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Trip Aces with no Kicker - Line Check

Villain ($120): Asian male mid 30's. LAG has not been at the table long but has generally shown a lot of aggression when someone shows weakness with or without a hand.

Hero ($250): White male early 20's TAG winning image. Table so far has been very tight overall. Table has been folding a lot to Hero's pre flop raises therefore he has been raising light in LP in order to pick up the blinds.

UTG +1 limps
V limps in MP
Fold's to hero who raises to 11 with Ac6d in the cutoff
UTG +1 folds. Villain calls 11. Pot ($27)

Flop Ad-9c-3h rainbow. Villain checks and Hero checks behind for pot control and to induce bluffs on the turn.

Turn Qs - Villain checks again and hero bets $15. Villain raises to $40 and Hero calls.

River As - Villain tanks for about 2 minutes and then checks. Hero?

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Re: Trip Aces with no Kicker - Line Check

Fold pre. We're not on the BTN. There are 2 limpers. And A6o is very bad.

Check flop is fine.

Villain's c/r is weird, call is fine given your line and reads.

Shove river. No idea what villain is doing but I believe we're almost always ahead here. Hope he stations off with something weird.
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Re: Trip Aces with no Kicker - Line Check

Looks like Q9 or JT.

So V has $69 behind right now? Bet 30-40, get a call from a Q.
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Re: Trip Aces with no Kicker - Line Check

My first instinct was jam, but maybe smaller is appropriate to go for the crying call. I like the psychology of betting smaller on the river than the turn. I think it gets a lot of calls. In this case make it 35.
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