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Commercial Marketplace For companies and 2+2ers who have commercial products or services they wish to sell.

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Commercial Marketplace Rules

***Neither nor its moderators take responsibility for transactions entered into by 2+2 members. does not endorse any advertiser and all purchases are made at your own risk.***

Welcome to the new 2+2 Commercial Marketplace. We are opening this forum to provide a venue for companies to market their wares to 2+2 posters. We also welcome individual posters who would like a thread for their own small business.

There is a monthly fee to have a thread in the Commercial Marketplace:

1 month - $150
3 months - $400
6 months - $600
12 months - $1,000

Book authors/publishers - $100/month for a thread advertising a single book.

We also offer Classified Listings in this forum, for $50/month. All listings will be a single post. Much like a newspaper listing, replies will not be possible. These listings are meant for things like job listings, one-time sales, and other simple items of that nature - not for general business advertising. For the most part, no logos, links, etc. Circumstances may dictate exceptions when we agree they are warranted.

Additional discounts may apply for multiple threads. Also, contributing posters may be eligible for a discount if they are advertising their own small business venture - not a company.

Paypal or Certified Cheque/Money Order will be accepted for payment. All threads must be prepaid for the entire term to be eligible for the discounted pricing.

Many of the same restrictions to be found in the regular Marketplace will be used here when it comes to goods and services that will be permitted. The following will not be accepted:
  • Poker Rooms, Rakeback, and Affiliates*
  • Coaching and/or training sites*
  • Money transfer services
  • Poker hand databases and/or datamining services.
  • Illegal items. This includes (but is not limited to) illegal copies of books, software, etc and knockoff/replica items that infringe on trademarks. Torrent sites, memberships, etc., are not allowed either.
  • Drug Paraphernalia. Yes, we know that pipe might be legal in your state, or that Volcano can be used for other things; it doesn't matter, sorry.

* We do accept advertising for poker rooms, affiliates, and coaching/training sites on 2+2, but this cannot be done in the Commercial Marketplace.

If you are interested in advertising in the Commercial Marketplace, please PM Bobo Fett, or email for more information.

We reserve the right to deny or revoke Marketplace privileges to any poster or company associated with questionable behaviour or activity, past or present, on-site or off.

Posting Eligibility

Companies will be allowed to create a new account for the purpose of posting in this forum. However, we will require verifiable contact information - Company Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website. Such an account would not be allowed to be used outside of this forum, with the exception of Authorized Advertisers that have a banner ad campaign running and are approved to post elsewhere.

For individual posters, the same requirements will need to be met as in the Marketplace:

Have a 2+2 account in good standing, which has been registered on twoplustwo for no less than six full months. [Note: You need to have both, not just one or the other.]

Forum Conduct

In general, we hope for a friendly & fair environment for members of 2+2 to do business. In that spirit, please avoid the following:

  • Trolling: Abusive posts will not be tolerated.
  • Hijacking: You may not use someone else’s thread to try and sell your own goods.
  • Price Moderating: Don’t derail others’ threads with complaints about their selling price. Unless you see something grossly misrepresented, or a used item being sold for well in excess of what it can easily be purchased for new from a major retailer, leave it be.

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