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Thin Value in Multi-Way?


Hero - 3rd Orbit around has maybe played 2 or 3 hands by calling the pre flop raiser. First time opening pot. ES 700

V1 - Have played a couple sessions with this V, but doubt the V remembers me. He played pretty tag however, played marginal hands OOP. Ex: limp calling OOP pre flop with SC, all broadway cards etc. ES 700

V2 - Good LAG, however susceptible to tilting and just rebought. Loves to 3-bet iso players. Also very aggro on wet boards. ES 400

V3 - No history, but saw him call a $300 all in because someone limp shoved and the board ran JJ332 and he mucked his hand to AK, so he likely had KQ? He said he thought they were bluffing. Assuming a huge donk. ES 700

V4 - Tight Passive older reg. When he's betting he likely has nutted type hands. ES 300

Onto the hand:

UTG +1 V2 limps
MP Hero AKss Raises to 25
MP V4 calls
BTN V3 calls
SB V1 calls
V2 calls

Flop (120)

SB V1 checks
UTG +1 V2 checks
Hero bets 65
MP V4 folds
BTN V3 calls
SB V1 calls
V2 folds

Turn (315)
SB V1 checks
Hero bets 150
BTN V3 folds
SB V1 calls

River (615)
SB checks

My thoughts on his range up to this point is AK-K10, 78 and 78cc, potentially sets and K9 although I'm thinking he's raising flop/turn. Is this always a thin value spot? I was torn as the pot was already over 100bb and I'm not sure if I'm getting called by worse when I bet and am definitely not folding out better. However once he checked I feel like he always leads if I'm beat. But that brings me back to the bolded. This spot is probably super obv and I'm a donk , but I ended up betting 150 and using the "same bet" line as live players call it a lot I feel like. I think that would keep in the bottom of his KQ,KJ,K10 hands.
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Re: Thin Value in Multi-Way?

Take the man to valuetown! Many Ks in his range.
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Re: Thin Value in Multi-Way?

I think 200-300 is okay.

Larger flop bet in big multi-way pot

Larger turn bet on super wet board.

If we had done something like 80 on flop and 250 on turn we might get this guys stack on river.
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Re: Thin Value in Multi-Way?

KQ, KJ won't call something? Even a "same bet, $150"?
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