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TT HU OOP raised on flop


very first hand at table so no reads on anyone. it is the 3rd table open at a room that usually only spreads 1-2 tables of 2/5

effective stacks: $500

Hero: 30-40 yr old white guy. baseball cap.
Villain: mid 30's, heavy set black guy with dreads. button up shirt. kinda sloppily draped.

preflop: utg limper, hero in EP makes it $25 with Ts Tc, Villain calls in MP, everyone else folds.

flop ($60): Q53r. I bet $40, Villain raises to $80, I fold.

too weak? in my experience, these min flop raises are often top pair trying to "find out where im at".. which, in theory, means i should be able to get a fold if i apply sufficient pressure.. but in practice people cant fold the top pair...

is my thinking right? or should i be thinking something else? help. thanks.
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old hand
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Re: TT HU OOP raised on flop

Your task is not to be strong. Your task is to make good decisions. Over the course of a session, you will make between one and three really big decisions, and hundreds of small decisions like this. Make good decisions, big and smalll, over and over again, and you will make money.

Here, I feel you made a good decision. You're both playing your hands face up, this one was easy.
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Re: TT HU OOP raised on flop

The board is about as dry as they come and some villains like to bluff raise on a board like this and make it hard for you to continue. Some agressive, competent villains know that most of the time people will cbet with alot of air on this board texture. Obviously you have no read that your opponent is aggressive like this so folding is very much a good play until you get further reads.
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