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Transition from HU to live FR??

I have been playing HU online professionally for the last 5 years both cash and SNGs. I recently had my first live poker session and immediately realized there was a lot I had to get used to. I had a few questions reguarding live play, is it better practice to look at your cards immeditely or watch the table till action comes and then look and act? Does it matter? I also realized people are WAY looser than they would be online which is saying a lot from someone who plays HU. Anyways any advice for making online HU to live trasition would be helpful. Thanks!
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Re: Transition from HU to live FR??

As far as looking at your hole cards, there is two opposing schools of thought.

Personally I don't take a lot of stock into "live tells" but you can definitely pick up some good info from people pre loading their actions on the left like holding their cards in a manner that is conducive to muck or holding chips to call/raise is definitely valuable.

My sort of "routine" or habbit if you will is to peel each of my cards one at a time as soon as they are dealt while keeping and eye on the 2-3 players who will be acting behind me and then taking one more peek before the dealer puts out a flop if need be (mostly for suit memorization)

concerning adjusting at live in general, Im confident if your a winning HU pro you have the skills/traits to beat live with a little bit of study/practice.

Shoot me a PM if you have any specific questions!
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