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Should we slowplay here after flopping nuts? Should we slowplay here after flopping nuts?

11-28-2021 , 06:05 PM
1/3 NLHE, 9-handed

======== pre flop =============
UTG+1 - raise to $13
Hero from MP - I post $3 to get back in the game. Call the remaining $10. I am holding 45.

CO - calls
SB - calls
BB - calls

Everyone has roughly $300 stack size.

======== flop =============

2 3 6 ($66)

UTG+1 - checks
Hero - ???
11-28-2021 , 07:08 PM
Reasons to bet: This is a 5 way pot. Preflop raiser has checked already. You have the nuts and would like to build a big pot.
Reasons not to bet: It's very unlikely any turn card will beat you. The board is terminally dead, it's likely everybody else missed this.

Things that effect both: There are more cards that will induce action on the turn then freeze action. You don't know which cards they are though because you can't tell which cards gave people draws or pairs. Any time you check flop and then spring into action later in the hand on brick cards you polarize your hand. This can make it harder to build a big pot later one.

I would bet $25 around 2/3s of the time and check the rest.
11-28-2021 , 11:58 PM
$20, look like your drawing.
11-29-2021 , 08:38 AM
$30 ... Multi-way; action killing cards; free BD cards.
11-29-2021 , 11:14 AM
bet now before a king or an ace comes ott to kill the action. That's a flop that should get calls from a lot of hands.
11-29-2021 , 04:32 PM
Bet ! Bet on the flop !
11-29-2021 , 04:47 PM
I fold preflop. Way too loose being the first caller in this position with this high RIO hand, imo.

SPR is 4ish. Board is fairly dry except for a few action killing cards. I would just bet like ~1/2 PSB on flop and turn to setup a river shove barring a stoopid runout. Might be more reason to attempt a check/raise if flop was more drawy/dynamic (to get in stacks by the turn and punish those betting their flush draws / hands with equity).