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TP+Great Draw vs Turn Donk Bet by Unknown

1/2 NL, Unknown Villain sits down with $200 and I cover. After a couple of uneventful hands I have no reads on V but he looks like a 60-ish redneck truck driver. Hero gets KQhh in MP, raises to $14 after 2 limpers which at this table will usually thin the field to 4 or less players. One LP and the Button cold call, V calls in BB, one limper calls, and we are five to the flop with a pot of $64 after rake.

Flop is QJT rainbow, 1 heart. V checks, I bet $40 with my TP+OESD, LP folds, Button calls, V hesitates and then calls, EP folds. 3 players to the turn, which is a 7H, the new FD promoting my hand to TP+OESFD. V donks out for $30 !!! with $85 behind.

After some thought I just smooth call here, thinking 1) I may still have the best hand, and if not 2) I don't want to get blown off my draw; also 3) I wouldn't mind if the two players behind me come along for the ride since I have a great draw; and finally 4) I have no idea what V is thinking here or where he is at. But the other two players both fold and it's heads-up into the river, which is a 6d brick. V shoves for his last $85, Hero tanks and then ???

Thoughts on my turn play, and what I should do on the river, would be appreciated.
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Re: TP+Great Draw vs Turn Donk Bet by Unknown

In a 5 handed pot With KQ on a QJT board I'm going into cheap showdown mode. That will very often smash someone for 2pair or a straight and your never getting paid off by worse unimproved. And when you do improve its hard to get paid off with the 4 liner to a straight. Your turn is fine. I'd fold river.
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Re: TP+Great Draw vs Turn Donk Bet by Unknown

You likely have no fold equity on the turn, so I'm completely ok with just calling here.

On the river, unless the V is a complete mouthbreathing idiot I don't see him betting an y worse hand here that we beat.
The only few combos that I can think of that we are beating are AJ/AThh (which ever card was not the heart) A9hh, A8hh, J9hh, J8hh (or T9hh T8hh) again, which ever one wasn't a heart.

And there are a lot of sets, two pair combos, and made straights in his range.
Just fold.
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