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 at cake and new options  at cake and new options

05-21-2010 , 03:54 AM
not sure if this is a good place to ask but actually at it self i didn't get a complete response.
cake poker used to be an option for receiving the first time free $50 but last time i checked it wasn't listed anymore. is cake coming back?

what about entraction/ipn/microgaming/ongame networks?

i'm from israel and currently our only options are ftp and stars.
05-22-2010 , 07:21 AM
Hey djo,

Cake will most probaby come back, but not yet in June as far as I know.

With Ongame, we are working on a solution to realise the $50 transfers and the other necessary adaptions. Same with Microgaming, where we are already advanced. IPN - in the beginning stages.

With Entraction, we still have doubts whether it makes sense for a beginner. A beginner should have plenty of tables on the micro limits to use his $50 properly.

Is iPoker in general not accepting Israeli players? I always thought this is the choice of the individual skins.

05-22-2010 , 08:06 AM
hi lutz, thanks for the comprehensive response!

on some networks the countries allowed are decided by each skin but on ipoker israel is unfortunately not allowed network wide.

i'm glad to hear that cake poker will be back, they have additional skins as well as you know for sure.

i just checked and it doesn't seem like entraction has less traffic in the micros than cake/888 for example.

are you guys checking out the merge network as well?

as you might assume i'm quite a big taf affiliate. the moment there is another site available for the israeli network besides stars and tilt i usually get many signups. is there any easy option for me to keep updated on the current list of sites that are available for the $50?

05-23-2010 , 08:42 AM
Hey djo,

with Merge and Entraction, we're still in the process of setting up one partner. So it's hard to say when a free $50 could/would follow.

The rankings normally just change once a month. So the list you see on the 1st/2nd will normally hold for a full month.

Actively informing TaF affiliates like you, e.g. via email, would be a nice gadget. I'll suggest it internally.

06-01-2010 , 12:09 PM
hi lutz, any news for June? cake? any other new rooms?
06-01-2010 , 12:41 PM
Hey djo,

this month, the choice is as follows:

Full Tilt Poker

So unluckily, Cake is not yet available this month.

06-25-2010 , 07:50 AM
Cheers mate, thanks alot xantos.
07-02-2010 , 03:43 AM
hi lutz,
july? is cake coming back yet?
07-02-2010 , 08:39 AM
Sadly not yet

These days many rooms focus on getting things done in France, so not all of them focus on getting things & processes done as much as possible for their .com rooms.

07-03-2010 , 11:40 PM
Cake isn't setting up a room in france?
07-04-2010 , 08:52 AM
This was just a general remark about the priorities of many poker rooms currently. Of course I cannot disclose information about our talks with specific rooms such as Cake Poker or others.
07-04-2010 , 09:05 PM
yeah, my players like it.
12-02-2010 , 01:09 PM
From December 6 onwards, Cake Poker most probably will be an option, again!
12-02-2010 , 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by Xantos-
From December 6 onwards, Cake Poker most probably will be an option, again!
12-03-2010 , 07:11 AM
what a bump great news. would appreciate if you could update when this is live.
also, what about ongame/microgaming/ipn/entraction/merge free $50 deals?
12-03-2010 , 12:08 PM
Ongame, IPN and Entraction would offer the liquidity - and with Ongame and Microgaming, we would have partners who would like to do it. But on both networks, it's yet an implementation problem. And the mills of technology sometimes are indeed slow. But we're on it
12-05-2010 , 07:04 AM
Still a small tech problem, so it could get delayed until Dec 8th.

Will update here.
12-13-2010 , 05:40 AM
Should be working now - first 22 players got their $50 at Cake