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Live Low-stakes NL Discussion of up to 3/5 live no-limit, pot-limit and spread-limit Texas Hold'em poker games, situations and strategies.

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Starting Out Advice: Small-Stack Aggressive Nit vs. Big-Stack

Posted this under beginner's questions, but it didn't get any responses, so I'm posting it here.

I'm tight-aggressive. There, I said it. I'm between very tight and fairly tight, but not tight-weak where I don't bet all 4 rounds. I aim for an all-in when I hit a set and chase out draws when I have top pair or two pair.


Playing 1/2 live, I'm noticing about 1/3 to 1/2 players at a full ring have less than 100bb in front of them. Some of them, as little as 30 or 50bb as losses have chased after them.

Why am I expanding to drawing hands, like suited connectors, if I may not get the implied odds depending on who stays/raises the hand?

On the other hand, if playing tight is so-so successful for me, should I just cut back my stack, play just as tight but more aggressive? I won't be able to hunt for sets with PP as much, but am probably more likely to get a loose player to call my all-in when I hit AA, KK, or QQ and a mild favorite.

Tables I've noticed have few cheap flops, and the betting after the flop is either 1/2 to 3/4 of the pot, or checked down. Rarely is there milking or real good draw-odds.
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Re: Starting Out Advice: Small-Stack Aggressive Nit vs. Big-Stack

If he has 40bb and plays very tight you should play very tight too vs him/them but overall, just ignore him/them and focus on people who are actually playing poker
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