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Theory: Living hell with TT-QQ OOP deep


Im Bumhunting a lot live games. I am winning 10bb/hour for last 1 year and a half 1.5-2.5k hours, but having problems with pairs TT-QQ when play deep OOP. Some examples of the last weeks

250bb deep Hero have JJ

Villain fish (button) missipi stradle, SB reg call, hero (BB) raise to 10bb, both call board 963 rainbow. SB check , hero bet pot and both call. Turn is 2, SB check, hero scares and check and Button bet 40bb SB instant call, and hero think for a while and fold because dont want to get all in vs 2 deep with a pair hand.

300 bb deep hero have TT

Maniac lady open 5bb UTG (super wide range open all Suited connectorsC,1 and 2 gappers broadwats), 3 callers hero squeze to 22bb on SB, maniac lady call all others fold. Flop Q64 , hero line is x/call for blufcatch, hero check flop , lady maniac bet 20bb hero call, turn is Q hero check lady maniac check behind, river is an Ace, hero check and lady maniac bet 40bb. my plan was to check/ call any card on river except and ace

Im having a lot of troubles deep OOP with this kind of hands. But i dont want to play passively with very good hands like JJ-QQ because in my games people have very wide ranges, theory say vs wide ranges play more agresively with good hands. Advices?
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Re: Theory: Living hell with TT-QQ OOP deep

Hand 1: I think the 2 on the turn should be +ev for our range... couldn’t really think of a cleaner card than that actually. Bet turn for sure.

Hand 2: You have the option to bet flop which I would probably lean towards here since we are against a wider range. Checking flop is fine though. Turn standard. River we have lots of Aces to call with and this spot probably getting underbluffed by a lot anyway. I’d just fold.
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