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Short stack 3bet pots

Hero in sb is 90$ eff
Villain in bb covers
4 limps to hero who makes it 20 with AJo
Villain 3bets to 45 and it folds to hero

Hand 2
Hero is 70$ eff on btn
Villain in co covers
Villain makes opens to 10
Hero 3bets to 30 with KQsc, only V calls
Flop 267dhh
V checks, Hero shoves 40$

Any feedback on any misplayed streets would be appreciated.

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Re: Short stack 3bet pots

I think this is a challenge shortstacking.

Hand 1: 4-bet jam if LAG, and probably fold against anyone else. BTW if villain is an uber LAG looking to raise very often in BB against limps, I might limp behind and reshove, but this is very player and table dependent.
Hand 2: You should never 3 bet non-jam this. This is either a fold (against an uber nit), a call against most players, or a jam against LAGs. 3 bet non-jam is the worst of every world.

My rule of thumb is that if a normal bet is a 1/3 or more of your stack, you should strongly consider jamming.
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