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Trobles vs lose villain in position on me,deep

Hi guys so the question is to construct cbetting,ch-calling and ch-raising range vs lose lose villain, who is flatting my pf raise wide about 30% including top range with AK,AA,KK. We are deep about 300bb.He likes to float 60-70% the flop,turn,bluff river rare but if missed draw bluff always, so his bets are balanced with missed draw and strong hands,for example AQ,A flop. If i check flop he pots 70-80% of a time,and i think it doesnt matter what he has for him to do this, i think he will fold to my ch-r at time to time but it will be about 60% of a time,if i ch-call,he will know that i have a hand and will pot turn with draw ,strong hands and top pairs,show down value hands he will check. I have some troubles vs him cause i cant bet,barrel a lot cause he float,so i ch- f flop a lot and he takes the pot easy,suggestions?
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Re: Trobles vs lose villain in position on me,deep

This is very hard to read and understand. The simple solution is that you may not be comfortable playing deep stacked. Cash out when you get to the point were you feel like you are at a disadvantage.
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