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What is the optimum way of beating these types of players?

At the 1/2 and 2/3 games I play, I'm increasingly able to largely group players into 3 major categories (with of course some occasional exceptions):

(1) The LAG gamblers : Easy to beat, love these guys as I'm usually playing for stacks with a better hand.

(2) The tight/loose passives: These guys are easy too as they generally play fit and fold, cards face up.

(3) The solid players: Ok, so these are the guys I need to get a good strategy to beat. I guess they are TAG? They play pretty ABC preflop - premium hands, speculative in position. They aren't afraid to fire off c-bets but don't do it everytime. They'll float the flop if they think you are c-betting with air. They are able to get away from hands like TPTK (which most players at this level aren't). They also occasionally check-raise (again, most players I play against don't do this). Generally, they mix up their post-flop play enough to keep me guessing.

I'd say in optimum conditions when I play, a table will have about 1 of the (1) type, 5-6 of the (2) type, and maybe 2-3 of the (3) type. So I can kind of stay away from the (3) type and make my money on the others. But sometimes the table is full of the (3) type and it will be the only table going, so a table change is not an option.

Generally I just try to play smaller pots with (3). If I feel I'm ahead I like to build a small pot, keep them in, and hope to win the smaller pot.
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Re: What is the optimum way of beating these types of players?

There are too many things that go into answering this question. Dynamics, game flow, image, etc... How do I beat *insert subject here* threads rarely stay open, fwiw.
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