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Specific Range in Equilab

*I posted this in the software forum but due to the low traffic over there I doubt I'll get any feedback. If this needs to be moved mods feel free..

Haven't searched the thread for this, but dabbling with the software (which is great btw) I can't find a way to do this..

Is it possible to put a single opponent on multiple SPECIFIC hands? ie I want to know my AdAs equity on a flop vs exactly KsKd and QsQd. I know this is a simple example that doesn't need the software to prove, but more specifically if a wet flop brings a combo-draw and I get raised by a certain opponent, I want to put him on 10-12 exact hands (on a QJxcc flop he's not re-raising a huge amount with any K10 other than K10cc, so just inputing K10s is not accurate enough), also, by just giving 8 specific hands to the 8 other players at the table, this % will not be correct bc they are holding each other's outs.

Thanks for the help!
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Re: Specific Range in Equilab

Use Poker Stove for the PC or Poker Cruncher for the iPhone.
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