game PIN to invite friends is easy, but you still need to reach out to prospective players every time a new game is being hosted. In order to solve this and better accommodate players’ needs, PokerMaster innovatively designed the club function, which is sort of like an invite-only Facebook group where players could not only chat and share hands but also host games and be notified. The club function could enable you to turn PokerMaster into your own personal poker club, as you can know when games are running, and play any time, all in a private and secure setting.

The club function also serves as proof of our belief that poker is a game best enjoyed in a social, relaxing and friendly setting, as managing your own club would allow you to play poker with the same group of friends any time at your fingertips. We believe that the Club function, being unique, flexible and secure at the same time, would allow players to explore new ways to play and enjoy poker. In addition to the basic functionalities described above, clubs also give the club owner multiple tools to better manage the games going on, including gifting game coins to players.

In Asia, the club function was very well received by amateur fans and professional players alike, as players really enjoyed the easiness the club function provided. In many clubs, all you need to do is to open the application anytime you feel like playing, and you could find a game within the club to play. We certainly hope that this function will also become a favorite function for our new users.

Quick Games and Results Sharing

Quick games, as opposed to the club function, is meant to enable players to easily and conveniently play poker on the go at their fingertips. All you need to do to host a quick poker game is use PokerMaster and then share the game PIN in any social media outlet with your friends. In addition, you could also manage advanced settings for the quick games, including setting buy-in restrictions, and enabling manual controls over player buy-ins. Through advanced settings, you could control every minute detail of your quick game, so even if hosting a game is very easy, your experience and the integrity and seriousness of the game itself would not be compromised.

Another major feature of PokerMaster is the ability to share results to any applicable social media outlet instantly. This feature, coupled with the quick game function described above, would allow you to post results from your quick games to your Twitter page or your Facebook page, and even enable you to brag about it privately with your friends. The results sharing functions also makes keeping track of your progression possible. For any aspiring poker player knowing if they can beat a certain level of opponents is very important, and through results sharing and other statistics related functions in PokerMaster, inspecting your results both for a particular game or over a long period of time would be very easy. You could even use the results sharing functions to know who’s the biggest winner in your circle of friends!

In Asia, the results sharing function is one of the most frequently used PokerMaster function. Asian social media is constantly being flooded by PokerMaster results, as players and enthusiasts both like to share their winning sessions and complain about their losing ones. Facebook and others social media would offer new possibilities for social media presence, and thus we believe that this function would also hit home with the western audience.

Think what we described above is exciting? Try our application now! PokerMaster is available on the iOS App Store.
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Re: PokerMaster - Private poker with friends free!

How do you protect players vs blatant collusions?
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Re: PokerMaster - Private poker with friends free!

poker on steroids
action hands all the time to create swings.
alot of collusion teams who share their holecards on skype
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Re: PokerMaster - Private poker with friends free!

This app is not available on the iOS AppStore. What's up?
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Re: PokerMaster - Private poker with friends free!

Originally Posted by 4-Star General View Post
How do you protect players vs blatant collusions?
It's a private play between friends. If they're colluding on you, you need new friends.
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Re: PokerMaster - Private poker with friends free!

Originally Posted by 4-Star General View Post
How do you protect players vs blatant collusions?
Site dont care about protect players.
Here ''collusion is legal''
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Re: PokerMaster - Private poker with friends free!

Multi-accounting appears to be part of the business model.
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