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Where to go now?

I have been playing online and live for a couple of years, and I feel I know the basics pretty well. What resources would you recommend in order to "take the next step"?
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Re: Where to go now?

Welcome to the forum, OP. Coming here is probably a step in the right direction. Since we don't know what step you are on now, though, it's kind of hard for us to tell you what the next step is. Post some hands you have questions on and we'll give you some feedback.

Also, read the Best of LLSNL stickies, the old micro-stakes full ring concepts of the week, and the beginners anthology found here.
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Re: Where to go now?

A common process is to "read, post, play and repeat", which basically means read a little, post in some threads, then attempt to put your new found knowledge to work at the poker table, then keep repeating this process over and over again (refining concepts along the way, finding out what does and does not work for you at your table, etc.).

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