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LC: The Tag Commandments LC: The Tag Commandments

11-18-2012 , 08:15 PM
Originally Posted by Maskk
As a relatively religious guy, do we really need to make fun of the commandments? (Not getting to play fri night and sat day due to sabbath is rough enough already)

Also, to all you tags. Limp behind more in lp w trash like o1c, its good for your wr
We do, because they are not needed and are mostly ridiculous.

this is why
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11-18-2012 , 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by Petey 5thStreet
OP doesn't say "Thou shall not openlimp." It says "Thou shall not limp"
But what was the INTENTION of these writings? I think it leaves room for interpretation.
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11-18-2012 , 10:22 PM
Originally Posted by Maskk
Too basic. MIP (a great decrip for my game) is often playing villains math more than the math of their own hand.

E.g. Knowing that draws are a large part of vil range after a flop call makes a turn bomb on safe cards **** up his math. The ability to pot the turn and win w any holdings is highly useful here; still playing the 'math' but its a diff game.
Thank you, God. My logic has been finally described for what it is: too basic. How on earth can I refract my MIP game? Cannot we out-level Villain's math on the turn by under-betting. Let us give him 5:1 for his draw, over-pot river when his misses, so he calls us with A high; let us c-bet 1/3 pot, so he calls two more streets with middle pair; and let us 3bet him with 40% of our stack, so he 4bet shoves to fold-out our JJ.

Originally Posted by stampler
I like.

then they are a bad LAG-MIP, and they are straying from the flock, (a heretic), because it is in essence the same style; it's a just matter of degree between TAG and LAG.

i like to think of them as maxims, and not so much as rules.
maxims help point the way and act more as guidelines, and not as rote instructions...
I have strayed, I'm a heretic, but I do not repent. "Matters of degree" have become those of kind: AG is no longer and IP shall prevail.

A maxim is a maxim, a rule a rule, a guideline a guideline, an instruction an instruction, and, of course, a commandment will always be a commandment.

No longer can I live with this semantic drift.
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