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Old 03-28-2017, 09:15 AM   #1
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In position with AA in 1/3

1/3 live

V1 older white guy. I've never seen him before but knows all the players and is well knows by the dealers as well. Been playing for about and hour and has shown me a tendency to fold to aggression. $220 stack

V2 mid 20s white guy. He is newer to the table but has been very easy to read. Not good at controlling his facial expressions when he either has a hand or doesn't. $200 stack

Hero is a 30 year old white guy. Has a tag image but has been playing quite loose just hasn't had to show down many hands. $400 stack.

Hand starts with V2 open limping in middle position. Folds to hero in the cut off who looks at two red aces and raises to $15. V1 in the big blind calls and V2 as well.

Flop- Qc5c3d
V1 leads flop for $15. V2 calls I call.
At this point I'm putting V1 on top pair based off the previous play as well as flush draws. V2 I think is on a flush draw based off his previous open limping hands played

Turn changes nothing- 2s

V1 leased for 30 at this time but I could tell he really didn't like seeing this card. Seems like a bet to try and take the pot. V2 calls but he seems to obviously be chasing his flush. I call.

This is where I feel I went wrong. In position with an over pair should I have put in a raise? If so how much? I feel like I gave them way to good of a price to draw.

River was another blank and they both shut down folding to my $75 dollar bet. I know I won this hand but I'd appreciate any advice as I'm trying to improve my game. Seems like I put myself in a bad spot calling down and could have easily been forced to fold. Both players ended up showing flush draws at the end of this hand. Thanks!
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Old 03-28-2017, 09:56 AM   #2
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Re: In position with AA in 1/3

Congrats on winning the hand.

Imho, I think you needed to make a reraise (pot size bet) on flop to charge Villains for draws (and build pot) and isolate. If you get a call, you either have villain chasing draw with incorrect pot odds ( which is good)...or he has 2 pair or Set (not so good). Ideally he has TPTK.

A 2/3 size Turn bet/reraise as well. If Flushcard or wheel card comes - re-evaluate.

Part of playing TAG is playing "AGGRESIVE" when you play. Plus, you can't give V2 4:1 (call $15 to win $60) to draw out. Put pressure on V and reraise. If not here, where & when would you ever re-raise?

Good Luck.

My 2 cents
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Old 03-28-2017, 10:57 AM   #3
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Re: In position with AA in 1/3

Raise to $18 or $20 preflop here unless players are folding too often to this larger size. If they are calling $15, they are probably calling $18 or $20 which makes it easier to get stacks in by the river.

On the flop to the weak donk bet you can make it $55-65 and setup a turn shove. I see no reason to flat call on the flop. As played on the turn you should also raise, after you put in the $30, the pot is big enough to shove and get called by worse plenty of the time.
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Old 03-28-2017, 11:57 AM   #4
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Re: In position with AA in 1/3

I'd raise to $20 preflop to setup a more trivial stack off situation against V2's stack of $200.

Both villains got in decent percentages of their stack preflop (~7%) although I wish we would have gotten in more. SPR is 4, board is drawy, and Qx probably ain't going to fold. I raise the flop before scare cards come to slowdown the action / kill our hand, in order to setup a turn shove. There's currently $75 in the pot. I typically like to give poor 2:1 odds to chase, which would mean a raise to $105, but anything that sets up a turn shove is fine (even $75 is ok).

As played, on the turn the pot is now $150 when it gets to us and both players only have about that much more left. I shove.

Basically, preflop set things up where we are basically committed for stacks postflop (unless there is some crazy action / read / board that suggests we can deviate from not playing for stacks). Since this is the case, and we even have a read that suggests at least one of the players is on a draw, we really need to be getting in stacks ASAP. The flush draws got *awesome* odds of 5:1 to chase both on the flop and the turn, which is really bad if we feel committed for stacks (which we should with this SPR).

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Old 03-28-2017, 12:13 PM   #5
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Re: In position with AA in 1/3

Thanks for the help. In the moment I felt good about the hand. But since I couldn't help but thinking how bad of a spot I could have Been in. I think a huge leak in have is not getting value when I know I'm ahead. Preflop that was a big as I felt would get action. Bigger raises were not getting action during this session. Really appreciate the advice this site provides. I've really been focusing on reads and putting players on hand ranges which has been going great so far. Now I want to tighten up my post flop game.
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