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Top two OOP monotone flop

Hey just a quick post of the first hand of the night at a casino 1/2 live table. The villain and I sat down at the same time, he bought in for 120 and I cover. V has a players card, he is friendly to other players and is comfortable with his chips.

From HJ I open QJcc to 10 v calls from the btn
Flop (21) QJ4hhh I bet 15 to get value from Qx and draws v calls
Turn (49) 8o I bet 28 v calls - should we ever be checking here to get value from Qx on non heart rivers? With no reads I think betting is better than checking to charge big hearts and occasionally get called by Qx again.

Is anyone checking turn/betting non heart rivers?

Riv (104) 3o I check V bets 35 - because he did not raise turn It doesn't seem likely that v flopped a flush. I think v is value betting worse or bluffing with missed hearts a ton in this spot.

Is it to thin to c/jam riv for value?

Any thoughts on sizing/line would be appreciated.
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Re: Top two OOP monotone flop

River jam would be a mistake without a better read on villain. Against an average opponent your not going to get called by worse very often and only a few better hand might sometimes fold. The only worse hands that call from a non-station are worse two pair and they should be uncommon on this board. The board is scary enough that you might get a low set to fold but that is about it, the straights and flushes are going to call and the high sets are too unlikely to matter.

I like your line with a flop bet, turn bet and then check/evaluate on river. I can't see folding to that small bet but I think you will run into a small flush or a straight more often then you expect.
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Old 05-29-2016, 09:52 PM   #3
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Re: Top two OOP monotone flop

Originally Posted by Jon M View Post
Raise 12 pre, bet 20 flop, 55 turn, jam river. As played shove, he is raising turn almost always with a flush. River check is poor. Hate to see him check behind all worse queens etc
I have no reason to disagree with the 12 pre and 20 flop, that seems reasonable.

The Eff stack on the turn is 88.

If we bomb 55 wouldn't that just allow our opponent to play perfectly? What are we trying to accomplish with a 55 dollar bet? Is KQo calling 55 just as often as 28?

I think betting 55 would allow V to find a fold with the large majority of the hands we beat. Also, we would bloating the pot against all the hands that beat us. If he shoves (with no reads assuming that villain is never shoving worse) then we have to call 33 to win 191 and I'm confident that we dont have 15% equity vs his shoving range.
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E Mo
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Re: Top two OOP monotone flop

I think you played this well except betting slightly larger on flop and turn is better.
Checking river is great as we really aren't gonna get 3 streets of value from a worse hand in my opinion. The check let's him fire with any missed draws and he may even value bet worse hands. Call any bet on the river. Never raise.

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Old 05-29-2016, 11:29 PM   #5
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Re: Top two OOP monotone flop

Pushing the river would be wrong.
You would be screaming that you have a Flush.
So you would only be called by Flushes.

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Old 05-30-2016, 03:49 AM   #6
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Re: Top two OOP monotone flop

Minor detail but I think you can get away with making a slightly bigger bet on the turn given the wet board texture. Like your overall line (especially the river check) up until this point, but would just call his river bet not jam. Check/shoving in this spot is extremely strong and most likely only gets called by flushes which have you beat.
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