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[Straddle vs Btn] mid board pairing and flushing up river


this is a hand played in a casino recently
I am wondering what kind of hand range is perceived for both V1 and V2 in Each Street

V1: tends to play top pair or overpair bet fold /bet call even when flop does not favor his range

V2: tight player; capable of move and raising a bit without it; usually have it when serious money goes in; sometimes play passively some strong hands OOP

V1 voluntary straddle to $6

blinds: $3/3
voluntary straddle $6;
$1000 effective
9 handed

UTG V1 voluntary straddle to 6
all folded
Btn V2 limps for 6
SB completes straddle for 6
BB completes straddle for 6
V1 raises to 33
Btn calls
sb and bb fold

Flop Pot: 78 - Td3d8x
V1 cbets 48
V2 calls 48

Turn Pot: 174 - Td3d8x4x
V1 bets 60
V2 raises to 120
V1 calls

River Pot: 414 - Td3d8x4x8d
V1 bets 144
V2 raises to 480

what is your analysis in the possible range from flop to river for each of the vilain?
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Re: [Straddle vs Btn] mid board pairing and flushing up river

This hand is hard to review without more history on villains. Their specific patterns here matter a lot.

Preflop and flop
V1: Too wide, possibly ATC wide. Many players would raise ATC from the straddle here after the weak preflop action and a lot of those players would c-bet this flop 100% if they didn't connect.
V2: Preflop limp from button is weird and rather player specific. Since you said tight I'm going with he is limping with a plan of calling a raise. So middle-low pairs, suited connectors and possible a few other drawing type hands. Might have limped AA preflop but would have reraised preflop or raised flop.

Turn and river
V1: V1 continues to bet but his sizing is small. Really need some history to judge this. This could be blocking, bluff, value or a bet to induce a raise. The river in particular is rather silly given the turn action so you need to know how the player is playing badly to judge this.
V2: Turn minraise and river large raise both indicate a good hand. His big raise on a dangerous river card in particular indicates a hand that is hoping V1 has something to call with. I expect V2 has a boat or good flush.
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