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"The Pen:" Live NLHE Chat Thread "The Pen:" Live NLHE Chat Thread

Today , 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by squid face "The Pen:" Live NLHE Chat Thread
Mr. RTP,

Based on everything u have poasted over the past couple o years I would say that you are quite good with managing your $ and generally speaking live well below your means.

I also see that you are a big rams fan.

Being able to go and see your fave team perform in the playoffs seems like a total no brainer here. This is exactly why you have been busting your ass and allocating 80+ hours per week to poker. So that you can take a day and treat yourself to something that may not happen again for a long time. Surprise your mom and have an awesome day with her that you will not soon forget
Originally Posted by cushlash "The Pen:" Live NLHE Chat Thread
Seconded. I was too big of a nit for too long with stuff like this. Lately been splashing a bit and it feels good.

Obv no idea what RTP's financial situation is but if you're an over-saver like me, loosen up and watch your life EV skyrocket.
Today , 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by bob_124 "The Pen:" Live NLHE Chat Thread
I'm a Niners fan now. I fully blame you.
Glad to help you extend the meaningful season.
Today , 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by golddog "The Pen:" Live NLHE Chat Thread
+1. I had the good fortune to go to the Super Bowl in New Orleans when Favre & the Packers won. While every football fan should have the opportunity to get the Super Bowl experience regardless of teams, it's plus a million when it's your team. I imagine NFC Championship would be very similar.

Good luck, both to you in being able to go and the Rams.

+1 to everyone else saying the same thing

I’ll add that I did not go to the Eagles/Pats SB a few years ago and wish I had. Obv it was great that they won, but the reality is that you never know when your team will be back there in your lifetime.