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Top set against the flush on the flop

Hand: 9s9h
Stack: 100bb (250)
blinds: 2.5€/2.5€ (Finland)
Position: Cutoff
Preflop: MP (regular straightforward player) bets to 7.5 (he has me more than covered)
I call the bet from cutoff and another player calls the bet from blinds (also has me covered).
Flop comes 9c,5c,7c, pot is 25. I flop the top set but there's a possibility of flush.
The player in blinds bets 22.5. Middle position calls. I raise to 82.5. Early position folds. Middle position calls.
Turn is 2h. Pot is 207.5. My stack is 160. The middle position Checks. I check.
River is jd. Middle position raises 200. I call and lose to ac2c.

On the flop my thinking is to bet 82.5 in order to get proper better pot odds if there's a re-raise shove.

1) On flop, should I call instead to control pot? (I think no)
2) On turn, should I bet or shove? (I think maybe)
3) As played, should I fold the river? (I think yes)
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Re: Top set against the flush on the flop

Ftr, you also lose to 2 different straights by the river.

As to your questions, if you raise the flip then you should shove the turn unless both come along.
River is probably close, but likely a fold.
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Re: Top set against the flush on the flop

Raise on the flop is fine with top set. You want to charge the many possible draws. After that it depends heavily on what you know about villain. Turn you can shove or check, depending on how likely it is villain is drawing. Does he call your flop raise with naked flush draws? Straight draws? How about Ac8s where he has the nut flush draw and a weak straight draw? What does he do with lower sets in this situation or if he had flopped a straight?

River is a tough situation because you lose to straights and flushes but villain with a whiffed draw might bluff after you don't bet turn. How often you should call depends on how often villain will bluff or bet worse, against some just fold, against other you need to call at least some of the time.
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Re: Top set against the flush on the flop

1) no. Raise raise gii
2) I like to shove it in here, there’s lots of hands we want to deny equity from, and want to cooler smaller sets and 2 pair before they get scared run off. And we have decent equity if we are up against the flush.
3) I would call the river bet as played. The only reason in my mind to check back the turn would be to induce bluffs from misses.

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