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Triple Barreling with no Equity? Triple Barreling with no Equity?

06-23-2022 , 08:26 PM
6h4h - button $600 effective

villian is a splashy player and has raised weak before. 40s. Latino. Feels like he’s there hoping to get lucky, but a isn’t playing every single hand. Seen him make very light floats on ace high boards (showed up with j 10 off with no draws he could have made unless it was runner runner) and show down trash. 40/20

My image is good at the table. I’ve been able to make some nice squeezes light without getting looked up. Probably 15/10

Hero raises to $40. Folds around and CO calls.

Flop ($70)

Ah, 10s, 2s

CO checks, hero bets $35. CO calls.

Turn ($140)

Ah, 10s, 2s, 8s

CO checks. Hero bets $80. CO calls. Thinking here I should give up but he says aloud “im not there yet”

River ($300)
Ah, 10s, 2s, 8s, 7h

CO checks. Hero bets $120. Should I be sizing up here? I really don’t know what he could have other than an ace or maybe a single king high flush draw that missed?
Triple Barreling with no Equity? Quote
06-23-2022 , 10:10 PM
The key thing is don't try to push stations off hands. Once your heads up with this guy and he calls flop you should give up your air. Heck, I would not even c-bet much with no equity if he is suspicious of ace high flops.

As played, give up river without more history. You can't trust what he says in this sort of situation, it's often to throw you off. He could have any number of pair + 1 spade that won't give up easily on river. Plus J9 and 97 are in his range also. If you do want to bet go smaller. $80 will get any hand that is going to fold to fold. He either has air and will fold to any bet or he has a pair+ and you have to bet something like $150 to have a chance.
Triple Barreling with no Equity? Quote
06-23-2022 , 11:25 PM
Hmmm... I probably wouldn't even raise this hand if he's behind me. Not sure where you raised from, but for me it's a button raising hand only.

This isn't the guy I'm trying to bluff for multiple streets.
Triple Barreling with no Equity? Quote
06-23-2022 , 11:55 PM
How are you button if you open and it "folds around" to the co? Clarify positions please.

What are the stakes? $40 would be a huge open for 2/5 or smaller, but if there has been some action before it gets to us this sizing could make sense. Is there?

Regardless of stakes, position and previous action, this hand is generally an over-limp or a fold. Opening can be ~ok in the right games, but it really is suited hot garbage. If we are opening over limpers or 3betting I think it's pretty bad.

Honestly, the rest of the hand is you just blasting away and praying he doesn't have a pair of spades or a decent Ax+.
Triple Barreling with no Equity? Quote
06-24-2022 , 01:29 AM
Ah sorry I’m button he’s cut off. He opens for $12 and I raise to $40. Folds back to him and he calls
Triple Barreling with no Equity? Quote
06-24-2022 , 02:53 AM
Barring some crazy exploit read I don't see the need to 3 street bluff with no equity the whole way because we should have other hands where we do have some equity, meaning we can pick these instead and sometimes luckbox into winning with the better hand.
Triple Barreling with no Equity? Quote
06-24-2022 , 03:00 AM
So he is the splashy player and you are re-raising on 4,6s? Pick your targets better. When someone plays too much they are ripe to pay off value bets. When someone folds too much they are ripe to be bluffed. From your description he plays too much.
Triple Barreling with no Equity? Quote
06-24-2022 , 08:54 AM

If you insist on betting the river, you gotta go bigger. But I doubt he folds an A so I would just shut down and take my lumps.

I want to think c-betting the flop is ok but he will peel light and this would still hit his raise/call range pretty well so I just lean to checking.

Also I definitely don’t 3-bet PF.
Triple Barreling with no Equity? Quote