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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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Thanks for your advice

I want to say how much this site has helped my game. I will continue to read and work.
Was at my weekly live game $.25/%.5 we had a new player at table. When I went to sit down he said "sit to my right so I can fold when you raise." no clue who he is or how he got invited. Well he wanted to be maniac at table and was taking down lots of small pots with bluffs, but showed everyone. So I just folded for 3-4 orbits just watching action. Got his pre flop raise range and his shove range now to figure what he would call plus he had no positional awareness. So in 2 hrs. of play stacked this guy for 40bb twice.
I feel bad for a few of old guys that were getting mad with his shoves & style of play, but it showed me how fishy they are. I liked his style of play as for the aggressiveness which took down pots that passive poker would of lost at show down. I personally got to work on being more aggressive in live play.

Thanks to all.
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