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Dr. Doomswitch
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TPTK facing turn shove 2/5

Image:I've been winning last few orbits, up a few BIs prob perceived as opening 3betting and Isoing too often


Villain 1: new to table, played a straddled pot where he open limped for 10 after a couple overlimpers someone else raised to 35, I 3bet to ~100 and he flatted the 100 and then folded to OR shove and my reshove leaving ~300 behind.

villain 2: pretty passive, been limping a lot and flatting raises. Played an aipf hand with him where he raises to 45 with JJ and I 3bet gii with AKs for ~400 early on

villain 1 OTB: 300
Villain 2 SB: 620
Hero Mp: covers

open AK to 20 when folded to, 4 callers

A 7 3 rainbow

Hero bets 50, call call

Q(no FD)

Hero bets 110, villain 1 shoves for 230, villain 2 agonizes for at least 1 min and calls leaving 320 behind.(not Hollywood imo)

120 to call, pot is 820

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Re: TPTK facing turn shove 2/5

Ship it.
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Re: TPTK facing turn shove 2/5

Easy spot for A-Q to have got there, or a set of 7's or 3's to be in there. It's easy to say we are getting almost 7-to-1 on our money, so how do we fold. But I don't like this spot against two opponents. With no draws out there, what can they be shoving with? It's more likely the hands that beat us are in at least one, if not both hands against. We could have another A-K out there, but I don't like putting our money in when chopping at best.

Leading the turn is my problem in this situation. On that flop, we have to suspect we are behind since top pair top kicker is great against one opponent, but it's a 5-way flop and two call on the driest board we can have.

Sure, it can be A-Q, A-J, or A-10 we are against. One of those got there, and even if one villain has that, the other one is lurking around with something.

All in all, this is a check-fold the turn for me.

Given that we can't rewind, I still say we let it go, eat our losses, and prevent worse. We get to see the hands anyway here as well. Or at least the winning one, so we know if we were good or not.
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Re: TPTK facing turn shove 2/5

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