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Old 10-28-2018, 07:11 AM   #1
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1/3 QQ UTG+1

Hi all,

Looking for some thoughts here.

V1: only player I really respect at the table. He's pretty good for a 1/3 player. He probably plays too many hands pre, however, he is very aggressive and picks his spots well form what I have seen. I have seen him use aggression where it doesn't make sense at times, however, it gets people to fold. He is on my direct left and has around 500 to start.Early 30's white guy

V2: Younger guy as well. Might be a bit tilted. He's been losing a lot. Playing more speculative hands after rebuying. Overall he's pretty loose passive. He has 300

H: Playing tight overall. Don't like having V1 on my left so looking to seat/table change whenever. The last 30's minutes i've been on a miny heater getting KK and QQ like 2x each and AK 3x. My raises are getting less credible than they were earlier. I have about 450 to start.

OTTH: I open to $12 UTG+1 with QQ, V1 calls UTG+2, player calls in the cutoff, V2 calls in the SB and BB folds

($51) Flop: 367

I bet $30 V1 and V2 call

($151) Turn 3d

Checks through. Would you guys always bet here? In hindsight I probably should have. I can get called by over pairs a lot, charge flushe/straight draws.

($151) River 4

SB checks, I bet $40 planning on folding to a raise-I want to set my own price here and this bet size i think gets 88-JJ to call all day.

V1 raises to 120 and V2 jams.

I think this is a very easy fold-so I fold.

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Old 10-28-2018, 08:00 AM   #2
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Re: 1/3 QQ UTG+1

Yeah, betting the turn. Bottom card pairing is an excellent card for your big overpair, and as described they have seen you raise alot lately so your raises gets less cred/respect.

I would fire about half pot for value, from both draws or very likely smaller overpairs like 99 or 1010.

River is a bad card for your hand obviously, as you have pretty much zero straights in your range when you raise from early pos as a tight player. Check and hope get to showdown without putting in more money. Betting here seems like buttonclicking because you dont know what to do.

Instead of checking turn and betting the river, switch it up and bet turn/check river.
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Old 10-28-2018, 01:46 PM   #3
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Re: 1/3 QQ UTG+1

I think you have to bet the turn. I would have probably bet like $85 OTT for value, maybe even $95 or $100. The river is a bad card for us so I would be checking then folding to the bet/shove behind.
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Old 10-28-2018, 08:37 PM   #4
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Re: 1/3 QQ UTG+1

River is trivial check. You can call a small sizing but fold to anything big.

Turn is a mandatory bet IMO. This is actually a very good card for you, since you're now ahead of 67s. You can charge draws and get value from worse overpairs.
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Old 10-29-2018, 11:15 AM   #5
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Re: 1/3 QQ UTG+1

Yeah, definitely have to get out of this seat ASAP; it kinda dwarfs any other decision, imo.

About the only good thing this position does is that it allows us to often generate good limp/reraise-with-lots-of-deadmoney spots, so that's what I'd do. preflop. Can't stand our preflop result (OOP to a difficult player, OOP to multiple players, bloated pot giving huge IO with a face up hand where anyone with remotely half a clue can play fine).

I would probably lean to a flop check. Mostly because V1 is in the hand and I'd rather not play my hand face up against him.

I'm fine with the turn check having bet the flop. Lean to bet/folding lines against ABC opponents; against good/difficult opponents lean to disguising hand and attempting to get to showdown for relatively cheap, imo.

I don't like our river bet. We obviously don't have a straight and I'm not sure a flush makes a lotta sense (we didn't barrel it?) so I think we open ourselves up to getting bluffed by V1 a lot. Against ABC guys who are never raising worse here I'd be more fine with it. I'd more lean to bluffcatching with V1 in the hand.

Agree easy fold given this action.

For me, this is partly why seat position is so important. Playing OOP against very solid players just ain't a great spot, but mostly I would lean to playing relatively passively once we get in them (especially with showdownable hands).

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